Dog cat Stories - 20


Romeo is the sweetest kitty. He loves to lay on your chest and give you kisses. He’s very playful and loves his catnip! He is best friends with his little brother Jasper and they are constantly running and playing!
Ru Paw Aka Ru Ru
I have now had Ru a month. Eat,play, eat, sleep sleep sleep. I can barely get a pic with her eyes open. Happy to report she and my huge male Maine Coon have adjusted well. Almost too well- he acts like a mama cat and bathes her which is hilarious bc she is so tiny and he is so big it looks like he may lick her fur off! Sometimes she "hugs"his big head and returns the favor. Thia is where it gets funny bc eventually she cant resist a chomp on his ear then the chase is on. She also likes to pounce on his huge fuzzy tail thats bigger than her whole body. She may just outgrow him eventually tho. Oh how she loves to eat! Her food. His food. Both their treats.My food. King is so picky he wont even eat meat but Ru will eat carrots, green beans, celery, cabbage, any meat, crackers, bagel. So far she likes any nibbles i give her or she steals!!! LOL! she def has already stolen my heart. She likes to wake me up by rubbing her nose on mine. Sweet baby Ru ! Orig post:got Ru a few days ago and she is just so sweet and full of cattitude! She reminds me so of my little ESA cat Bella that passed away last year. My male cat is a 17lb male maine coon mix but none of her 2lbs is intimidated by him! If he's blocking her way she just gives him a bop on the face with her right paw. If she thinks his food looks better she just goes over and starts eating until he gives up. She is soooo lovable tho. When she gets sleepy she comes to wherever i am and just flops over on me or crawls down my shirt. And watch your food. She goes after anything edible. She will crawl into a bag, pull your hand back away from taking a bite, jump into the middle of your plate. If you're chewing and haven't given her any she will bop at your mouth. She keeps me laughing!!! If she wins #1 in state, after buying her oodles of toys&treats, i want to put some of the money toward a memorial tattoo for my sweet Bella, the sister Ru never met. Bella was black and gray patterned like Ru's light and dark orange
Gypsy is the biggest alley cat that has made contact in the human world. She was found nearly at death and now enjoys eating cheese, drinking milk and snuggling with her mommas horse at night. This cowgirl from Texas will forever be strong hearted and strong willed!
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer AKA Bear Bear loves to lay in the sun on her back unless it is time to eat! She loves to sleep with her mouse after playing with it on her ripple rug!
Nico is our newest addition and has completely won the hearts of me and his dad. He is a troublemaker and loves nothing more than playing and bopping you in the face
Tyson is very active for a senior cat! He jumps and plays and loves to sleep on my chest and lap. He’s loud and meows when he’s not asleep. He’s the best!
Monty likes to eat bull sticks the most . He likes to dress up and Christmas is his favorite holiday 🎄
Wood Chip
Mr Chip was a stray that decided he was going to adopt us. While stacking wood he was chasing the wood chips hence his name.
Charlie is a 2 month old polydactyl baby that loves 4 month old brother and toys. He's not sure yet about his 16 year old and 10 year old sisters.
Oliver is a 3 month old boy who loves to play and cuddle. His favorite toys are anything on a string and his favorite spot to sleep is above mom’s head. He also loves to sit on mom’s shoulder as she walks around the house.
Bella is the number one biscuit maker in Texas 😺🙌🏼
Gemini is our beautiful baby Gem. Her eyes are gorgeous and she even has a beauty mark on her nose! Gem is the most loving, cuddly, & playful. She’s so talkative and cute, super intelligent too. Do you love her at first sight? We did and we continue to fall for her uniqueness. <3 Every time she sees someone she goes over and meows, and when we talk to her she replies like she can understand us. Her meow is the cutest meow ever, so precious. We play hide and seek with her and tag, she enjoys it so much and it’s adorable when she is in action! One time she saved me from a flying bug because she was able to get it. Very curious and adventurous when we take her on walks. She loves to sleep on us but usually ‘secretly’ because she doesn’t want people to know she actually loves us! She’s so perfect in every way and she knows it.
Holly Golightly
Holly is as sassy as she looks!
Loving sweat baby
Apollo Mcallister
Apollo is a little lover hes very social loves to go out for walks
Fergal is a mommas boy..ruff and tuff and has crazy zooms in the middle of the night
Luna will be 4 in april and she is the sweetest puppy ever shes so calm and sweet
Apollo is an amazing boy he will be 2 in may and he is just an all around happy and joyful puppy
Nyx is just a rambunctious puppy who isnt even 1 yet
Hi, I'm Finn. I am 5 years old and have such a fun personality. My favorite things to do are bird and squirrel watching, fly/moth hunting, playing with my toys, picking on my feline sister and going camping with mom and dad. I love to greet mom at the door when she comes home from work. I also love asking mom to have a breakfast/lunch/dinner date with me. She will follow me into my room and sit by me while I eat. I love this one on one time with her. I purr so loud and make my paws knead while I eat. I do look up on occassion to make sure she is still there, and she always is. I do have a fascination with tissues and napkins. I try to sneak off with them, but mom always seems to catch me in the act. She says Im a sweet boy, but not when Im headbutting her in the early hours of the morning.
