Dog cat Stories - 20


Kiki loves to play fetch for hours! No matter where you throw the ball, she will bring it back to you! Kiki can jump super high and reach heights as high as my husband!! Which is over 6ft.
Binx is a very shy, very independent boy. You can pet him if thine majesty allows it. He will never sit with you only look at you from across the room with a loving stare. He loves balls of yarn and treats. Beware, you cannot touch his feets.
Meet Cali, Shes a very sweetie, Loveable calico kitten with a huge personality, Who loves to play & cuddle. Shes such a great kitty, Shes smart, Funny & definitly a high energy kitty with a very curious mind that makes her a very smart girl. Cali has only been with us for a few months now, But She stole our hearts the day we found her in the snow where she was abandoned. I like to say we rescued her, But actully she rescued me. This is her 1st kitty contest, So pleaae be nice to her, Thanks for stopping by & Thank you so much for your vote😊
Hello I’m Amy I am a shit zu crossed with a bichon frise. i have a daughter as you can see in the picture called babs I am black, white and brown. i love rolling in dirt and mud I hate baths and I love playing fetch.
Hello I’m wilamena I’m a black King Charles cavalier crossed with a poodle. im a couple of years old. i love running around playing in the mud and taking naps. my favourite food is chicken and I love when my own gives me belly rubs.
Hello I’m masie I am a kind Charles cavalier crossed with a poodle. i am black, white and brown. i love belly rubs and chasing my daughter. my favourite food is pet mince and I love taking long naps.
Hello my name is Zed and my favourite game is playing catch Meow
The runt of the litter, Marla had always been small in size but she had a huge personality and a lot of love to give!!!
Jasper is one in a million! I rescued him at just a month old from outside back in November. He has a personality like no other. He is so loving one minute and then the next minute he’s running from one end of the house, to the other end, jumps and runs across the two couches, then jumps like a maniac onto his cat tree. I hope you guys vote for him so I can keep him updated on shots and get him neutered !! Thank you!
Hi there! Im Hercules and I'm a 2 month old pitweiler pup! I'm fun loving full of energy and love to chew on everything!! ;) My puppy dog eyes will for sure win ur vote!
Oliver is a sweet 6 month old Chihuahua mix rescue. Since I have severe depressions disease anxiety, Oliver is the reason I’m able to get up in the morning and have a purpose again. Best ESA dog ever!! He’s rescued me from a spiraling situation. Who rescued who, indeed!
My name is Hobbes, I love to play ball, playing ball is the greatest thing ever, when I play ball I am the happiest dog in the world. I also love food but not as much as playing ball! My humans give me the best life and they play ball with me!
Sadie is 7 weeks old and is absolutely full of love and lots of energy. She loves lots of cuddles
Hi there! My name’s Nala (Princess Nala) I’m an 8 week old Mini Aussie! I love to play with my two big brothers, and cuddle with mom and dad. In my free time I love to chew up moms shoes and poop on dads socks 🥰
Arti is the sweetest most energetic and the happiest girl and she’s gorgeous
Blaze is a silly and cuddly 7 month old tabby. Currently his favorite toy is a purple cat ❤️ He takes it everywhere. But don’t let that cute face fool you he’s always getting into trouble 😈 🐈‍⬛
Shopia loves belly rubs and playing with her toys
Simon took a few weeks to name. A name just wouldn't come to me that I thought was a good 'fit'. He purred me through my studying for my MA degree - day in and day out for years... I finally got him a little burnt orange tabby Persian 'sister' who I got creative & named Sez, then a little brother who I named So... When I'd type papers up on my word processor, Simon (& later Sez as well) would lay with the tips of his paw & chin hanging just a tad bit over the top, purring & staring at me... When I'd type up a paper and find an error, I'd have to take the piece of paper out that had the error and fix the error and print up a do-over - I started tossing the waded up papers over my shoulder (in frustration) into the diningroom... Simon started retrieving the paper wads, silly cat ~ you're not a dog... He just wanted my attention & affection - and got it of course...
Currently, I am maxed out on giving any further advances and daily votes until after May 8. Duma’s next contest will be in either July or August depending on how things progress with my brain tumor. Both of my girls are busy keeping me calm, quiet and sane🐾💕. Thank you for your understanding 🥰
Comet is happy as long as he is with you!! cuddling is definitely his preference! he enjoys walks on the beach, munching on treats, and acting like a tough guy around strangers
Hi I’m Cody I am very loving i love to cuddle and I love people I love doing tricks for treats.
