Dog cat Stories - 27


Super cuddly and sweet and very spunky! He is only 9 weeks and can climb the very top of the cat tower. He loves snuggling super close! and cuddling with his cat brother Walter :)
Bleu is a very sweet girl. She loves to play with other dogs and even her kitty cat. She loves to play Momma since she never had babies of her own. She’s a love bug!
Milo is such a sweetheart. He loves snuggles and loves to play! He is our little ray of sunshine!
Chubby belongs to the Parker Street Pride Cat Colony. She needs her self confidence lifted as she was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Plaque complex on her skin. When she has a break out she will have bald spots. I thought winning a beauty contest will make realize that the world can see what I see....That she is PURRRRFECT 😻
she is a chiwienny very active loves sqeeky toys and annoying her sister angel. She also loves her human and loves attention. Hates being left home.
Boo is a very hyper kitten, loves cuddles and attention. She will have no problem expressing her feelings, she is very vocal. If you do not give her enough attentions, she will give you angry meows, then climb you like a squirrel and sit on your shoulders. Boo has a deep fear of not getting treats, Romaine lettuce and water. She is a people person but a major foodie, without a doubt she will drag your pork chop that youre having for dinner across the room and eat it in her kitty house.
Loves walks and naps! He naps most of the time, and cuddles with all his fam. Most loving caring good boy. We love him so much. He is a little but a big big part of our family
Copper is a happy fun loving dog. He loves to chase squirrels and rabbits. He really enjoys digging in the yard looking for a mole. He loves bacon and whatever mom and dad are eating.
Ruger is 70 lbs of pure love and muscle. He hates car rides, loves cuddling as close as he can and definitely thinks he's a lapdog.
Gemini is my best friend....she loves when I sing Queen’s hit “You’re my best friend” to her. She has megacolon and takes medicine 3x a day but she doesn’t let that stop her! I went to a Petco rescue and she crawled into my carrier and went to was destiny ❤️ She loves riding around on my shoulder and dancing.
Opal is so sweet and lovable! And she is very smart, some people think that cats can't learn tricks but opal can sit and spin in a pretty little circle, sometimes it looks like she's walking away but she always comes back around 😂. She loves to be wrapped up like a baby and she wakes us up in the morning purring sooo loud. She is the best cat in the world.
Hi I’m Zelda I am a German Shepard basset hound mix I’m 5 weeks old I love to nap I know my name I am still a little baby
Adventurous and very active
Lucipurr adores car rides and going to work!
hi! i am wally, i am 4 years and am a 91 pound golden retriever who enjoys going on walks, playing with friends, and cuddling with my family! i love meeting new people! i like to find big sticks and chase squirrels and lay in the sun. please vote for me!! have a good day :)
Trudie is an aussiedoodle who loves being a passenger on her mom’s paddle board and saying hello to everyone she passes on walks through Seattle.
Tommie is the best boy you could ever ask for, shim him so love by leaving him a vote 🥰
Franklin is a 8 month old full bred Dalmatian who LOVES to play and be outside. Although he’s full of energy, Franklin loves to cuddle and is extremely lovable to everyone he meets!
Oscar is the sweetest and most sophisticated doggie around! You can catch him riding in style in the back seat of the car, taking a slow stroll and enjoying the sun rays! He absolutely loves the kiddos and they love him. He’s a gentle giant and is just like one of the humans. If Oscar wins he’s throwing a neighborhood block party because he would love the attention way to much! 😉
Kamie is a parvo surviver. She loves playing tug a war. She has her own bed but has to sleep with me and my boyfriend. She also loves going for car rides.
Remi is the sweetest, sassiest tootie. She’s full of love and gets the zoomies atleast twice a day
Sasha is a 9month old German Shepherd. Simply adorable and loves to stand on her hind legs to turn on the tap and drink water from the sink!!
Hi! I’m Baechu and it means cabbage in Korean!
Mabel And Milo
Mother and son rescue cats from the uk. I like to think we saved each other. Mabel is a sweet girl who just wants to be safe and loved and has come a long way recovering from her traumatic start in life. Milo is an 8 month old kitten who loves his mummy cat very much, just as much as webbox treat sticks.. and has us in stitches laughing. He is so adorable, crazy and affectionate.
Finley is the perfect dog! She’s smart, fun, loving, and the sweetest baby ever!
Vote for my big boy roman , he's come a long way ..once was abuse , neglected , scared until mommy saved him..
Penny Lane Keller
Penny has been such a blessing to our family! She brings us so much joy!
