Dog cat Stories - 28


Benji is a one year old black lab, border collie mix. He loves to run and play with all his toys. The biggest cuddle bug.
Hi this is Mittens! She has 28 toes and almost functioning thumbs! She loves to play fetch 😊
He is 4years old and is so calm but very protective of me. He loves to cuddle and sleep under the blankets.
Hi! My names Loki! Im a Boxer, Beagle mix! I love my bones and destroying every toy you give me! Did somebody say ride?! I love my family more then anything but i also am always ready to make new friends!
Chica is a super snuggle bug. Chica likes to go bye-bye. Chica loves her big brothers. Chica enjoys bananas 🍌 for treats and will do tricks to get a bite of banana. She likes stuffies and snuggles them too! 😍
Bear isnt quite a year old. He enjoys long walks and loves to play with his toys and sticks. When he gets excited he might tinkle a bit. He loves his human brothers and his chihuahua sister Chica.
Pickles is a rescue from a hoarding situation. I work at a vet clinic and I was in the right place at the right time! We don’t know how old she is. She’s been the best girl in the almost 3 years she’s been in our lives!
Milo is a Mastiff golden retriever mix! Very sweet and loving! Very protective of me and loves to cuddle. He likes to play and run. A big eater!
She loves swimming and playing with her frisbee. She loves walks and playing with friends!!
Hi, my name is Chubbs Iam 6 years old. Iam a pit bull bull dog mix. I love to play and meet new friends, I love running around the yard my mom thinks I’m a maniac sometimes. I have so many toys but there is never enough. I only play with about 3 of them but I love them all. I love to sleep on my moms bed that’s the only piece of furniture I can sleep on other then the bean bag chair and my comfy dog bed. I always get excited when i can play outside and enjoy the warm weather. I love going for car rides but don’t really like the water but Iam getting used of it. One thing I don’t like is getting my nails clipped, I have a unique thing on me and it’s my nose it’s a heart shape. I am aware of my surroundings and love to protect the ones I love. If you look at my photos you’ll see a picture of me when I was just a little puppy.
Thor learned how to stick out his tongue on command.
Hi, i am 2 years old. I love to play hide and seek with my mummy, running and jumping,i have lots of energy.
hi my name is sweetie i am 14 yrs old and i can not walk any more so i use the wheelie to get around i love spending time with my mommy and cuddling since there is not to much i can do any more so please vote for me
Harley loves giving kisses and doesn’t know what personal space is. She is scared of everything. She loves food and sleep. She also keeps me up at night with her snoring.
He’s such a sweet, happy boy ! He’s made our lives better :)
Remi is shy yet playful, especially when he gets to know you! He likes to take naps on my lap and follows me everywhere I go. He likes riding with me in my wheelchair, going for walks and playing fetch. He is a sweetheart!!
Hi my name is ROCKY MENDEZ, Im 10 month old, black hair brown eyes, and very playful I have a Sonic energy my signature is TROUBLE MAKER 😂😂 I love my MOM and My brother and sister. I love to play fetch but I won’t allowed anyone to take the ball away from me lol. My mommy say that I’m her furry little bolita de Pelos cause I have a lot of hair.I love to wait for my mom at the window for her to come home from work.
he is the most loyal dog ive ever had and hes so sweet, he was also abused in the past (not from me) thats another reason i hold him so heavy to my ❤️
Loki, named after the Norse god of mischief - he lives up to his name immensely🐾
I am Piper, I am 8 months old, I love going for walks and meeting new dogs, my favourite dog is my big brother Tandle, I don’t love cats but my big brother Gingy is my best friend, I always follow him around the house but he makes weird snake noises I think it just means he’s still trying to find his bark and I try to teach him how to be a puppy but he’s useless at it. I’m very clingy and I always love to be by my owners side, my favourite toy is Nala my lion (but I killed it...) Please vote for me don’t resist the puppy eyes xxx
HI! My name's peanut I'm a sweet little dachshund and I love to lay outside and work on my tan. I love snuggling up next to you at night for warm cuddles and belly rubs 🤗
Baloo is a crazy crazy cat! He gets into a ton of trouble but hes an absolute lovebug at the end of the day. His favorite thing to do is play fetch, fight with my other cats, knock stuff over, and lick peoples feet! Lol
Hypnos is a boy, he is named after the greek god of sleep LOL he is up for adoption, along with his sister, Artemis!
