Dog cat Stories - 17


Bella loves to wear different shirts and sweaters for different seasons and holidays throughout the year and loves to snuggle and play. Her favorite snack is pretzels
Perseus (Percy) is a rescue from southern California. He loves running around, playing fetch and receiving all of the snuggles. His goofy personality instantly cheers everyone up!
Loves a good fuss, doesnt like being alone, cute and fluffy
Rocky is a Chocolate lab mix who is a year old and loves his snacks as well as playing with water and snow.
Murphy is such a love bug he will make you smile every time you hug him! He’s only 8 months old and loves to swim, hike, jump on the trampoline, run, camp, dig and much more. We are very lucky to have him in our family!
Rocko is our beloved Shih Tzu Long hair Chihuahua. He’s very intelligent and observant. He’s the best office mate to have in this new virtual work at home environment!
Belle Noelle
Belle our Boykin Spaniel is obsessed with socks. She spends her days finding socks, crying and worrying about her socks and hiding and burying her socks. She loves to bite her dog friends and dog brothers ankles. She seems to have a passion for lower extremities in general.
Lucinda is so tiny and cute, she loves to squeeze herself into tiny spots.
Bullet Proof
Bullet the Boykin Spaniel loves to go duck hunting and he loves to spend time with dog friends. He is patient and kind with his puppy sister. He tolerates an abnormal amount of ankle biting and attitude from her. He is so considerate and he will only poop on a steep ivy hill in our yard where humans don’t walk. ❤️💩
Fatti loves to pose and have his picture taken.
Onyx is the most handsome boy. He has the biggest eyes and the biggest ears with old man white hairs sprouting out. He is so sweet as he shadows your walk into every room you go. When you do acknowledge him following you, he will return the gesture by giving you the loudest purr. His meows are more like chirps as he stares up at you giving him his favorite chicken dinner and misses no time eating a whole bowl. This baby has the biggest heart and he just wants to share it with you!
Storm is 3 years old he is our oldest cat out of 5, he is gray and white, his favorite thing is drinking out of the sink 😄
Gidget is a beautiful little 4.5 lb Deer Head Chihuahua. She was adopted at only 1 day shy of 4 weeks old when her mother decided to no longer nurse her and her brother. She was already eating fairly well on her own and didnt need much extra special attention or bottle feeding. She seemed to have been born with a great amount of determination for success! Today at just over 4 years old, Shes spunky and full of energy 24 hours a day. She can go from a dead sleep to running full speed, barking and uncontrollable trembling at the sound of her daddys truck coming home after work. She loves to ride on his shoulders while hes driving, where she's perfectly fitted in a warm crunch to sleep or while awake, she's at just the right height to see everything passing by. No matter their size, she loves all animals, especially ones that will play as wild and rough as she does. Shes never encountered a 'stranger' in the pet world . And kids who will run and play with her are her absolute favorites! When the doorbell rings or a car pulls up in the driveway, she's the loudest, badest bully known to man until the door that point, you'd think she was winning a game of hide-n-seek! She is a best lap buddy to anyone especially someone with a coat or blanket that she can wiggle herself down in. Gidget is absolutely the highlight of our home. Everyone'loves and enjoys her company!
Brie is adorable and funny. She has a lot of personality and loves laying on her back with her paws in the air or on her stomach. She also loves taking baths and anything that has to do with water!
Riley really is a beautiful bundle of happiness! She’s so cuddly and sweet but a little cheeky too! Super friendly and always has a little wigglebutt for everyone she meets! Couldn’t imagine life without her!
Princess love children, love dressing up,cuddling and dancing
This is Tutie she’s my moms dog we’re not sure on how old she is, my mom and nephew found her on the side of the road and picked her up and they’ve had here ever since, she’s the most loving pit bull that love to cuddle She pictured with my 3 year old who she loves
Tiger is a caring and loving cat who loves to cuddle and go on walks.
Hello this it Tucker Wilson! He’s my first and only puppy I was given that’s still with my parents! He was given to my mom after both previous owners couldn’t take him! He’s full show breed and full of cuteness! He wiggles when excited and drools over treats! He’s a very good boy and I love him so much! Just wanted to show him off!