Oakley is a sweet loving boy who loves to herd his little human friends! He also loves to sleep in the walk in shower. Oakley loves going for walks and playing at the dog park and snuggling with his duck.
Harlow’s the sweetest kitten that enjoys climbing up walls, bird watching, snuggling, and watching the toilet flush!!
Malakai is a very energetic, lovable, and handsome boy. He loves belly rubs, and going on long walks and runs. He loves to play fetch.
Charlie is 10 weeks old and loves belly rubs and tug of war almost as much as he loves his mama. Always sits for a treat, professional giver of puppy dog eyes, and napping is his favorite thing to do. 🐾
Buddy is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He loves to play tug of war and cuddle up on the blanket. You’ll never see him without a smile on his face. He never barks and is very calm. He is honestly the perfect dog.
Opal has such a spontaneous personality! She loves to play and be crazy but she also love to snuggle! She absolutely loves her round about toys and her sisters!!
Harlow is a 7 months old girl that loves birds, naps, her mouse, and fettuccine Alfredo sauce.
Loves walks, playing frisbee, belly rubs and car rides.
She makes ur day great! So pretty.
Majestic is not only Beautiful, he is the most loving cat youll ever meet. And it seems he knows when ever your hurt or not feeling well.
He is well behaved cat. He is adorable, flexible, and learn new things quickly. He doesn’t touch anything until we don’t introduce that to him. But only thing I worry about him that he is too emotional🥰
Sugar is a cutie who needs constant love! He opens doors just to be with people! He was found in my backyard in the middle of summer. Sadly one of his litter mates died but the rest survived!! I try to help other cats so that they can live better lives to!! Please vote for my boy(all proceeds will go towards my aunt to help her).
Patton likes short walks, naps and food, lol, he is spoiled rotren and loves to snuggle 💕
Luna Moon
Luna also known as larg marg is a big beautiful gal at a whopping 35lbs.She love the company of people and is very social.Her favorite toy is any string,rope or yarn preferably pink.She loves watching the world atop her castle and greets us when we come home from work she very vocal about it.she has a thing for pepperoni pizza so watch your pie!her pet peeve is any closed door and she loves to party at 11pm every night running and playing about.oh did I mention she’s in charge at our house?
Archie was the smallest of the litter. Nobody wanted him so I got him! He is a BIG BOY now. He loves to be rubbed on his belly. He loves to sleep on his daddy’s feet. We call him “bubba” but his actual name is Archie! Vote for Archie!! 🐈‍⬛
Spinnaker is super sweet dog! She is so cute and is kind of lazy too! She loves to sleep and play catch with the tennis ball!
She s goofy and especially playful. Loves to put her paw on your thigh to greet you and then shake your hand
This is Kylo, a 4 year old pitbull/lab mix. He likes to play fetch and go outside.
Oreo is a true momma's boy. He is very emotional and shows it through his eyes. He is very energetic and loves jumping high.
Sammy loves to cuddle, play fetch, and just lay around and look absolutely adorable! Also the new contest ends on my birthday, it would be nice to win in New York!
Hi friends! Ivy loves to play ball, fetch and swim in the lakes. She spends most of her day hanging with me and being the sweetest bug ever.
Katya was a stray mama with 6 babies! At less than a year old when she had her litter, she fought through the 2020’s harsh winter while also taking care of her younger sister and her sister’s babies. She is now in a nice warm home with 7 other kitties to play with, and her kittens, sister, and sister’s kittens have found their fur-ever homes.
Ranger is the sweetest dog you could ever meet! She thinks she is the size of a chihuahua because she prefers to be in your lap more than anywhere else!
Daisy, otherwise known as Miss Girl, absolutely LOVES to cuddle, give you kisses, play with her brother, Dexter, and likes pictures taken of her!
Caiso Christian
The sweetest Aussiedoodle ever.
Zuko Christian
The most energetic Shiranian.
Scruff’s favorite things include breakfast sandwiches, carpets to scratch his back on, long naps in the sunshine, going on adventures all over the tristate area, and sleepovers at his grandpa’s house. Scruffy was born in 2013 on a farm in the swamps of central Louisiana. He moved to The Big Apple....well, Westchester County, in 2015 and has been living his best life ever since! He’s a local celebrity on the UWS, and the mascot at the veterinary hospital his mom works at. He’s really hoping to win this competition, so his acting career can finally take off! A vote for Scruff, is a vote for treats!