Dog cat Stories - 24


Bear loves to go swimming and play in the snow. His favorite parts of the day is when everyone wakes up and then when he gets to go for a walk! His favorite toy is a blue pig and he loves it so much sometimes he cries with it in his mouth
Rocko is my fur baby he is full of energy, loves cuddles and having his belly rubbed. He likes to explore, play and learning new things. Hes a joy to have, he loves lots of attention, meeting new people and gets on well with other dogs. Most of all he just loves to play! His favourite is chacing his ball :) x
Hi! I'm Marci from Columbus, OH! Rat Terrier/ Chihuahua/ Labrador/ Pitbull I love my family, walks, treats, and my toys! My hashtag is #MarciDog and you can find me on Instagram at @Marci.Dog! 🐕 Go Buckeyes! 🌰 🌰 🌰
Josie is the sweetest little puppy you’ll ever meet. She has a HUGE personality and loves to give face kisses with her super fresh puppy breath. She is loved by her Pawrents more than anything in the world. She likes belly rubs, squeaky toys, and biting shoelaces the absolute most!
Nala is a lovable almost 1 year old Tabby. She loves cuddles with her human parents. She also loves milk and food.
Grier is a rare Carolina dog breed who was rescued by his loving mommy when he was only 6 weeks old. He wouldn’t even walk at first and was terrified, now he’s the most loyal, outgoing puppy who loves to fetch and cuddle! Oh and... he also loves the camera! Look below for some of his prime selfies!
Leia loves her family, belly rubs, and of course treats! 💛
Rory is a super sweet, gentle, and mellow rescued husky!
Billie enjoys relaxing, and playing with his sisters and mom. He loves cuddles and is the sweetest boy. Follow us on Instagram @billiethecat2016
Loki was put up for adoption after her family decided they didn't want her because they were "moving". While working on shift as a police officer i responded to a complaint at the PetSmart in my city. After I was done I decided to go look at the cats and saw Loki. She was sticking her little paws out of the cage at me..I went back and got her as soon as I got of work that evening. She loves her treats, toys, and rolling around on the floor showing off.
Super nice and friendly and loves to sit in her chair
Ares is the sweetest boy in the world. He loves his treats, to be brushed, and lounging on your lap all day.
The thing about Kitty is she is very moody! If she’s in a good mood, she’ll be the most affectionate cat in the world! But if she’s not, you need to leave her alone! 😬 Please vote for her!
Scooby is a little stray baby someone had sit him and his siblings and there mom out on the side of the highway the poor little guy was so scared and little but you sure wouldnt know that now.
Orion loves hair ties, meowing for attention then walks away not wanting any love or attention. He’s a cute, cuddle noodle when he wants to be.
3 Months old, Eclipse (My Queen) is a super adorable kitten and super affectionate and she just loves to cuddle beside her mommy and daddy who s making sure she's always happy . She's got another cute brother called Apricot who is the same age as her and a wee cousin (Coconut) who is only 2 months old, they are just adorable running all over the house making sure they're keeping us entairtaned 🥰
Raven is a black lab german shepherd mix pupper! She is fluffy and fabulous and knows it! Her favorite thing to do is run run run so catch her before shes out of your sight! She is intelligent, determined, and the best companion anyone can ask for!
He’s cuddly and the most loving affectionate cat I’ve had!
Rocky is my beautiful old lady that picked me has her human. She loves to cuddle. Dont play much in her older years, but she was the queen cat in her younger years. She would swat the dogs that just simply walk by her or get to close to her. Now adays she is either in my bed or laying by the fire stove in this cold weather.
Rays grandpa says YOU CANT EDUCATE STUPID! Be safe have a great day always! Our family thanks you for voting WE LOVE RAY
Tucker will be returning to the competition December 1st. We are now offering to give advance votes to be returned in December. Serious inquiries only! Please do not ask us for advance votes and then delete your account when your contest is over. We all spend a lot of time voting and that is just rude!
