Dog cat Stories - 16


Dora is the most sassy pug you will ever find! But she is filled with so much love and cuteness. Please vote ♥️
Dutchess Delilah
Dutchess Delilah is a 1 year old Morkie (Maltese yorkie/yorkshire terrier mix). She is so loving and sweet. She is great with kids and has never bitten anybody not even when she was a puppy. She is very patient. She loves scratches and if you get her spot she will give some kicks like Thumper. She loves playing. Her favorite color is purple 💜 she is very attracted to it. She loves wearing dresses she always picks out her own clothes.
Sadie is a 2 1/2 month old puppy who loves sleeping and trying to eat anything she can. She is a sweetheart and is super good around any other animals. She specifically likes chasing my cat around our house.
Molly is only a puppy and her fur is a rare chocolate Merle with tones of silver, apricot red, brown and black in it. She loves chewing socks even when we’re wearing them and squeeking her cupcake toy 🧸
Hi, my name is Party. I'm recently rescued. Now I'm very happy and ready to party!!!
Loui Is a Calm Love & Caring Pitbull He loves cuddles sleeping Playing fetch And going on long walks even Enjoys The Fresh Breeze when Going on Car Rides 😁
Cleo was adopted from India. She is almost 9 years old. Her life has been a hard one with many health battles. She recently fought a terrible disease called IMHA. We thought she wasnt going to make it, but we never gave up. As of today she is healthy and doing well.
Baby rooster is a 11 week old red healer puppy who is just the cutest.. He likes to play hard and nap harder
Hondo is a stud! He loves to be hugged he kisses you,sits by you with his paw on your leg,watches Tv. Gives you a love pinch if your not paying attention to him! He is over all the first male doberman Ive ever had and Im so happy we got him! By far different than the females
Barney is our lovable Shih Tzu puppy. He's 16 weeks old and charms everyone he meets. He loves playing with cardboard boxes, eating moss and playinh football with the family
Hoosier Franklin
Hi I'm Hoosier, sometimes I go by Hoosiey or buddy. My dad is from Indiana which is where my name came from, and my middle name is his hometown. I'm not your average cat, I'm a bengal cat mixed with asian snow leopard. One of my special features is a perfect heart shaped spot on my side. I'm 86% bad and 14% good... I love to meow and hear my own voice, climb my cat condo or the top of the cabinets, snuggling with my mom or my cat sister Hope, and making biscuits (kneading). My best features are my beautiful patterned coat and my eyes.
Tigerlily is three years old. We rescued her as a gangly lil pup. She came home so sick she almost died!...but she's a fighter. She got by with a little help from her friends. She is very loving and likes to cuddle. She likes going to the dog park where she runs and runs and runs. Even the cop said she was a sweetie that one time she went to jail. 🤣
Hope Amber
Hi my name is Hope, my parents call me Hopey. My name came from my dad's line of cat names growing up (Joy, Faith and Grace). I'm a rescue from SPCA and I was adopted on January 9, 2020. I love licking my moms face in the morning, cuddling, long naps, wet cat food, and playing with my rubber Spongebob yoyo ball (his name is Spongey). My best features are my soft, medium/long hair and my Amber gold eyes (hence my middle name).
meet luna she is sweet and silly and she loves people and u pet her she will fall asleep :) and she loves to cuddle
Maggie Mae
Maggie loves to be outside. Her favorite hobby is throwing walnuts and chasing them. She loves cuddles loves to be around her human people and loves treats. She is a year old and very spunky.
Dakota is a pure bred Siberian husky AKC registered very well mannered and trained and playful.. also very very talkative 😂 your vote is appreciated and Dakota says thank you❤️🐾 she also has an Instagram ✨@dakota_huskyg✨
Full bred American Bulldog she loves to cuddle, eat and protect family.
Sasha is the sweetest little pittie you will ever meet! She enjoys playing with her toys, eating, and lots of naps! She loves spending time with her little human cousins. Beware if you enter her house... you will be greeted with lots of puppy kisses! 💗
A big love bug who is obsessed with cuddles and his wubba toy
Ollie loves to play frisbee!! He is very athletic, and has a lot of good energy! At night, he loves to snuggle on the couch, and loves to snack on apple slices!
