Baby Mouse
This is mouse she is a kitten with wobbly cat syndrome,had some tragedy in her litter,loves her twin brother,Doesn't like cuddles
Bubbles aka Baby Bubbles, Bubble Butt, Little Baby Bubble Butt, Little Baby Sweetheart, Bubble, Baby Bubble
Super friendly likes to play haves so much energy. After she poos she fights with my pants
Fluffy is 17, and is quite the sleeper in his golden years. He loves his treats and the occasional cat toy.
Charlie is the sweetest little guy and he loves going on adventures with us!
Capricorn is a kitten of Momma Virgo who was rescued from outside of a busy road. She gave birth 4 days after being rescued. Capricorn is huge! She has such a great personality already, I can’t wait to continue to see her grow and how truly beautiful she really is!
Titan is the very best boy! He loves to play, go on walks, and protect his baby sister. Vote to give Titan treats! The more votes he gets the more treats he will receive :)
Hi everyone! My name is Winter because of my white fur that’s is super soft , and guess what!!! It’s my birthday tomorrow 🥳 I’m turning 1! I’m also super energetic and fast , thx for taking time to learn about me !
Izzy is a sassy, but very sweet tortoiseshell cat. . Her inquisitive nature is delightful to see whilst she fascinated by tadpoles in the neighbours garden. Even though she's the smallest on the street, she easily chases after the biggest one. She is also very vocal & makes it obvious what she wants when she wants it. As sassy as she is though, she loves a good bit of fuss & will never go for us.
Phoebe was a rescue from a local organization in Huntington, West Virginia. As a kitten, her health was not great. In order for survival, she needed multiple surgeries. She gave us another health scare when every other kitten in her little tested positive for FIV. Luckily, Phoebe managed to beat the odds and come back negative. Her story has taught me to never expect the worst. Not only is she a fighter, she’s beautiful!
Harley is a 8 month old pile of energy! She has the sweetest personality and loves car rides! (Even if it means taking over her big brothers car seat! )
Finn is 6 months old. He’s adorable but a physco.
Shes very friendly loves attention.
Hank The Sherman Tank
Hi My name is Hank the Sherman Tank and I’m 2 years old ! My Mom says I am lovable and goofy. Don’t tell my Dad but I am the KING of the couch ! Moms says I am her baby so I get to do whatever I want. I like taking long naps, playing in the water; I love my little pool Mom got me. Vote for me ! Mom says I can’t have all the winning money cause we need to share, so me and my mom & dad will donate half to a local resuce.
We will be celebrating Luckie’s 2nd Gotcha day on June 29th, it’s been 2 years since we found her on a hot asphalt road in June 2020. I couldn’t have asked for a better cat, even if she only likes me when I have food… She enjoys sleeping, eating, chasing our Shih Tzu, hiding in bags, and stealing boxes. This cat has more fun with recyclable items than her own toys!
He loves to bully the other puppies it cute and when I say his name he jump and talks to me
Blade is a very energetic Old English Bulldog. He enjoys warm summer days sprawled out on the patio and lots of treats.
Harper loves playing with other dogs and digging huge holes in the garden to hide her toys in!
She love her ball and playing outside, she's very protective of the family especially the kids. She's a big baby for a pitbull
Cutest bundle of fluff ever. Such a good girl with a fantastic personality.
Calli is just like her name,, Madd Cool,!! Chill mode 24/7, sometime she so smart,well rarely, n most times she's spaced out,!! She's lovable, very femanine, likes playing other cats,!! But best of of all , Calli madd Chill
A cheeky chappy, he loves cuddles and meeting people and other doggies. We can’t walk down the street without him being stopped for a stroke.
Charles aka noodle is sweet, snuggly boy. Enemy: shut doors. Favorite food: lil kitty gogurts. Favorite toy: whale teaser wand or mr. pickle. BFF: Older brother Ted. Enjoys pretending to be hungry, yelling in the middle of the night when he gets bored and snuggling his momma 😽
Baby Fonz
I give advance v.. Return person willing to return..thanks..maximum 30 per day
Theodore is a spunky, talkative boy. Mortal enemy: the ice maker. Favorite food: mayonnaise (gotta rinse the Mayo spoon or this boys in the sink to lick it) Favorite toy: bread ties. BFF: his lil brother, Charles.