Spinx was a stray kitten. he loves to cuddle and play alot. he loves to run around and he is very fast. he loves his twin brother
Hi my name is jager i love to spazz around the house as fast as i can and run into my brother i love to watch mom cook vecause she always drops food for me. I love to cuddle i will never turn down the chance for cuddle time
Hi my name is fireball i was born with a broken leg i like to hobble around the house on my elbow and boop the dog with it. Oh and will you make the tub drip i like to drink the dropplets and ill scream at my parents till they do
Emma is very feisty she loves outside she is the sister of the last winner of this contest
Bella Piglet
Bella is so full of energy, loving, and is champion in lap dog category. She thinks she is bigger than she really is, but i will continue to let her think that. My little piglet bring a smile to my face every second of my days.
Coco is the sweetest girl with a hint of sass (don’t let her small frame fool ya)! She is a mini bernedoodle who’s ultimate weaknesses are belly rubs, chomping on mom’s toes and snuggling up watching Netflix.
Herah loves to play outside and is very stubborn. She is 4 months old and will weigh anywhere from 80 to 120 lbs. Her name comes from "Hera" in Greek Mythology which means protectress.
My name is Mudflap. I am 3 years old and I love to play. My favorite thing to do is chase rabbits into the woods and run around to back yard.
Biscuit is a unique pup who has lived the longest year of her life! I got her when she was 3 months old. She was part of an accidental litter between a Dachshund mom and a Anatolian Shepherd father. Biscuit had her leg broken by another pup around 7 months of age, and fully recovered. So now we’re just trying to live her best life! 🐾👏🏼💓
He loves to run and be outside. Hes a mix of retriever. He loves water. Goofiest dog Ive ever had.
Tigger is a rescue cat which has had to have his tail removed due to a deformity which does not bother him at all, he is 2 years old and is lovely friendly and playful cat and loves his toys and especailly loves his food
ark but no bite. Just cuddles and kisses. Favorite places, the beach, the closet, and our bed. Named after Teddy Bruschi. Barked at every touchdown and snuggled with every guest. No sharing me. Paws off me unless they're his. Big conscience. Obvious when he's
Alfie is a very lively, loving 6 month old puppy. Alfie loves walks, cuddles and playing
Please vote for Bella because she is very special she is a survivor we had to bottle feed her her mom had a disease called mastitis so the momma couldn't feed her we took shifts on feeding her we didn't think she was going to make it she's a miracle she is very loving she loves to watch tv with us she sticks up for cats it's truly amazing she drinks out of a cup instead of bowel she thinks she is a human she loves her cat toys and loves going to the lake with us she waits up every night on us to curl up in bed with us she's very smart and she talks back to us all the time in her kitty voice lol
Peaches is a rescue we adopted her at 6 weeks she is now a little over a year and loves to attack her older sister
Bella Donna
Bella Donna is a sweet, black kitty, with a big, loving heart! She loves cuddles and playing with her big brother!
Lola is our 3 year old teacup chihuahua. She loves her mr monster stuffy, dressing up and helping cook, aka eating everything that falls to the floor. Lola loves naps and snuggle time, going for walks with her big brother koba and playing in her sprinkler in the summer.
Sparty And Taki
Sparty and Taki are brother and sister. They are super close and love to cuddle and play with their kitty toys.
gizmo loves his older sister jasmine, he loves cuddling and being pet, love attention and when your petting him he will let you pet his stomach (like what) and don’t get me started on when he has catnip he goes off the walls😂
Rubix is a greatdane x malamute and his nick name is scooby he is very clumsy like the cartoon dog scooby doo x
Berry the Moto Kitty, Was born in NC at a motocross track. He loves watching the boys race and he can’t help but snuggle with whoever is around. His favorite thing to do is cook with mama but don’t turn your back because he will take your food and run.
He’s a friendly cat that thinks he’s a dog
Such a gentleman with the biggest personality! He is such a love and joy to be around. And who can resist that floppy ear. 😆🐶♥️
Kitsune (KIT-soo-nay), AKA “Kit,” is a spunky little rascal who also had a penchant for snuggles. She dances with her “prey” (chewies) and always makes me laugh.
She was born blind, loves attention, eating, chilling and playing but has a mouth on her 😂
Gracie was adopted back in August of 2014. She was originally found in Warehouse with four other kittens. She loves to play, nap like all cats, cuddle on your lap, and sunbathe from a window. She is strictly an inside cat. Appreciate any votes in advance :)
Harley loves cuddles he’s a fun happy little pup and loves getting his face in mud 😂