Dog cat Stories - 16


Muffin is actually a Ragamuffin, a breed related to Ragdolls! I had already decided to name my cat Muffin before choosing a breed. When browsing for well rated breeders, I discovered his breed! I knew it was fate <3 He is an absolute cuddle bug and loves to follow me wherever I go, like Mary's little lamb! His best friend is my leopard gecko! An unlikely but beautiful friendship 💖
Hi I’m Teddy and I really enjoy playing with my big Pittie brother, P Joe and cuddling with my hoomans 💕
I am my mama’s miracle baby. I had a rough start to life, I was severely malnourished but my mom saved me but I saved her even more than she knew. She nurtured me back to health and I spend every moment I can purring in her lap! Favorite toy to steal and play with is moms nail file.
My name is Xena and I love testing my parents patients! I think my cuteness saves my butt EVERYTIME!
Ollie loves his monkey and family! Ollie loves his coffee and pup ice cream! He loves his cookies from Hollywood Feed!
Zeke is a very special boy. Months after he was adopted, he was diagnosed with the dry neurological form of FIP—which, up until recently, has been a death sentence. However, with the guidance of his vet, Zeke began an 84-day regimen of medication, then an 84-day evaluation period. He went through 168 days without a hitch, and to this day Zeke is FIP-free! He’s a delightful little lad with a lot of personality, and he will be 2 years old in April. He enjoys playing with his best friends Otus and Charlie, and likes saying “hewwo?” and “mama!” to his adopted family members. He has been the light of our lives through the rough year that was 2020.
the most “human” cat you’ll meet.
Gordo loves chicken. He is chunky and a sweet tabby. He loves anyone who scratches his belly.
Boggie is famous on TikTok with 52.1K followers and counting! He is the sweetest and cuddliest cat that you could ever find. Follow him on TikTok and Instagram @bogshorts
So small so sweet kinda crazy at times but she sure loves kisses from her mommy
Sweet and loveable
Lucy is a new member of our family,she loves cuddling,sleeping on my shoulders at night,and she follows me everywhere.
Hi, I'm Nyla and like to chug water like nobodies business.
Soma is a very special dog and is so full of love! She was born on January 9, 2021, and is a little bundle of joy. She loves cuddling and playing with Bonny, our cat!
Phenix loves to walk on her 2 back legs. She loves to jump and run. She loves to go outside and chase squirrels and birds and play with her neighbors. She loves her tummy rubs!!
Harry Potter
I am potty trained and respond to basic commands. I can shake your hand with either paw. I love meeting new people, chewing on bones and going for long runs. My favorites hobby is cuddling and eating snacks.
Loves boxes and toys and running around like a crazy person
Shreky boy is one and a half years old ! I struggled to find pictures of him on his own as he is always with his sisters !! He’s so kind and loving and gives kisses and cuddles all the time.
Zero is a very Chillaxed dog, he loves long belly rubs everytime you come home and laying in his little pool on hot Texas days. He especially loves all the attention he can get, and will knock your phone out of your hand to get it
Baby Delilah is two years old ! She’s beautiful and is so loving when she opens up constantly taps for attention!!
He was soo excited about getting his new toy
Baby Luna is not even 1 years old yet !! She loves to sleep and get her treats and tries to be friends with everyone but has the heart of a lion !!
Shadow is the sweetest and loves to go on adventures!!
Hi my name is Max i am 7 months old. I love going on little walks and eating treats, shoes, and everything I’m not supposed to. I also love to play with my older brother Chocki and Snoopy , Even when they doesn't love to play with me. Mom still says I’m a very good boy!. Please give me some votes. Also i have a instagram account @max_the.shepherd.
Elevyn has the most wondeful personality she lives to play and cuddle she is so wonderful with the kids she listens very well and most of all she goes ham for her toys she loves them so much 🤭🥰 shes loving careing and so much fun oh and oh so cute 😍💖💕💗
Kenay is a very active mixed breed , he likes to play outside and sleep a lot when he is on the house, very smart and cute 🥰
7 years old, Justin is the most playful boy. He loves to wrestle with his favourite humans, likes to be held on our hip like a baby and sucks our thumbs when he's sleepy. This little boy is adorable, loves cuddles and kisses and surprisingly, small animals :)
Shiloh is a nine week old Siberian Husky who has never met a stranger. He loves everyone and he is so friendly! He knows how to shake hands, and he learned that all by himself! He is super smart, super sweet, and just all around a really good boy!
Lola is i big time diva she the boss of the house playing fetch is her favorite games to play Lola will pull out all the tricks when it comes to treats sit,sit up,stand,jump,stay all for a nice beef stick i love this lil girl she is a big part of our lives💗💗
Rita Lynn
Rita was considered the Runt out of 10 american bully puppies, though that is what made us love her even more. She is a loyal sweetheart and loves to play woth her big brother Rufus whos a pitbull. Rita also loves to sleep with her stuffed lion named "Lucy The Lion". But her favorite is going to the the lake to play fetch with her big brother and 2 daddies, and also she loves to chase birds!
This is Pink. She is 20 years old and has been blind since she was born. She likes to play with her toys and doesn't hesitate to scream at us at 3 o'clock in the morning for no apparent reason.
Bit weird, likes to steal crusts. Leaves many fuff balls around the house. Likes cat crack.
Georgie was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. He came out of a neglectful situation, had anxiety and was prone to chronic hiding when we first adopted him. Now his personality has really developed he’s a confident ball of sass who loves playing fetch, going on travel adventures with meowmy, butt scritches and splashing around in his water bowl. He wants to play ALL the time and is quite purrsuasive. He spends his days attacking the broom, fetching his ball and chirping angrily at things that upset him.
Murphy is a 5 month old big boy! He LOVES the outdoors and loves meeting new people! He was rescued from a lady who tied him to a pole outside her small apartment. We believe that he was brought to us by my brother who had passed away. He is truly a blessing ❤️
Tofu is an all white, odd-eyed, polydactyl, deaf kitty! He doesn't let his deafness affect the amount of personality he has. He is a lovable, funny, sometimes destructive little boy! He loves his toys, snuggling with mommy, and picking on his big sister.
Lily loves to explore new places. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the window and look out for pretty much anything that catches her attention. Loves to cuddle with mom and dad, especially dad. Loves kisses on her head and she pretty much rules the house.
NoNo is the sweetest, most loveable dog. We received him as a rescue at approximately six months old. The original owners did not want him or his siblings and we’re chopping their heads off with an ax (yes.....with an ax). He was never trained and did not understand what the word no meant. My husband drove me nuts to come up with a name for him. I told him since all I do is tell him “no” that I was going to call him NoNo.
Chaos is a big lover boy who likes to be lazy with his owners
Cody is a four year old Bernese Mountain Dog, originally from Serbia but now living in Boston! Although he is under-sized by about 30 pounds, he makes up for it in love, snuggles, and his famous roo-ing! He is an A+ communicator and is very receptive to human emotions.
(Sorry If the pictures look weird I took them on my phone because I don’t have any pictures of her on my iPad) ms sambvca (pronounced Sam boo kuh) is a very playful dog that loves to eat she is very energetic and always wants to have fun
ben likes to play with lots of stones when ever someone comes he will instantly give them a stne ben has a half brown half blue eye with rhe other eye fully blue
If she sees you walking to the couch she runs to sit in your lap 😸
Sweetheart and loves to cuddle 😺