Dog cat Stories - 21


Just let me snuggle up and take my nap!
loves to swim play and he also plays with his brother and sis alot he is joyful and loves his fam i give votes to people that vote for me and if i lose my dog might not get toys so if you want tucker to get toys plz vote
Levi loves to go on walks and lots of cuddles..
Molly was adopted right before Christmas she is a Shepard collie mix. She loves car rides and walks. She is so happy she is not a stray anymore.❤️🐾🐶
I love my mom so so so much... almost as much as I love my belly rubbed!!!!
Whiskers And Miley Girl
They have love and hate relationship
He is Lovable cat and he loves taking pictures
Miley Girl
She is a great cat.
Hi I'm Ginge! 😺 I am 6 months old and as you can see I'm training to be a catortionist! Even though my hammock is now too small for me I won't let my hoomans touch it they say they're going to get me a bigger one bit of I fits, I sits!! 😹
Tinkerbell is also known as Stinker or TinkTinky. She loves to love everyone and everything
Cheeky, mischievous Beauty, always up to no good but has the face of an angel!! 😍😻
I play with everything that moves even an inch and I love cuddling when I am sleepy
Bella is 17 weeks old and very hyper she loves playing fetch!
Lola is a high energy loving dog. She likes to play with her fur sister all day long
The one year old minature dauchund called Minnie. I dont bark i just cuddle and sleep. I love my mummy and where ever u see her ill be in her shadow 😭😍 Follow instagram - Minnietheminaturedachshund
Cali came as a stray and is my father's best friend!
Sueñoto is a turtle that likes to play and sleep
Duke is a giant ball of love. He is a very good boy who is terrified of plastic bags and bubbles. His favorite activities include zoomies, putting toys on mommy’s head, and snuggling on the couch. On a side note, bath time is the devil.
Lenny had a difficult start to life. After being abandoned and passed from home to home, his precious soul finally made its way into our lives. Now free to live his life to the fullest, Lenny enjoys nothing more than lazy days on the sofa, socialising with the local squirrels and causing chaos around the house with his adoptive sister Wilma.
When he is not snuggling, he loves to sit on his cat tower and look out the window and meow at the birds and other cats he sees outside.
Archie was a lovely baby cat , he was a hunter and a loyal friend 💖
F1 Red Cockapoo who acts like a lion cub but looks like a teddy bear 🧐
His loving loves to talk in tells you when he wants to eat in he loves his tender crunchy Friskies
Cheeky little Ragdoll girl who loves hunting (toy mice), going out for walks and generally being a ball of cute mischief 💕
Lili And Mia
Mia and Lili are very energetic dogs that like running around and playing catch with us. and if we get money we will get them toys so pls vote for them
Heaven has won two pet costume contests in 2020. She goes crazy for Salmon & Tuna. Loves mice toys that rattle, is a great travel companion, loves playing with other animals
Follow her on IG @malibutheboatdog
Favorite food: anything from the table Favorite place: anywhere with mom Favorite activity: go to the park to see friends Favorite toy: my piggy Worse habit: giving too good of puppy dog eyes to get what I want
Meet Hina a 3 month old corgi pup that is a ball of energy with the friendliest personality. Her tail is always wagging. Hina loves being brushed, play time, and getting lots and lots of pets!
Luna is a 8 month old Pitbull, she loves her squeaky toys, and constantly gets the zoomies. Luna is a terror but the cutest sweetest thing there is. She also loves to cuddle🥺🥰
Tiger is a sweet girl, she is so friendly and always happy to make a new friend. She loves belly rubs and snack. She also loves trying to catch lizards we come upon our walks.
Dolly is a survivor that was recently rescued and adopted. She is also a mom to a 9 month old puppy. She loves toys and cuddles. She gives the best hugs and the cutest kisses. Fun fact: She can jump 4ft.
Ginger is a very sweet, happy dog. She was abused in her past although so she has trauma. But other than that she is a amazing dog
This is diesel, our rescue kitty who’s a little bit different than most. He’s got 3 legs! That doesn’t stop him from sprinting out of his litter box like a mad man though. Loves to scream and cry for treats and also loves to leave his little tongue hanging out. :-)
Sadie is the sweetest, she’s very quiet but wants a lot of love and attention. She always wants to see the outdoors and loves her naps.
Zoë is a sweet, sassy and cuddly dog! We adopted her from a local animal shelter and fell in love. She loves belly rubs, playing with her toy, and going for walks. Car rides and pup cups are some of her favorite things. She squeals when she yawns so we call her our little dinosaur!
Milo Lee
He’s a rescue puppy I got him less than a year ago and he is for sure my best friend💓 Milo loves to run and play he enjoys playing with other animals and gets along very well with them
Hunter is an English Cream Golden Retriever. He is our first pup and brings so much joy into our lives. He loves the snow, running around outside and learning how to retrieve deer sheds, he is a Hunter after all!
Check out Marleys mohawk!!
Remy is a 7 week old pitbull. He is the sweetest little puppy and all the kids love him to pieces! Can't wait to see how he growes. Playful, fun and sleepy at times. Just like having a new baby.
Izzy is outgoing and super smart she loves to cuddle and will wait for you at the door when you’re gone. She’s the best
Luna is very active silly and friendly girl. She loves people and other dogs. Shes 10 months old so shes still a puppy. We love her so much.
Lucy is a sweet girl who loves her tiny humans. She loves to cuddle with you while you’re watching tv and will even watch with you.
Shima loves running throughout the house like a race horse. She loves sneaking outside and she loves to get treats.
Roxy's very smart and loves too cuddle she always has to have your full attention
He talks all the time. He comes for me at 7 pm to go to bed.He doesn't fit in many boxes but he will still try. Maddie's thing is stealing elastic string, don't know why but he did it one Christmas and has done it twice since then.
Gizmo loves to explore even in drop down ceilings, then comes up through the vent. He can be very dramatic.Is a fashion plate. When he was little he would steal my pot holders and run around the house with them.
Ozzy likes cuddling and running fast.