Dog cat Stories - 26


Draco loves to cuddle with his humans and play with his sisters, he protects his pack and like to be bossy. Draco also loves treats and is very obedient and smart when asked to sit or stay
Hi my name is Boo.. I love to play hide-n-seek and nap. When my parents are home I spend most of my time with my dad. I’m like his sidekick. My mom is the world to me, she gets me the best gift ever.
Meet Luca, the 9 week old American Akita! He’s a super intelligent boy who loves playing with the family (plus a good nap & cuddle). He can show the typical Akita sass, but he already knows how to sit, wait, stay, give his paw & come when asked. A long road ahead for his learning, but he’s already showing his intelligence.
Molly’s favourite hobby is eating...especially in the middle of the night...she will pad on my pillow until I get up and feed her 🥰 other than this she spends her days sleeping and soaking up fuss.
Comet loves to play (and chew!) with his toys and be snuggled on the couch! He responds to commands in English and Italian!
Ween is a tiny dachshund with a giant personality! His huge ears and little white paws make him stand out from the rest! He loves cuddles and zooming around with his little legs! Ween loves all toys that are bigger than him and sleeping on his back tucked into a blanket!
she is the best
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly, also known as Lills is a 5 month old kitten and a fully bred British blue shorthair 😍
Lucifer is still a kitten of 5 months, a blue British shorthair 😍he is one of 3 cats with beautiful eyes, luscious fur and overall perfection. My little bestie ❤️
Likes to go on long walks outside & hang out with his great dane friend.
yup 👍 100% a dog 🥕🥕
This (not so) little cutie is my shollie Coal. He loves the snow, the beach, peanut butter, and rice with eggs. Speaking of eggs, he has the most gentle touch. His fur is super soft and he is well behaved when not excited.
Fluffy And Hazel
Fluffy and hazel are two fluffy guinea pigs
Fuji is a very cute pug dog. He is very sweet and loves treats
Ragnars named after the tv show vikings, his parents are a Russian blue and a British shorthair, he is still only young, he loves attacking his big brother rolo and sleeping
My precious old flower, always happiest when centre of attention. Siberian husky/samoyed cross. She closes the door behind her if you ask her nicely!😊
Simba is the cutest orange tabby cat you’ll find. He has a great personality and he loves attention. Don’t forget the treats! Simba is a good boy
The face of a happy, spoilt Akita! Master spectator at bedroom window, proffesional people watcher😁
I'm not just a cat, I'm a strong and ambitious! I'm not just a cat, I'm a book, once you read me, you can't live without me! 🐱🐱
I’m not a pig... I’m not a pug... My ears hasn’t been cropped and my tall hasn’t been docked I didn’t run into a wall. Or got hit the face with a frypan I do not bite, but my owner might... I’m not growling at your child ! The noise is how I breathe... I’m not so ugly I’m almost cute I am a French Bulldog and I am perfect ! 💙🐶
Luna is 11 weeks old and is so playful. She loves to play with her best friends Tess and Saskis
i’m almost 2 years old and I love taking naps and eating treats!
Skipper is nearly 5 months old, into everything and very smart!
Lucky 🍀 was so scared when we adopted him he wouldn’t come out of a box 📦..... he was going to be put down because there was no room for him in the shelter . We rescued him and he’s an awesome outdoor/indoor cat loving brother to his adopted sister A very extra long cat has neighbor friends like skunks and other cats in town . Very very well behaved and loves morning hugs . He’s also gluten free and loves swordfish
Duckie used to work at a local vet clinic as a door greeter, until I asked him if he would like to come home with me! I was so thrilled when he said YES!!!
Hi, I'm Rocky I'm 16 yrs old Born in Alabama raised in New York I have a 14 yr old daughter named Mia and we both love the snow!
Max And Bubbles
Max and Bubbles are two boy Tabby cats. They are both brothers. They are two very loving boys. Just to be clear they are very ✨elegant✨ and smart boys😽🤌
I’m Freyja I love to play with my brother max (he’s a kitty). I’m super silly and love attention also treats I love treats.
Well i got jax a 6months old he was gonna go to the hnman society so i took him in was never a cat person but let me tell you he has changed that for me hes now 3 years old and is definitely a good buddy..
Gunnard Aka Dur Dur
Gunnard's a 1 year old great bull dane.
Bryant is the newest fur baby addition to my family. He is sweet, loving and adorable. He loves to play with the other fur babies and play with the toys. I am beginning to think his favorite thing to do is tear the stuffing and squeakers out of the toys. Outside is his favorite place to be.
Shadow is a loving dog who loves people likes to snuggle she really loves kids
Hello, My name is Gradie, I am part Turkish Van and Ragdoll. I was the runt in my litter. I am very cuddly, and Lovable. I love my toys, but best of all wrestling with my brother.
Coconut 🥥 is two years old and was adopted from the love of cats from pets mart ! She has a hidden love for everyone at home but doesn’t want anyone to know it ! She has 5 brothers and sisters but thinks the dad of our home is her boyfriend . She uses the toilet she won’t have no business with you if her food and litter box or toilet isn’t on point and cleaned 💯 of the time . She thinks she’s a preppy rich cat and she won’t eatnothing besides solid gold cat food! We dont know why she’s like this but we let it slide because of her beauty and her tiny size !
Leo loves to snuggle up with anyone. He loves pretty much anyone and wants to say hi to everyone. He enjoys playing tug of war with his toys.
Mack is QUITE the personality! He has such a sarcastic face all the time! This snorty little guy will steal a shoe to get your attention and wiggle his butt to tease you. He doesn’t have much of a tail, so he wiggles his whole body instead! He will do ANYTHING for attention and LOVES fetch. His favorite toy is his ballie!
Scarlet Rain
Scarlet was left on our front pourch in the middle of a horrible storm. She was this little, drenched kitten that couldn't wait to cuddle. Despite being soaked from the rain, she wanted nothing more than to cuddle up and get warm. After a clean bill of health from our vet, Scarlet became part of our ever growing family and another pet that chose us
Cinnabon is an amazing little dog that ended up coming home with me when my aunt's landlord would no longer let her keep her. Over a year later, she's stolen hearts of everyone she meets!
Mia is a sweet and shy ragdoll kitty! She has a rare colour change and is one of the only few rag dolls that look like this! She was left alone often as a baby from her previous owner. Wasn’t used to the overload of attention and love, and she blossomed into a happy, beautiful, loving kitty! She loves to eat! And her favorite thing is to play 🐱
Zoe is a 15 year old American Short hair cat. She is so loveable and cuddly! We rescued her when she was only days old and have had her since! She is like one of our children.
Hello my name is Rocky! I am very friendly and love to playing with you! I love to lick you to the death! I am really good boy and always get excited to meeting new people! Don't I look too handsome? Please vote me <3
Molly is probably the happiest dog in the world!! She LOVES snuggles and attention. Her favorite toy is her stuffed cuddle bear 😊🐻 Her favorite thing to do is train! She is professionally trained and currently in demand and open for doggy commercials! She love to play with kids! She has been through a lot as a puppy with her previous owner, but she is a tough cookie and being spoiled rotten now!
Bonnie Bella
She's a silly puppy that will be 3 in May. Bonnie Bella is a trouble maker but she's full of life. Silly big & goofy..
Our Archie is a yellow lab and loves all the attention. He may think he’s way smaller than he is!