Dog cat Stories - 26


Sammy is a full stock Bengal, 3yrs old and the biggest baby I've ever met. So full of love and is crazy playful. His favourite toy is a bc powder wrapper.
Casper is a loving boy who was a rescued cat. He was found by Cats Protection after being dumped on the side of the road. He loves and always wants cuddles,wants to know what we are doing, so nosy. Waits on the windowsill for us to come home he follows me around being very vocal too. Waits until I've sat down and sits on my lap without hesitation cheeky with a great vocal personality.
Alex is a par core ninja cat. He is almost 7 months old. He enjoys pouncing on feet, batting at your legs as you walk past him, and cuddling. Skills: he can paw, and flick on and off light switches (with the help of a lazer).
Skye Blue
I love everyone and also pig ears yum. I try to be good but it’s much more fun to be naughty.
Beautiful pup with a heart of gold Loves her zoomies and field time with her ball 😂.
Brody is the queen of the house. She loves to boss everyone around, but she’s very sweet.
Kity Kat
Loves hanging out back looking at the birds 💞
He came to us with two other brothers and he loves to sleep all stretched out.
Loves cuddles with his "Momma", lookin out the kitchen window, and playin with my Yorkie, Spike.
Lily Girl
Lily is a playful, loving & caring dog. She loves people and kids! She’s so goofy it’s hard not to adore and love her💙🦋💜
Mikey is a feral cat, I fed in one of my 4 colonies.♥️I took him and 2 of the siblings home. .He had an accident and cut his leg really deep . Was bleeding a lot.Took him to emergency vet clinic, but they turned me away. Next day my vet said the leg has to be amputated.Few days after it got infected He didn't wanna eat.The incesion opened up and he had to go back to the vet. She stiched him up real good and put tubes in for drainage. On the 13 Nov the tubes got removed After lots of prayers from a lot of people and all my friends in the contest,he finally eats by himself and is healing.He is on 2 different antibiotics and got 2 more shots. Now I have another 3 legged kittie instead of my precious Rena, who passed away last December and is watching down from heaven. Please everybody keep praying for Mikey and voting for him The vet bills are sky high. Thank you very much and may God bless you all.,🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Hi everyone! My name is Teddy. My mom rescued me many years ago and I’ve been living my best life since! I love long naps and car rides. I have one eye but that does stop me from seeing the good in life! I also don’t have many teeth but I still love to eat allll day!
Chrissy’s real name is Christmas Tree Face and she loves to eat popcorn.
Got Aurora when she was around 6 weeks old, shes always been a character and loves a good snuggle. Shes a brilliant hunter and often leaves us presents in the morning! Shes a beautiful soul and so far gets on with all the cats shes met. Shes around a year old now and i wouldnt know what id do without her.
This is Piper she is the most spoiled love bug EVER she is so spunky and happy every minute of the day. She loves to go “bye bye” if you even whisper the words she goes crazy. Piper is her own person she has so much personality it’s crazy she goes everywhere with me she is my best friend. Piper loves to play fetch and her favorite toy is of course a ball. I could go on and on about Piper she is just amazing❤️
This is Drako this is my favorite goofball ever he is something I can’t even explain. But he is also my biggest baby he is so clumsy he falls into everything! And he loves everything he doesn’t have a favorite toy he loves them all the same! Please give my boy a vote! 🥰
Buddy boy is 13 years old and would be more than happy if his feet never had to touch the ground if hes in my arms and having belly tickles hes happy.
Say hello to 10 week old Maximus! A long haired German Shepherd who loves chewing on anything and everything! He has a very playful personality and his favourite thing in the world is tennis balls 🎾
Betty is 3 years old and loves nothing more than a walk around her favourite park.
Jinx is a 2-2.5 week old kitty. I dont know what breed she is. I had rescued her, her 2 siblings, her momma, her mommas sister, and her 2 kitties. They're all just the sweetest, most playful and amazing cats I ever had. And their my first pets🥺 I love all of them with all my heart❤ I just wanted people to see my adorable kitties❤
Nella bella is a 7 week old golden retriever who loves to play and run around. she is very friendly and loves to give kisses. She enjoys playing with squeaky toys. She is also in the process of becoming a emotional support dog and a therapy dog for kids dealing with cancer in the hospital because her owner went through it. She is a very lovely puppy!
Honey is an adorable cavapoo (king Charles spaniel & poodle) she’s a cheeky little rascal that loves chasing a ball or a stick. Honey is also not too shy to get dirty and loves laying in water/puddles. Honey loves sleeping cwtched up to you and is just the sweetest little angel.
Kingdom is now 5 months old and he is a ESA for his mommy. He loves rolling in the piles of leaves and walks great on a leash. He absolutley LOVES treats and digging muddy holes in mommys yard. He will be your best friend as long as you have a stick. He has melted our hearts since we saw his adorable face. I knew he was meant for me.