Chantilly is my first Siberian Forest Cat. She loves nothing better than to cuddle and purr. She likes to play on her cat tree. She is also likes to snuggle with her Gordon Setter Lacey.
Prince is a longhaired tabby, who has just turned 1 years old! Prince loves long naps but also enjoys playtime🐾 He might be small& floofy but his meow is mighty& he likes to be heard😂 Prince is a big mummy’s boy who is very affectionate, he loves plenty of head rubs and cuddles. He rules the house & has his mummy & nanny wrapped round his little paw 🐾💙
Fooman is the King of this castle....Fooman was not happy to get his puppy brother Zandar but he has learned to deal with him...Fooman has done his best to turn Zander into a cat and has succeeded by getting him to perch on the top of the couch and look out the window.
Beau is my 8 year olds best friend. He is the best at snuggling and cuddling. He’s has a big personality and he’s about the cutest thing i’ve ever owned!
Chance is a rescue. i adopted him from the animal shelter, and my father ended up keeping him from me when i turned 18 and decided i wanted to move out. by the time i could get him back, he was skinny and you could see all his bones. he was covered in fleas and smelled like human pee. he was also very clearly starved. I took him home with me and nurtured him back to the sweet boy i adopted. He is now very happy and healthy. he LOVES car rides, cuddles, he loves his people and most importantly he now loves his life. taking the chance of adopting a shelter dog was the best thing i’ve done in my life and the best thing for his ❤️
He is the best cuddle bug ever...He is quirky and walks through the house most of the times backwards I do not know why but it is unique to say the least.
Jixxer is a great dog loves to play fetch with kids and loves to play in the snow here in this pic I had to laugh because she was setting in the chair like a person would just watching everything going on
Dior Amiri Cooper
Hii, I’m Dior! I love to play with my family, give out kisses, and my favorite snack of ALL TIME is Slim Jim’s.
Clara Bell
She's lovable,cuddles and affection and love to meow for can of wet and she purrs when loved
Very smart, playful & loves cuddles❤️
Shadow is a 6 month old domestic shorthair rescue. He adores cuddles, treats, and toys! For more cuteness check out his insta profile @therealshadowland
Loki loves to run around and play tug of war, he’s energetic and loves his furry friends!
Bailey loves his big brother rowley and loves to play tug of war. I am only 13 weeks old and love to sleep sleep sleep 🙊
Reggie is 14 weeks and he is the most loving, playful and silly pup! He is our little bundle of joy 💘💙
Yoda is a a very intuitive doggy and takes care of everyone. He is also an amazing jumper, and hiker.
Obi-wan loves to be cuddle bug and go on hikes, and loves his vegetables.
Bowie is a funny, clumsy and cuddly boy who is often caught helping himself to his treats!
Buddy is a cockapoo who loves all food and all people
Jet is a 3 year old German Shepherd that loves to play with his housemates and snuggle.
Lagartha is a super sweet little girl who always has her tongue out with a big ol smile, she loves to play with her feline siblings and looks up to her older brother Jericho and has to copy everything he does.
seg is a much loved family pet that enjoys going on walks in the mornings and playing with his squeaky toys he also loved giving kisses to everyone and getting cuddles
Riley is a rare girl who’s meow is very light and welcoming. She purrs very loud when she is cuddled up to her humans and loves feeding time!
She is a cuddle bug and loves playing in the snow. She is very verbal and says she loves you.
Waffles was another blessing to our home Waffles loves to play n cuddles at nite N loves white cheddar popcorn lol n food period lol waffles is spoiled lol
Spirit is lazy when he wants to be but very affectionate and follws u everywhere also he takes his nose and rubbs urs alot
Stay stays to her self but she is a.talker and very demanding
John Lucas
Johnny loves to jump scare his doggo bro Cooper. He loves Meowijuana and opening doors at dawn. He’s grumpy around Cooper at times but the sweetest 21lb Maine Coon we’ve ever had.
Her beautiful face says it all.. sge is very independent, loves to lay in the water bottle box