Dog cat Stories - 24


Chloe has the longest legs known to man, and sleeps for 20 hours a day.
Lola is a rambunctious pupper who loves to play and wiggle her cute behind. She’s the happiest dog in the world as you can tell by her smile! She loves eating and playing with her brothers and sister.
Here's Dexter, or also know as Pups. He is mad as a box of frogs but never turns down a cuddle. Dexter loves his honky pig and will continue to honk it for hours! I have had Dexter since he was 8 weeks old. Not only is he my best friend but also my shadow, wherever I am he is.
He’s a sweet little sock stealing big baby who gives the best hugs 🧸🐾💙
Hi I’m from Hungry and I’m always hungry. I’m 5 months old and love to chew anything that isn’t mine. Please vote for me so I can get more toys and take more pics for you!
Cosmo is a 2.5 year old Airedale terrier. Full of energy, loves to go to the doggie park and play with all dogs and make new furry friends. Cosmo loves to pose and have his mommy take pictures of him!
Hello! My name is River, I’m a simple boy who loves his fur mom, squeaky ball, and wrestling with my sister! I love the outdoors, and adventuring anywhere with my humans!
Litten is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Her favorite toy is a hair tie and she loves the laser pointer. She knows when bedtime is but will sit by her moms dressing and cry until she gets a few rounds in at the red dot.
Morty loves rabbits foot toys. He is a big pur ball and loves to cuddle when hes not chasing his sisters around the house. Morty started off life very small due to a tapeworm but has become a very chonky fellow since being treated!
Lily is the cuddliest fluffball you will ever meet! Her favorite toy is a catnip mermaid and she enjoys naps with her humans!
Hi, I’m Oakley! The cutest (and quickest) miniature Dachshund in the South! My favorite things include talking back to my humans, rolling on the floor while simultaneously snorting and kicking my feet’s up, and snuggling! Vote for me, you won’t regret it!
My name is Everleigh! I am the oldest out of my two fur brothers, who I love to wrestle and play with! My humans always say that I am the best, sweetest, and most gorgeous girl ever!
Luna is a tuxedo cat all dressed up but with nowhere to go.....She's quirky, funny, curious, and loves to play! Found as a stray with six babies she was in a foster home and then a shelter until she found her forever family. We've had her for 3 weeks and we adore her! After everything she has been through, she deserves to be recognized!
Oliver is a sweet 3 month old Chihuahua mix rescue. He has a lot of energy which keeps our home alive and healthy. He came into our lives when we needed him the most. We can’t imagine our lives without him and his sister.
I am extremely food motivated. I love to play and I love to cuddle with mommy. My favorite thing to do is take rides in mommy’s truck
Oreo is a laid back lil dude that loves to play with his 7 month old kitten brother & go for car rides
When life gives you lemons... get a Roscoe 💙
Chance is a very fun and smart boy! He enjoys playing with his humans and chasing a ball, or any for for that matter !!
Barry Thomas
Barry is a very photogenic dog. He is highly train and alert yet the biggest teddy bear. He loves to go on car rides and meet other dogs out the window at traffic lights .
Day Day
Day Day love to go on walks. She starts to dance when I even ask “do you want to”. She can walk for miles. And love to her famous pit Bull smile.
Princess is a very calm soul. She’s became blind after being used as a breaded dog over 10 times. Now all she loves to do it eat and walk and sleep.
Got Lily back in November before the 2nd National Lockdown. She is loving and absolutely loves playtime with her toys. She loves fetch & cuddles. She is a bundle of joy that has helped my mental health and is so loyal and knows when I am upset! Honestly, she is like a saving grace
He sleeps as if he is the King of the Jungle!
She loves to cuddle and loves the water. She thinks she is a little dog.
Molly is very special, she likes going on walks, spending time with her family and sleeps a lot. She also likes showcasing her tricks!
Skye is a pretty girl who loves catnip, food and chasing pipe cleaners. She is very demanding and likes to prank us by tapping the garage door to be let in there and not even go in.