He is a big beautiful boy and has the smalleat meow. He love to snuggle and love his catnip
Apollo is only a few weeks old, and He will be up for adoption soon! His brother will also be up for adoption, but a little later, since he had stitches on his shoulder. his brother does not have a name yet, so please leave suggestions!!!
Sophia Lorraine Sophie For Short
She loves to give kisses and play keep away she loves to look out the window she barks one time if her water bowl is almost empty she loves her brother alex he is a golden retriever and lab mix dog
His the best dog he will win the contest plus the ladies love him
Gabbey is a lover to all! She loves to go outside.She has only one speed wide open.Easy going however her toys are hers..And yours are hers!
Webby, just like her namesake Webbigail Vanderquack, is a sassy, fun loving, adventurous, and curious little baby with all the love in the world to give 💜
Purrr purrrr, little ball of fur... :) xxx
Hi my name is Coffee I am 1 year old. I love to play with my siblings Zeus and Muñeca, they are cats 🙊.I have tons of energy and I love to expend time outside, run and play with everything I can catch. 🎾🐾🦴
3 month old german shepherd husky mix. She's sweet, shy and really smart, but can be very stubborn.
Lucy is such a fun loving girl! She loves her toys and being outside! She is just 11 weeks old and already so smart 🥰
Bonnie has her brother’s back Bo
Duffer loves to watch the Oregon Ducks with me. Loves to go for short walks and is definitely a lap dog
Doc has the best RBF. Grooms himself all day. Is the social kitty who lies in the middle of a room for all to see. Should have called him Mufasa as he is the KING!
Hi! My name is Dotty. I love to play out in the garden. I have a favourite toy which is a fish and I also love food
Hi my name is Zuko! I am 19 weeks old and I am a ball of energy! I love being around people and other puppies! My favorite toy is my chipmunk and my favorite treat is pup cups from Starbucks. I love running around my house with the zoomies!
I’m a bundle of joy 💗
I am adorable, I have the cutest eyes, I’m into anything and everything, love hiding in boxes and star jumping at mummy’s legs when she least expects in and hiding in her shopping bag when she’s about to go out.
Rescued from Cincinnati in a snow storm, Simon could not be any sweeter. Loves to snuggle, do yoga, boat rides and to bask in the sun.
Hello, I know I'm not a cat but I am a rat. My name is Obi-Wan Rat Kanobi, I was born in December and I have 2 brother rats. (I'm moms favorite, or so I think) I love to play with cat toys and squeak about the house. Vote for me 'cause I"m adorable!
This is Momo. She is a cute, sassy little chihuahua mix who is queen of the neighborhood. She goes door to door and uses her paws to scratch and knock the best she can on doors until someone let's her in for a visit. Neighbors take turns letting her sleep over and ride places with them. She truly believes she's human, even sleeps on her back the entire night long as you can see here! Her personality is such a gift to share with others. Vote for Mo!
Introducing our little bundle of joy who's name is "Bossley" taken at just 6 weeks old; he's an Old English Mastiff baby and this is the moment the camera caught him looking particularly cuddly and cute! Unfortunately they don't stay this size for very long and by the time he's fully grown we would anticipate him to reaching a weight of about 100 kilos.
Hello, my name is Ziggy. I enjoy going for walks, swimming, playing fetch and spending time with my family. I don't do well with other dogs outside of the ones in my home, but I absolutely love people and children. I'm a snuggle bug and have a quirky attitude. I was born on November 25, 2013 and I'm originally from Wyoming. I currently live in Vermont and can't wait to go on hikes and play outside. Vote for me, 'cause I'm cute and you'd fall in-love with me if you met me in person.
Hi I’m Helsinki and that’s my brother Oslo. I like cleaning everyone and everything. Me and my brother are best friends and I love him so much.
Hi I’m Oslo! It’s going to be my first birthday in May. I like chicken, tuna and stealing mums Pringles. I like to shout at 2am just let mum know I love her.
She is a gift from King Jesus so fun and so smart