I was a rescue dog after Harvey! I refused to be out in the cold and rainy weather so first chance I got I jumped into a strangers truck and sat in the passengers seat and said Hey there I’m coming home with you! I met my new mommy and daddy and have been spoiled with treats and stuffed animals ever since!
Blaze is a 7 month old blue tri pocket bully. He loves flip flops and tennis balls. Enjoys the beach and sticks. He is so soppy and full of love.
Chapo is a 7 month old blue tri pocket bully. He loves long walks and barking at the bird's, belly rubs and shoe chewing are his favourites. He is an absolute beauty. So soft hearted and loves a snuggle.
Demi is an angel, keeps to herself and loves to be pet and snuggled
Zeus And Wolf
Zeus and wolf are brothers straight from Germany they love hanging out outside in our backyard and our other two German Shepherds duchess and Cara and they love their cat brother and sisters
Tater Tot
Hi im Tater Tot im a spunky little guy with lots of energy. I love playing with my toys and visiting my big brother.
Atticus is a 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Atticus loves his mum & dad very much and must be sat in between them at all possible moments. He’s a big softie but can destroy a poor rubber piggy in 10 minutes 🙈 Enjoys lots of kisses, cuddles & running about like a loon.
Oakley is such a sweet boy on the right he’s so happy to see his mama everyday and comes over for cuddles and he loves belly rubs
Stormie is my 3 yr old white German shepherd she loves everyone she meets and loves toys to play all day
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Lucy is the sweetest little girl who loves to play and cuddle. She lost her ear when she was born, but it gives her character:)
A nova means a star that suddenly releases a burst of energy becoming extraordinarily bright, and there's no other name as fitting. She loves to play rambunctiously with her bigger little brother, John Wick, and brought a light into our world after losing our Sphynx, Sebastian. She's a diva, a drama mama and the most loving kitty all wrapped onto one feisty package.
Miss Mocha
Meet Miss Mocha. Mocha has been with us since she was just a pup that was almost 8 years ago now. Shes a sweet quiet girl with no bark im not sure she even knows how to bark lol. She loves long walks to the water & ridding in the jeep no matter how long or short the trip whe just wants to tag alone. Shes a kid dog through & through always wanting to be with "her" boys. She really is just a small lap puppy as her pictures show.
Maryjane is very lovable she loves to get into your hair and mess it all up. Mygirl loves to snuggle but hates to take car rides
Julio Gomez
Julio likes to get into everything. He is my be cuddle bug. And he has the funniest high pitch bark.
Milo is five months old and love playing outside! We try not to let him chase wasps but he still does it anyway! 😻Milo also likes going to Walmart and choosing his own toys! He likes warm baths and likes to hide in cardboard boxes.
Harlee is the runt of the liter. But she is the fiestiest. She is always doing the cutest things like in the picture. She sat there for a minute like she was waiting for me to take a picture. She has such a great personality so human like. It is amazing.
Bentley Blue
Hi, My name is Bentley Blue 🐾💙 I live in Switzerland and love going on walks and giving cuddles 🥰 Follow my Instagram @bentleyblue01 to see watch me grow 💕
Hi! I’m Todd! I’m a red pup from Benton County. The photo my Mom chose for me was my first trip to the Pacific Ocean! I loved it! I did learn rather quickly that salt water is not tasty! I love running at the beach, playing with new pup friends and taking long walks and hikes with my new family. I’m part Border Collie, Beagle and maybe a pointer dog of some sort in there. I’ve been told I might have Basenji and Corgi in me too. Who knows. My Mom will give me a DNA test when she comes across a reliable business one. Let’s see what else? I love chasing the ball but I haven’t grasped the game of “catch” yet. I love jumping as high as I can. My mom is 5’4 and I can jump up and take her mask off her face when I feel like it. 😊💕🐾 I’m good around chickens, cats, horses but I have no idea what a llama is and they frighten me. I thought I’d run out of room by now but we still have more we can “write” about ourselves. Mmm, I love camping. Camping is so much fun! I’m still not a fan of swimming but I know eventually I’ll get there. My Mom really wants me to swim with her. I’m awesome on road trips and just sit back and observe life around me. I’m just an awesome dog that adopted a new family I saved. I love them and they love me. We are all super happy. Oh! Most importantly I’m an ESA (emotional support dog) for my little sis. She’s 10 and a human. Thank you for reading and I hope you vote for me! 😊💕🐾
Chloe Rich
She is a wild, rambunctious little girl. She loves to travel and visit with family. She is spoiled and loves her toys and outfits. Starbucks is her favorite place to go along with the park.