Luana is the happiest dog I know! Smiles at everyone and stoked on life!
Mason is a very shy and anxious boy and loves his cuddles with his momma. Mason is a big mommas boy and does stay far from her side
Max is an old man now and loves his own comforts, although he’s always ready to have his fun with his brother and sister
Mickey is a cheeky 4 year old boy. He loves treats and enjoys playing out.
Hi I'm blue, I'm 6 years old, my mom say I'm the cutest cat in the world. I like sleep (a lot), i love human food (I could eat anything) and I love cuddles, I love cuddle my human every night before go to my bed 💖 I love play with my sister gingi I always warm her up to come and get me we love play fights.
Hello! I'm gingi. I'm 5 years old, I love play with ball bells and fight with my brother blue. I have a pretty little pet named "lily the rabbit" but is a little catnip mouse, i can spend hours licking it like my baby, during the day i play with it and during the night I'm bringing it to my bed 😊 i love the sun light, when I can i always lie down to have a nap ☀️
Peanut is a 4 week old bottle baby!! She is learning new things every day she is learning how to play eat and drink on her own. Peanut is an amazing puppy she has theived so much and her will to live is huge. Peanut has crawled her way into our hearts as i hope she does to yours thanks for reading about this precious little girl!!!
Arlo is a lab and has totally stolen our hearts he loves to play, he has a mean bark and loves to use it! His favorite thing in the whole world is his ball and any attention. outside time makes his heart flutter and hes so excited to get out the door! - arlo has a sister molly that is three years older then him and he idolises her
Charlie is 3 months he loved to snuggle and surprise attack
Benji is our therapeutic dog. We got him from an Amish community some 8h away. He’s the most lovable dog that could ever exist, veryyyy smart and very kind! We’re truly blessed to have him!! :-)
Mika is our gentle giant,so big but so gentle, he is a love bug.our buddy,the only boy and he loves it
Duke loves to dress and when he wacthes. Walker texas ranger he wants. It to be know he is a texas ranger. Too!
Ted with his angry eyes! He was getting ready to pounce on his brother Ralph to play with him. Ted loves cuddles, peanut butter and singing.
Bitty Boo
Boo is 10 years old he has been my son since he was born he's the best little boy in the world my best buddy always helps me to feel better loves to give kisses so happy and smart omg i love this boy too the moon and back
This is Harley! He loves to take naps, he loves to play with his toys, and he loves his family very much!
This is my dog Maybell! She’s very caring and she loves her cuddles! She’s my little Warrior. She might be small but she’s has an attitude you wouldn’t believe!
Bethany is the sweetest little girl in the world i adopted her 2years ago i could not leave the shelter without her she was so scared and trying to hide in her litter box she is getting alot beaver she still doesn't want to be picked up but sleep on my lap ever night i love this little angle more then life she is so sweet and loving
My names Apollo, and I’m a 10 month old puppy who loves to play and chew on my toys. My favorite person is my mommy who loves me more than anything. I am spoiled rotten and my favorite treat is anything bacon flavored.
hello everyone! It would be so appreciated if you could vote for Delgado:) He’s a very loving puppy, He LOVES to run, He loves being outside especially when it’s cold, He loves to eat, and he loves cuddling very much!
Hi my name is Rocky! I love taking walks, playing with my squeaky toys and cuddling with my humans:)
Duke is a silly Shibe who loves to have endless hours of play with his friends! Follow him and his brothers adventures @shiba_bros 🐾💙
Einstein Campbell
Einstein (who we original thought was a baby boy) is 5 weeks old & she loves belly rubs & neck cuddling
Loves crinkly toys, ham and cuddles. Not necessarily in that order. Lovely temperament until put in a harness!
Hi my name is Rocky! I love taking walks, playing with my squeaky toys and cuddling with my humans:)
She's playful funny sweet and affectionate she likes to run and play with her toys and she stands on her two paws and loves to give kisses
She is so loving, and loves cuddling and shakes hands everyone!! she also loves running and playing with cats!!
Polo is a happy and friendly puppy with big hazel eyes. He often gets mistaken for a girl as hes a pretty dog. He loves exploring and making new friends.