Angel loves to cuddle play and sleep in dryer and she very lovable
Ginger was a stray when she was a baby we took her in. She loves people. She loves lazor lights also.
Coca loves kisses, cuddles she sits on command For her treats and will bring you your slippers after she plays with them, loves to play fetch with her toy she knows her toys 🧸....
I love to chew toys, hiking, playing with my pack, and splashing in the puppy pool on hot days. ❤️ Find me on IG @oreothepomskypuppy
I love chasing my ball, snuggling, getting pampered at the pup salon and looking precious to get more treats. 😉 find me on IG @maiyathepomeranianpuppy
This heavenly fuzzy kitten named Lulu is a precious gift from above. She is only 2 months old and has proven to be courageous, as this is her 2nd chance at life. She is mischievous, clever, and loves her independence. Lulu is sure to win anyone over with her purrrrfect little face.
Hi! I'm Zombie but sometimes mommy calls me Good Boy, I ❤ dat name too. I'm 12 years old. I have a sister, check out our adventures! @zombieandbaby
Josie Elizabeth
She is a rescue cat, 6 years old, loves naps, window sills, and me. She is very sassy and is very protective over her family and house.
Loves his brother and sister.....Loves making siren noises....Loves being outside 💞
Kitty also known as fat boy . He’s my best friend. He can be a fiesty butthead, but can be loving and snuggly when he wants to be. He’s my grumpy cat . 💕💕💕💕 He loves to get into things he’s not suppose to, like wrapping paper . Lol
Maia is a feisty soul with a sweet cuddly side. Her favorite things to do are eat, play with her toy mice, and talk back with that big attitude of hers.
Whiskey is a cool boy who likes to lay by the window and be petted.
Edgar is a 6 year old papillon from Rochester NY! He is 3.5 pounds and the sweetest boy! He loves playing with his little rope toys and running around.
Bella is a rescue cat that I found when i was in college. We both desperately needed a friend. I'd come home and she'd come right to the door to greet me. She is 15 years old and has been with me ever since! As a younger kitten, she loved to jump high and chase after stringy things. She still currently loves laying in her tunnels or she can be found in her fuzzy purple chair of mine that she took over. Love her to pieces. Xoxo ❤
She is a 4 months old. Loves her toys, treats. She loves to cuddle with you
daisy is a little fur ball of energy. she keeps me going :)
Misty loves playing with paper and boxes, climbing the cat tree and waking her mommy up every day at 5am just for fun 😄
Dixie And Ellie
Hi! We are sisters and were adopted from the local animal shelter. We are four months old and when we aren't running around at 2 a.m. or hidibg in Christmas trees, we love to snuggle with each other and our hooman.
This is Alamea She is my daughter ❤ Best Friend She is a loving an fun n smart cat . She loves to play with her toys or your feet and hands lol she loves her treats & she loves to play hide n seak. She like another child running around the house but the only difference is she climbs on everything lol we love her 💕 🐈
Simba was found in a warehouse, with his two brothers. I took all 3 kittens in full of fleas and severely under fed, his two brothers went to my neighbor and I kept this precious baby boy! He’s sweet and loving and a bit of a cry baby and knows exactly how to melt our hearts!!
Luna is the most loving kitty I have ever owned. She loves snuggles, playing and sleeping. Her fur is like an arctic fox and so so soft. Vote for Luna!
Flippy was our special kitty who survived an accident when the vet said she had no chance. She died 2 years later from an illness but is still forever in our hearts.
Cloud is the sweetest big boy who loves to cuddle and sleep with my daughter on her top bunk every night. They are best buddies. We have had him since he was a kitten and he is about to be 3 yrs old.
Shasta is a very fun loving cat and he isn’t afraid to tell you when he wants something but won’t be quiet till he gets it! He’s very playful and not aggressive. He absolutely loves to cuddle🥰
Hello my name is Lightning, Im a tortoise shell I’m a super sweet 3 yr old my mama found me & my twin blood sister Stormie hiding in her carport she took us in she is the greatest mommy I snuggle with her and purr in her ear until she falls asleep then me & sissy play but we are always back in bed before she wakes she gave us warmth home food toys & most of all love and in return we give her our loyalty & love ❤️
Brody is 1 and 1/2 years old. He is full of life . Loves to bark and play with his toys and kids . Brody is a real sweetheart. Loves to swim and loves his cookies ❤️