Dog cat Stories - 2


Riley is a rare girl who’s meow is very light and welcoming. She purrs very loud when she is cuddled up to her humans and loves feeding time!
She is a cuddle bug and loves playing in the snow. She is very verbal and says she loves you.
Waffles was another blessing to our home Waffles loves to play n cuddles at nite N loves white cheddar popcorn lol n food period lol waffles is spoiled lol
Spirit is lazy when he wants to be but very affectionate and follws u everywhere also he takes his nose and rubbs urs alot
Stay stays to her self but she is a.talker and very demanding
John Lucas
Johnny loves to jump scare his doggo bro Cooper. He loves Meowijuana and opening doors at dawn. He’s grumpy around Cooper at times but the sweetest 21lb Maine Coon we’ve ever had.
Her beautiful face says it all.. sge is very independent, loves to lay in the water bottle box
C. Mack
My wife and pup have never been happier to have their own beds where they don't have to fight over the blankets! The snow and weather may be bad out here currently but my lil' ol big at heart puppy is finally getting to see the beauty of wv! (Yea he and Shoney bear are the same size!) God Bless, and drive safe, if at all!
Sarge is a protector and a hugger..he loves chasing remote control cars and hiking
Majorette is a trickster she loves cuddling.and giving high five with both hands..
Sunny is now 12 years old! Which means we had him when I was 3 and I can’t remember a time he was in my life. Given he is quite old he is still playful and filled with joy. His name completely matches who he is as wherever there is sun he is out in it straight away! He likes to keep us um with his snoring.
Shiloh loves to play and snuggle up close! He also loves snacks and grass! Whenever he gets the chance, he’ll give all the kisses he can!
Summer has had two litters since she’s been with us although in her first she only had one who we kept called storm and also in her second we kept one which is silver. Summer is very calm until she is given a Pom Pom or cat nip she will go mad. She went through a hard time with her kittens as they drained her so much she got skinnier but now she has plumped up again and has been done and once again happy as ever.
He was full of energy and loved being outside he also loved playing with my other dogs too. And loved his naps
Luna is a Domestic Shorthair. She loves cuddles and treats.
3 legged wonder, rescue cat. At just 7 weeks old Midge was found on a scrap heap and after a nasty bite had to have a leg amputated. We adopted her at 6 months and she is the bravest, funniest, sassiest cat i know. She has alot of love and a lot of tortitude!
Sniff has been a rock for me and my 2 boys. My eldest has autism and she has helped him so much even guarding his door at night . She is gentle and looks after us all xx
Chewie Ray Mcwatters
He loves to run from from me and how for no apparent reason he starts back talkin to me n its funny 😄 though because he can carry on a conversation
We got Mickey as a rescue when he was 8 months old. Look at those ears!! He is such a cuddler and protector. He also is a talker!! And he says I love you!! He is so smart and everyone loves him❤
He love the snow stays out tell u call him or he gets cold and tired he also does this cute thing where he taps you when you ignore him and he loves to snuggle on his own time hell come to you when he needs love
Saint loves judging you and looking down on you, for the peasant you are. He enjoys human treats and is more likely to allow you to pet him if given the appropriate amount of snacks. He does not enjoy long walks, the beach or even meaningful conversations. His hobby's including napping, farting, stealing your seat and running from his mom during bath time.
He’s my lil boy Chammy. He loves playing balls around the house. Very clingy and chatty. He loves new people and cheating to his hoomans. 😹
The most loving and cuddly little guy. Loves to play and interact with his humans.
I may look like Nermal, but I have Garfield's appetite. Other than my wet and dry cat food, I love begging my humans for bits of cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and fish. I enjoy attacking crunchy paper, begging for treats, cuddling on my favorite soft blanket with my teddy bear, and rolling around in catnip. My nicknames include "Pooky The Shmoo" and "Pookyshmoo".
Nala is a total queen. She only likes cuddles when she comes to you for them. Otherwise, leave her alone!
Hey there, I'm Nipsey, just a really cool cat. I like to play in snow, steal q-tips, be all up in my mom's business and flop out for a good nap and cuddle! VOTE FOR ME, PLEASE!! 😸❤️😼
Leo is a funny, outgoing cat! Sometimes I swear he’s a dog. He can play fetch, and will lick your face. He’s a super sweet boy. ❤️
Simba is a family dog loving, playful he is very very photogenic dog he loves people and loves playing with dogs he is so friendly with every one and loves his toys he loves going to the park and exploring new places every day we love Simba with all of are hart.
My cloe a sweetheart so loveable always there to cuddle when you need a hug.
Milo is just the best emotional support 🐕 ever he belongs to my 12yr old son who has autism.he is simply the best
Billy is most certainly not a 🐈‍⬛, but he is an expert at spotting them when the come strolling through the yard. He may not be a cat but his meow is just as sweet. This boy is a proud pink Cockatoo that says hi baby when you come home. Tells you come here when he wants love and love you when you need it. He knows his night night time and says goodnight baby boy. He has had his medical issues racked up bills but we are willing to try and do anything to keep him happy and healthy. He loves to share food off your plate and relocate most of it to the floor.
A loveable ball of joy, enjoys napping most of the day but when its go time her pal Odin is there to keep her entertained all day! Deffinately the most sweetest dog anyone could ask for!
Chunky loves treats! Sunbathing is her favorite activity
Boodah Sullivan
Boodah gets so excited he loves to run in circles around mommy if we’re standing at the park.
Stella is a little diva, well not so little lol, she needs to be the main focus in the room or you won't stop hearing her sass
Dobie Ocampo
Dobie loves to pretend potty for treats!
Appa loooves fetch, will play til he passes out lol
Kobe Chanel loves chicken!!
Sky is a cutie with a love for toy rats ! 🥳
Lili is a very entertaining dog, she likes to think she is human by the way she sits and talks. She loves to show off her tricks mostly when a treat is involved. Lili says vote for her because she’s pretty n very sassy (:
Leo was rescued from the humane society and has been enjoying his time exploring around the pasture. He loves cuddling and getting forehead kisses, however, he is very independent and is an adventurous tabby who can sometimes be a troublemaker 💛
Grace was born with cerebellar hypoplasia which caused significant “intention tremors”. In the four and a half months since her rescue, she has become stronger overall to where you can hardly tell she’s a wobbly cat! She’s my inspiration and I hope she can be yours too! IG: gracetunaface.wobbles
Dude is a unnamed Aussie pup he’s only 3 weeks old
My sweet Tito .... one of 9 pups whose mom was Australian Shepard and husky and dad golden retriever... unfortunately they lost their mom few months ago....