Pinky understands English n Spanish. Love to cuddle n give lots of kisses 💋 She loves to listen to her Favorite cd when im at work, The soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever 😁
Hemy was a rescue as a kitten and became the proud partner to a 6 month old little boy later diagnosed with ASD. They are and have been almost completely inseparable. He became an emotional support partner at an early age, feeling triggers rising and running to comfort his boy. He's not once ever clawed or bit, definitely loves to snuggle, and greets everyone at the door. If anyone approaches his boy, they have to get his approval to touch him or he tattles to his human mommy to intervene. You would think he's part dog and part human, a total goofball, but the sweetest and most loyal cat you'd ever meet.
Liveliest friend you can have, always smiling!
Eevee Alexander Mccool
He is a wild chunky kitty who loves attention. I have pictures that are way to cute of him but this one describes him to a tea. Lol
Chase, is an adventure cat, he loves chasing birds and mice. He can say mamma, dad and love when he wants to be petted. We love that he is a part of our family.
He has no idea that he has an underbite, so cute !
Prince Harry
Prince Harry is a rare breed Sealyham Terrier. He is quite the character and is adored. Loves everyone. This is hiw he spends most of his day!
Louis V
Louis V was adopted from a shelter in April. He’s very vocal and loves to play. He enjoys eating both wet food and dry food. His favorite thing is to nap every chance he gets!
Aly &Bidiboo are currently full, looking for exchanges on others. Aly is an 169lb Central Asian Shepherd rescue. She just turned 3 yrs old on 6/25/22. She has beautiful golden ears, golden freckles & blue eyes. She serves as an immense help to her Momma as a Medical Alert Service Dog. She was adopted to comfort our GSD, also a rescue, after the loss of his Golden Retriever sister; but, somewhere, somehow she was sent to us with another task in mind. She is pure love & stunning fluff, with a bunch of stubborn thrown in for good measure. Her parents were found on the side of the road with her in her Dog Momma's belly. Big Fluffy Rescue stepped in and saved the Mom & 4 puppies in her tummy. Aly turns heads everywhere she goes & is living her happily ever after, keeping her human Momma safe. As a massive, powerful LGD breed CAS are very difficult for a rescue group to home. We are truly grateful to all the rescue groups that work tirelessly to save animals. We strive personally to adopt "difficult" breeds or mixes and give them a happily ever after. ♡
I am a letter carrier, and one day I came across a sickly kitten on a step. Had to leave him to finish my route and when I came back 6 hours later he was still where I left him. After a lot of TLC he has become a big beautiful boy.
My name is Jack and I I just got a brother named Poseidon we have the same parents ! I would love to win and get some treats and toys to share with my baby bro
She is a very sweet an smart dog! Loves to cuddle an play! ! Very lovable!
Miss. Kitty
How she became our little girl we were sitting inside our camper we heard her crying I opened the door and walked out. She came running straight to me from underneath our picnic table. This this happened no more than 3 weeks ago. My husband says she imprinted on me so hard when I go to the store I'll take shorty out for a walk our little jack Russell. he's witnessed her climb the inside of our screen door to look out our door window looking for me. He says no matter how much he hold her to he tries to console her but she ain't having none of that. she looks at him like you're not my mama but thanks for feeding me .where's my mama. Stealing ourheart. Love’s to play and take naps with her brother shorty which is a 12-year-old Jack Russell and he even lets her eat out of the same bowl with him. Loves to watch tv with moma and daddy. And gives lots of kisses.
sassy, and playful always full of trouble and cuddles
Fancy is a diva. She likes long naps and temptations treats. She loves to play with plastic and watch birds.
Olive loves kitty walks on a leash, comes when I whistle for her, likes car rides and is a huge cuddly cat!
Dixie is a little princess has a huge wardrobe and knows she’s spoiled
Nox is super talkative she gives lots of sass and doesn’t care what anyone’s opinion is.
When looking for a cat at the shelter, Max reached for me as if to say, "Hey. Pick me." He is the most loving little cat. He follows me around and wants to be with me all the time. My heart is happy with my Max.
Master Shredder
He’s very smart he likes to give his paw for treats and loves to play fetch and talk all day long !!
This is Raven who loves stealing my shoes and decorating the living room with the fluff she takes zero time removing from all her new toys.