Hi my name is Tuesday Reign! My Mommy named me Tuesday cuz I was born on a Tuesday & she adopted me on a Tuesday, and Tuesdays have always been good days for her. I love to play & dress up & I love my Mommy's homemade puppy food she makes for me so I can grow big & strong. My middle name is Reign cuz I'm a little queen (well that's what my family tells me) I love my Country and God and I really just want everyone to get along.......
Sunny is 5 months old and she loves to play! She has a white tail just like a paint brush! One of a kind kitten! ❤️
Bolt is a blue heeler who loves visiting the local breweries!
Buu is 5 months old who is definitely a character. She loves herding her cat sisters and playing with toys. She runs around the backyard when she is excited and loves to play hide and seek too! She enjoys pupperoni treats as well as wrestle with her dad. She’s just a smiley corgi pup with a fluffy butt!🥰😍🤣
Mila is a lovable little girl who enjoys running in the grass, chewing on EVERYTHING and giving her mommy kisses ❤️ Please vote for my angel!
Pretty Boy
He’s so loving and playful always made me laugh. He’s just a complete joy. Our love was short lived, but I enjoyed ever sec of every day I had with my pretty boy..
He’s a 9 week old German Shepard❤️ knows all his basic commands, he loves playing fetch & harassing my kitty lol! He is very protective already & loves shaking with new people!
Ne’na is a 10 week old Pitbull and Siberian Husky mixed. she’s very sassy but loves cuddles and loves to play. her favorite thing to do is annoy her older brother.
Loki is just a big ball of energy he loves to play and run around the house and chase his tail he loves to curl up with me and take my spot in the bed at night
Fonzy is smart, loyal, loves to play fetch and does the cutest thing for cattention. He stands up on his 2 feet and begs for pets!
He is named after a God, and sure acts like one. All jokes aside he is my buddy, and always knows when I need some cuddles
I’m pesto. I’m still a kitten but I like to think of myself as a young man. I also like to think I’m a jaguar but my mummies say that I’ve got a while to go yet. I love dreamies, playing with my mice And waking up my mummies at 5am for breakfast ❤️
I am Gimli! I am only a moggy, but I don't look it! My winter coat is fluffy, my eyes are bright blue and everyone loves my little nose! I am only a year old, and you can see pictures of me as a kitten on this profile! You can also follow my instagram @thetailof.gimli
Hi, my name is Aries. I like to eat, sleep, and cuddle with everyone and anyone I meet.
Oggie Boogie
Oogie Boogie (name not right on title oops lol) was rescued at about 2 weeks old from the backyard. Almost dead he’s come back to life and is full of tiny furry terrorism lol. He loves to play either with people or his new furry siblings. If he wins the money will go to getting his mom trapped and fixed.
Princess is a crazy lovable girl and loves to cuddle!!💜
His Imperial Highness Augustus, but call me Gus! I'm a rescue pup, living in the Cotswolds. Part American Bully, part horse (according to my humans).
Galadriel was recued when she was 4 weeks old, found starving and ill in the middle of the round about. Her eyes were crusted shut and she was ridiculously skinny, with one of her back legs out of socket so she couldnt walk. Fortunately, we spotted her as we drove past. She has grown into a beatuiful cat and can walk and jump and lives a perfectly crazy life. She is naturally small with big blue eyes. Vets have estimated that shes part siamese and part tabby. She seems to have gotten stripier as she's gotten older. She is my precious baby, the youngest of my four cats. She has a crazy personality and is always up to play, she's quite odd and a little bit special but thats what makes her loveable
Blu is a emotional support animal and my sons side kick.🥰 he goes with my son everywhere and does everything with him. Not only is he a fantastic support dog but he loves to help others too even if it’s just a short visit he makes sure everyone is happy.
Lillie is a miniature Jack Russell and is 8 weeks old. She loves a cuddle and lots of attention. Although she is only tiny she has a sassy attitude and loves getting her own way.
Oliver likes to be petted and brushed. He is a King for sure. He loves all his toys and catnip..
Lionel Bruce Brown
Nicknamed Bubbah, he was once a feral stray that acclimated quickly to his country life and new family. He enjoys tuna and chicken, belly rubs and takes treats like a dog. He is a good ole boy and the prettiest too! Help him give back and provide for his poor family that rescued him! He would greatly appreciate your help!
Hi I’m Sylvester! I am a total mommas boy but I can be friends with just about anyone I meet - especially if they brush me because well I love being brushed! I also love playing tag with my brothers and looking out the windows when they are open! Please vote for me! :)
This is Arnold. Hes a 5 year old French Bulldog. Accurate to his breed, he is a huge goof. He likes to spend his days playing with one of his many many toys , sleeping, playing with his humans , and most of all snuggling! He is a happy little dude, constantly entertaining anyone he meets. We think hes pretty cute. If you do too, show him a little love with a vote !! Thank you!
I adopted mia about 4 years ago. She is a rescue cat used most of her life for kittens. She couldn't play or interact when I got her and she was quite feral. Although she doesn't fully trust me, she does curl up with me and rubs her head on me so we are heading in the right direction. She runs the house now and she is content to sit on the windowsills in the sun watching the world go by