Dog cat Stories - 17


Kiki is a total cuddle bug and purrs before you even touch her. The only time she ever gets into trouble is when she is trying to steal away with her treats. She is so smart. No matter where we hide them she finds them. She talks to us with her meows and dances as she walks. Not to bad for a week old hand-raised vison impaired fur baby we love to pieces
She loves playing. Cuddles and loves to sunbathe
Zues is a huge goofball he’s a loveable lap dog (so he thinks) and he is very handsome please vote for him!!
Bubbles is 13 yr staffy x jackrussrel hes a beautiful boy, love's his cuddles and food, I love him so much
This is the legendary Mew (yes, like the Pokemon). Attack strategies: scratch and bite. Defense: cuddle distractions. Weaknesses: canned cat food and laser toys 😼
Bella is a sweet little girl who loves her mouse and her piggy.
Wally loves to play and marks his territory everywhere. He loves cuddles and sleeps like a grown man.
Evie was born on Thanksgiving Day 2020. She's a Doxie Spaniel. She's very playful and loves outdoors. When it's time to relax, She loves to cuddle by my neck on a pillow.
Carmela is a munchkin cat she loves to have her picture taken and loves wearing dresses
Augie is a sweet loving bernidoodle.
I got Rugur when he was two years old. He is a love bug and loves to play fetch.
Hi my name is LuLu. I love my blankie and my toys and suck on them to go to sleep.
Maurice is a great cat who loves food and cuddles! He is 2 years old. He has a condition where he eats things he shouldn’t like clothes, tape, and even string! I put him in this contest so everybody can see him and learn about him! Please vote for him!
This is my beautiful 1 year old baby girl! The most mischievous little lady ever! She loves her brother Lenny and is never too far away from him
This is ny beautiful 1 year old boy Lenny. He and his sister are constantly running around causing havoc! Hes such a greedy boy and a real character!
Panda is very loving he had a rough start in life i almost lost him due to the vet with the wrong medicine for him he did make a full recovery some of his siblings didn't make it
Hadwyn loves cuddling and giving lots of sweet kisses.
Loves to cuddle ❤️
Miracle was rescued while she was in a process of being delivered on my porch during a below freezing weather. Miracle’s momma done delivered four but they did not make it from the freezing weather. I was able to bring the momma and the baby, MIracle, in the house to warm them under a heating lamp. Miracle was the last born baby and sadly, she was the only baby to survived so that is how she got the name, Miracle. I let the momma cat stay in the house with her baby, Miracle, until Miracle got to be 12 weeks old. Once Miracle was 12 weeks old, I put the momma cat outside since she is one of my barn cats. I struggled to put Miracle outside for her to be so small and to be the only kitten. I decided to keep Miracle in the house until she gets big enough to join with the rest of my barn cats. Well, as months went by, I fell in love with Miracle and Miracle has never left my sights. She is always in my lap, and she always follow me everywhere I go. I just couldn’t put her outside so she became my indoor cat.
hello my name is Figaro and I love my family if it wasn't for them adopting me at that old unstable shack filled with farel cats I don't know where I would I be now. So please make sure to vote for me so I can take out my competition
Hello, my name is Mint my nicknames are Minty and Minty Fresh. When I was a younger kitten I was abandoned and thrown away in a trash can just a day before trash pickup but if it wasn’t for my loving owner Leilani finding me I would’ve died. Thank you for whoever’s reading my story and make sure to please vote for me so I can take out the competition with cuteness
Rocky is 4 years old and he loves a game of football. Hes such a loving boy and is the best thing thats happened to me.
She is one big sweet baby ! She love kids and always down for a belly rub!!! If she like you...she will lick you to death lol
I may be small but I have a small Napoleon complex Fear me peasants
Yammi is 12 weeks old small for her age but full of energy and very adventurous she loves to explore and play. She loves human cuddles and having a relaxed sunday (napping a lot)
Snowy is cute but fierce She’s a strong independent husky that don’t need no human-mostly
Panther is part vampire, part dog, and a tiny bit of cat. He likes rub rubs, fetch, and coffee runs
Chico Votos Loco
Chico is a daddy's boy and loves to go where daddy goes. Chicoo has a unique personality and everyone who meets him falls in love.
Marshall is the sweetest and happiest cat since he came home a few months ago. Rescued from a hoarding situation, he quickly learned to enjoy the comforts of a loving home and most importantly learned how much fun toys are! His personality has blossomed and he is the happiest boy!
Pumpkin is full of energy and loves playing with his toys, loves going on walks, and really just enjoys life. He is sweet, soft, and gives great snuggles. He loves children and is always ready to be petted.
Dakota Grey
Dakota Grey is the most loveable boy ever! Loves his mommy and loves to just be loved on. His favorite thing to do is chase after a hair tie and bring it back for me to throw again.
Nyx is a fun loving girl she loves playing outside and snuggling up with her mommy through out the day she is my bundle of energies and i love her to death
Jaggar is a ball of energy!! He loves to give kisses also!!
Onyx has a wonderful personality, or “doganality” (lol) he’s funny, fit, happy, and an all around Goodboy, he loves his family, but very particular about food, never give him the same thing twice, because he’s sure to turn his nose up the third time 😅
Spudley Jones is the sweetest boy you would ever meet. He enjoys playing with friends, chasing rabbits, going on walks, and playing with all his toys! He especially loves treats and will stop dead in his tracks if you mention the word! He also is a big fan of nap time and can snore pretty loud!! He loves cuddles and kisses and wants to be everyones friend!
Winter is my beautiful girl who loves walks, she loves attention and other dogs. She jumps in every muddy puddle we come across, has attitude and loves to have conversations with us especially when she's not happy with us about something. She is such a character but gives her unconditional love.
Clyde is a super smart, cuddly and curious puppy. Loves people and being outside. Show him some love! ❤️
Miss Pixie is full of personality and that face makes it so hard to say NO! “I’m cute and I know it”
Mochi is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat (Tabby and Siamese mix) who was rescued. She loves to annoy her older sister, Suki (not pictured). She always enjoys sticking her tongue out after relaxing when she’s done chasing her sister around the house or if she’s concentrating on some mischief to be involved in.
Teddy is a love bug. He has to be in someone's lap loving all the time He is full of life
He was adopted at 5 months of age from our local animal shelter on October 6, 2020 after BING Crosby passed away on September 28, 2020. I've always wanted a black cat for the longest time and Magic became a family member.
Hi, I'm Suki! I'm a warrior princess 🗡️ I'm super fierce but never aggressive and love to play! 🧸 I'm very well behaved and extremely lovable - I love giving kisses 💋 Long car rides are my favorite and feeling the wind 💨 blow on my face out the window 😍 I'm super fun and energetic. My parents take me on all kinds of adventures 🏖️🏔️ with my brother which lets me see cool things all around the country! 😊
Hey, I'm Sokka! I'm kind of a big baby 👶 even though I may sometimes look a little scary. I'm a cuddle bug at heart and I love to crawl up between mom and dad then lay there for hours pressed against them 💜 I do occasionally have my playful side where I think I'm little like my sister and play just like a little dog 🥰 I just can't resist a good belly rub and a big hug. My favorite stuffy is my dino 🦕 that mom and dad made at build a bear for me. I can't fall asleep 💤 without covering my nose. I love blanket forts and I have a tent I sleep in at night in the living room ⛺