Dog cat Stories - 27


Earl is a rescue who had a rough early life but is now happy and spoiled. He loves to lounge but also loves to run around and play fetch, destroy bones and most of all, play and wrestle with other dog friends.
Hubble The Space Dog
Hubble is a rescue, we adopted him after he was returned twice for "being too friendly". He is a serious lovebug, loves a good tennis, and believes he owns the bed and couch. He is a wonderful pup with a gentle disposition.
Inno doesn’t like to be picked up much but he sure does live his cuddles! He also loves ice cream and pizza more than anything and will climb on your shoulder to beg for some. He loves to sit in boxes and eat house plants. He’s an indoor only cat that loves to sunbathe and hoop the dog on the nose.
Ada Hope
Ada Hope is a year 1/2 old swedish vallhund that loves to chase cats and cuddle with kids
P L is fun loving rescue, that rescued my heart!!! She is definitely the highlight of our family!!!
Loki is 7 months. He is very energetic and outgoing and has an amazing personality with a twist of being sneaky. He loves playing outside and playing with other dogs. His absolute favorite thing in the world is playing with squeaky toys and ripping them to shreds and getting spoiled with treats.
Helping my owner survive law school one belly rub at a time.
Sheldon is just a big cuddle bug! He loves to snuggle up on the couch with anyone willing to have him. He’s very playful and loves any toy that squeaks. The only thing to be scared of with this big hunk of love is getting licked to death.
Budgie doesn't give a f**k! He likes fast food, fast cars and fast women.
Mavuto means problems in Chewa .. and boy does he live up to his name! Hes a friendly, gentle but quirky soul, sacred of kittens, heavy footed and boujie and they come,
Nebula is only 11 weeks old and full of life. She’s nosy and likes to bury toys in the sofa
Taco Rico Bell
Taco Rico bell’s name was named After taco Rico the restaurant 🌮, he plays with his two besties coco and chichi. He’s playful 😈 with them and loves his stuffed toys 🧸. When he’s tired he’ll snuggle up on you.😴
Jarvis is just a loveable scruffbag.
Hes just chilling in the tub. Like im the boss and...
She just picked it up one day, and it became hers, she walks around with that thing all the. Love it.
Ranked 15th in Ohio in the last contest. Lotus is a 9year old Chihuahua, Mini Pinscher mix. She's super shy around new people, though wants all the love if you know her. Lotus might be almost 10 years old, but is still just a hyper puppy at heart. Lotus is a Cat-Dog, the same way as you are a Cat-Person. She enjoys being around cats, especially kittens. Lotus actually found the cats we currently have as lost kittens outside, fallowing the sounds of their tiny voices. Past times includes going hiking and camping with her human family, and sharing snacks with her favorite human baby, Iris.
Snoozy is loving and funny... He came round a year ago from a neighbour and stayed ever since..
A loyal friend to someone who sufferers with anxieties . Gives you a reason to get up every day .and always knows when feeling low
Hi world! My name is Casper, and I am a 12 week old teacup Maltese pup! I may be small, but my personality is huge! I love exploring and making messes bigger than me! I’m a sweet little pup who enjoys long bath times with coconut shampoo, and being snuggled up in cuddly blankets. I have two amazing parents who are ballet dancers with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, who love me and provide me with endless care. Please vote for me!
He loves to sleep and play
Hi i’m Milo! I love to run from room to room and give my mommy tons of kisses. I love chewing on cheese bones as well.
Taffy is a fun loving girl who loves cuddles, meeting new doggies and playing on the beach 🏖 she’s a mini dog with a big personality ❤️
💥💥💥💥 Duque is not in competition. Im taking a break to return the advances votes. If you want to exchange Im helping a friend. Ask on my wall 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Lola the french bulldog 🐶 7 months old! Loves to sleep, eat, fart and go for walkies 🐾
So Banner is 7 years old. He loves going on long walks. Chasing lizards and squirrels . Banner loves going on Jeep rides , hanging his head out the window. Most of all he is a lover! He loves cuddles and kisses.