Smudge is a fun and bubbly Havanese, he has a very sweet tooth and is a lover of vanilla ice cream 🙊
Nipsey is a very energetic, loving, fun Border Collie who loves his Bark Boxes. Nipsey is 4 years old and can’t get enough attention. He loves to go on runs to the dog park, chase squirrels and cuddle with his humans . Nipsey is the only pup, who just recently lost his best friend/older brother Sammy(Pomeranian), who lived to be 17 years old in human years.
Her name portrays the dog. Proud. Strong. Loving. She is such a mummy’s girl and will always keep her owner safe. She is also the biggest goofball when it comes to sticks and treats. 100/10 on the good girl scale
Daisy Mae
Daisy is the most personable fur baby I have ever owned. She loves her family, going for rides and to snuggle. Shes a beautiful Blue Brindle and she is my world. If i dont have a model to test out my lightning i just use this babe♡ Please check her out on IG too at Daisymae6083 🥰
Charlie is a 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, He is the most loving boy and loves everyone he meets. As soon as you walk through the door he is straight up and walks over to you and gives you licks and a lovely tail wag. Charlie is the best boy ever and he is everything to us xx
I like wires and the pully things on jumpers
Hi I’m oli and I turn 4 months on the 2nd. I only weigh 4 pounds. I love to cuddle.
Princess Sweetie
I was born with what I have to be where I am today and I am grateful to be able to become part of this world of competition amongst others as I'm born to win not to be vain I am princess sweetie I was named has it was seeing fit and I've lived up all four years I've risen above a lot of hard times mature into a beautiful Amstaff and I know more than most people could ever it's sad but it's true I don't have much to say I'm from Thompson Connecticut it's a small town small state 15 minutes right away you can be in Rhode Island in the ocean state miles of beaches to swim in to your heart's content that's where my pet parent mom is from born and raised in Rhode Island as for myself I was born and raised in Thompson Connecticut now I shall represent probably my state my birth state for my siblings who also live alongside us as a pack all together as 1, The Lucky 7 at The Bates Dog House I AM PRINCESS SWEETIE 👑 THE LUCKY ONE WHO IS PROUDEST PIBBLE PAWSITIVLY AND THAT IS A FACT.
She's a wonderful and stubborn but yet very smart nine month old half Caine corso half pitt loving female.
Kyla loves playing tug of war. She loves running outside and going gor her daily walks. She thinks everybody is her friend and wants to meet everyone that walks past. She is so loving and affectionate. She has a special bond with all my children. We would be lost without her. She is our babygirl 💕
Callie is the newest member of our family.
This is my little baby she is a Shorkie. Bella has a big attitude for her size and will tell you what she wants. She loves to nap with a toy in her mouth and try to drink our coffee. Blueberries are her favorite food
Vegas suits his name as he never seems to slow down. A total mommas boy and spoiled rotten, Vegas loves to play with his toys and get lots of snuggles from mom and dad. Oh, and he loves spending time with his grandparents, aunts and uncles.
Mr. Peanutbutter
Yes, like from Bojack Horseman. Yes, he is exactly like the character Mr. PeanutButter! He is my special Golden Boy 💛
Jelly Bean
If a Hyena was a Crackhead.
Hi my name is Jasper!! I am a service dog and my mom’s best friend. I work very hard every day to keep my mom safe from her medical conditions. I am only 1 year old but have accomplished a lot so far in my life. My mom says I am very courageous and smart. I love everyone that I meet.
Just my lazy Daze! Just turned 2 and is an escape artist. He has a personality unlike any other. A cuddle bug. Still thinks he is a lap dog.
Tiger is a gorgeous tiger tabby that came from a feral mom. She lives also with sister from the same litter. She has a older brother Scrappy sister Lil Bit and a pit bull sister Punkin. They are all very loving with each other. But Tiger is a Daddys gil 100%.