Dog cat Stories - 23


Dior was born on February 5th 2021 her momma was struggling with labor so she needed emergency surgery and she lost her second puppy so I decided to name her Dior Halo because she is a little angel since she survived!
Coco is the most cheeky little pug you ever did see. My baby was the runt of a litter of 10, so she’ll always be a miniature Little puggy
Coco Bean
Coco Bean is a loving and playful family member. He loves to chase feathers, be outside, and eat treats!
Cotton is a very sweet, spiritual pup . He sees the beauty in things others normally wouldn’t see. He loves everyone . Cotton loves to play and smell all of nature ❤️
Hazel loves her two human brothers. She is very playful yet very cuddly. Definitely a perfect fit for our family. She is 3 months old and loves the snow❤️
he loves squash
Winter is a quiet girl living in a crazy world! Despite being named Winter her favorite season is actually awards. Fun fact about her, she is currently training to compete in the high jump at the 2024 Summer Olympics! Every dollar earned in this contest is going towards her college fund, please help out if you can.
I was born on December 28,2020 and my mom adopted me on February, 12th 2021 I really like to run, play, and chew on mommies shoes. I love riding in the car and to take long naps 😌. I hope I get lots of votes, and that all of you do too ❤. Puppy kisses Kodi
Pinky is as gentle as she is cute! She loves her boys that spoil her rotten like a lil sister... we won’t fill her in that she’s a cat
Sushi is a crazy baby. He likes to take pictures with his tongue out. He also love playing with his avocado toy. When he’s not playing or snuggling with him mom, he trying to mess with his sister Lola ( a dog ) .
She is a blue eyed, sweet husky/lab/hound❤️ Loves to play and loves the outside!
My Chorkie Bear is so smart! He can sit pretty, walk, crawl, play dead, and the basic commands. He’s a playful pup and Loves EVERYONE. He’s always a best friend!
Shelby is 13 weeks old, she loves toes and cuddles.
Giz is our three year old lil man. He is such an amazing dog and is awesome with his human brothers. He listens so well and falls in love with everyone he meets. He likes to hang with the big doggies cause he thinks he’s one himself.
Pip was adopted as a kitten. We all thought he was a girl, but when we took him to get spayed — it turned out he needed to be neutered! Pip loves playing with his sister Posy, watching everything going on outside the window, and eating all the treats!!
Baloo is a very big Saint Bernard. He is playful, friendly and loves children very much. Baloo would like to be able to help children with SMA.
Sadie loves to wake up each family member with lots of kisses every morning. Her favorite things to do are chase ping pong balls, ride in the car and go bird watching! Sadie likes to snuggle and always put a smile on your face.
Prince Lonestarr likes to roll around in fresh laundry and attack it rabbit style, do paw tricks for treats, and toss around toys. He’s a smart boy who follows the lead of this older brother Dark Helmet most of the time.
Hi my name is Georgia and I love my mom and anyone who comes in my path. I like to give away free kisses and help people out when they are feeling down. My favourite food is cheese balls and my favourite thing to chew is plants and shoes. My mom said she will buy me new things with the money if I win any, like treats (since i secretly ate all mine when mom wasnt paying attention to me) and a new doggy bed (since i shredded mine) and new toys. My new favorite thing to do is play in the snow (as you can see in the pictures). I also enjoy chasing birds. I also really like water but I hate taking baths so my mom thinks I am weird because of that. Now that you know a little about me can you help me win?
Dark Helmet is a playful funny cat who will trill like crazy when you vigorously pet his hind quarters, hence the nickname Captain Haunches. He loves to play tag and wrestle with his younger cat brother Prince Lonestarr.
Enzo loves his 3 sisters - Lucy, Chloe, and Cici. All dogs. I believe Enzo thinks he’s a dog and we won’t tell him otherwise.
When my mom moved to Texas, i was left with my new owners and my baby sister.👶🐱 I love sleeping with them and playing with the baby. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the end of the bed or sit on the steps and watch the baby play!! I also have extra thumbs which makes my paws look like mittens !! ❤
Ellie And Tucker
Ellie and Tucker are 1 year old Bengals. This brother and sister duo are very playful and full of energy! Their favorite toys are the cat wheel and any wand they can get their paws on. They love snuggles with the humans on a heated blanket, and looking out the window to watch the birds.
Loves water
Hamish loves to sit like a human at all times! He especially likes to sit and watch TV
Super cuddly yet super hyper pupper! Sleeps on her back like a human 😂🤷‍♀️ Also gives a good high five
Smol cavapoo, oodles of love but not oodles of brains, himb a gud boi ❤️
Bella sadly passed away 9/8/2020 and she was an amazing lovely cat and she had a great personality ❤️
I Winter is adorable and an active dog he is very friendly and lovable dog he like to play with soft toys.
Scamp loves fish, cuddling, long naps and barking at birds. He’s very talkative but hates smelling new and usual things because they make him gag.
Skye has so much energy and makes people around her laugh. She loves to run, we ran in the snow the other day! She also LOVES her toys (especially squeaky ones)
This very demanding kitty brings us great joy and love...Who needs sleep at 3 o-clock in the morning as long as he's getting his kitty kisses.
Dixi is the biggest cuddler of all! She always has to be with someone giving loves. Her favorite thing to do is run as fast as she can into bags left on the floor haha. She also loves to follow her big sister around wondering what she’s up to.
Dakota is so sweet! She’s never scared of a new challenge and loves to play HARD! Her sister is a month younger and she’s always showing her how to play and making sure she’s not scared.
Litter Of Puppies
These puppies are soooo adorable.
Bender is a 1 year old Vizsla that grabs the attention of all passersby. He is a bundle of energy that shares a plethora of love with everyone he meets. His favorite thing to do is play frisbee in the yard.
We got this pretty little girl as a gift for my husband, she has been a blessing, she loves attention, she loves to cuddle at night with us, she loves to play with everyone. She melts hearts with those big blue eyes. I can’t wait to the changes as she gets older, but for right now she’s our little Baby dior
He’s so sweet, he roamed the streets as a baby before we found him. He wants to be loved 🥰
Caught in the moment 😆
Hi, I’m Nellie the silver lab❤️
Princess Penelope
Princess Penelope is the most squishy , beautiful, sassy and sweet english bulldog. Her hobbies include eating and sleeping.
Gets away with anything and everything.
Hey there! My name is MiLady (my-lady), my sister(Willow) and I are 6 months old! My mommy calls me her little huntress. My favorite things to do are bird watching, playing with my blue bird🐦, and taking naps with sister!