Jax is an emotional support dog. He is kind, loving, cares more about people than himself. He recently got sick and couldn’t even move and still cared more about his family than himself- giving us kisses to comfort us. Jax passed on 10/30/2020 in the evening but I still he is the cutest pet and deserves all the love and kisses also, through votes. ❤️💔 He will never be forgotten
Stormie loves to play and likes to squeeze into tight spaces. She is very loving and loves getting pets and cuddles.
Sonny is an adventurous little kitten, always on the go but yet again so cudddly. He is named after my grandfather that had just passed away not to long ago. My 10 year old son was having a bad day in school recently and asked what was wrong he told the teachers he was upset that his papa wasn’t here anymore, later on during that day my sister got home and heard something crying her and her wife had found sonny crying in a pipe in the back yard and automatically thought of my son that it was a gift from our grandfather 😔❣️
loves to cuddle, play, and eat 😂
Eevee 75lbs bundle of joy🤩, love, kisses, and cuddles... may not look like a lap dog but she tries! Squeaky toys and tug-of-war a Ultimate challenge and dares anyone to play and she’ll tell you off too 🗣😆
Levi is a rescue. He is very loving and full of energy. He is very protective of me. Very curious loves playing with his. Toys
He’s a ten year old puppy faced family friend. He’ll lick you and he will give a soft whine to meet new people all the time. We rescued him from a cat kennel in a pet society and he’s our baby for life.
My family had just lost our 16 year old baby( Sasha on profile). We had lost her September 11 2019. About November 13th I went on Facebook and I was looking for puppies. I came across Sophie and I showed my mom. I told her what do you think? She said I would love to have her. So I contacted the owner and we were able to get her the next day. The ironic thing is that Sophie was born September 11 2019. The same day Sasha passed away. It was meant to be ❤️ She’s one of our babies now. We love her to pieces.
Bleu is a fun outgoing 11 week year old puppy who just wants to play. He is very cuddly. Still learning the tricks of being a dog.
I’m a 6 months kitty cat who loves waking up my parent very early in the morning just cause I wanna sleep with them under the blankets 🥰
Gypsy is a playful little banshee. She is sweet and sour. She rules my world
His nickname is “Hurricane Carlos”...
He really likes to sit with his arms dangling.
Caiser is a very playful, imperactive dog, he is so sweet and lovable. He likes to play and cuddle a lot, specialy when he is eating.
Jax is an all-around sweetheart with a lot of energy! He loves to play fetch or tug of war with his parents! I just want to show the world how beautiful my son is! He also has his own instant account if you want to check it out! @Jax.theweenie all pictures are taken by me and he'll be 5 months on the 19th of this month 💕🥰
Sweetest girl in the world. Pumpkin loves treats,outdoor time and lots of cuddles.
Hey my name is Oreo, I’m 8 months old, I love playing with my brother, and visiting my grandma and getting into everything. I’m sweet and fun loving. When I’m at my grandmas house she spoils me, just like my mom does. I LOVE being outside in grandmas lenai.
Chloe is my little half blind/half deaf kitty. She was bit by a dog when she was a kitten and now gets seizures from the trauma. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle under the covers and nap in the sun. She’s always getting into a mess and is always dusty!
Toby is a special dog and has a heart of gold. He loves to watch TV especially animal planet! He loves the kids and shows them by kisses and lots of chasing and playing. Toby loves trick or treaters and the mail man. He loves being wrapped up in his warm blanket fresh out of the dryer and when making a bed he loves to jump underneath the blankets and pretend you can't see him. Digging holes in grandma's garden and chasing lizards is a great way to spend the afternoon fallowed by a cookie and a nap. But most of all he loves cheese and going bye bye!
Penolope is an English bulldog that’s 11 months old. She loves cuddles and treats! Also she really loves playing outside! She’s a very loving baby! She loves everyone and hopes to achieve her dreams! She really would love to win! She loves all of you!❤️❤️