Dog cat Stories - 15


I rescued Marley when he was 11 mo old, I was his 3rd & final home. Fast forward 11+yrs & in that time, he rescued me & became my volunteer, Angel, service dog. He’s had almost as many health issues as I have but Marley continues to have a sweet, loving, giving spirit. He’s helped save my life everyday in one form or another. Marley is smart, loving, kind & the best fur son ever. He loves to “love & help” anyone/everyone he meets. Marley is the love of my life & the son of my heart forever‼️🥰🦮🐾🐾❤️
Chief is a Australian shepherd, blue heeler mix! He’s 2 years young and the sweetest boy ever!
Skateboard And Potato
Skateboard (Grey) loves doing parkour off of walls and he always has a burst of enjoy. Potato or Tater (black) is really laid back and loves playing fetch!
Savara is a very silly & funny girl who Loves people & wants to know why the dog in the mirror won't come play!! 🙃
Olive is 100% Minpin 😆 She's bossy but super sweet at the same time 🙃 And clearly Very protective of her chewy!! 😂
Rooney was found wandering the streets alone at only 3 months. She was malnourished & very sick. Thankfully she was found and brought to the local animal shelter. Rooney was only meant to be a foster pet (my very first) but after only 3 days I knew I could never give her up. She now spends her days in a warm house either chasing after her favorite feather toy or curled up in one of her fuzzy blankets.
He likes to sleep with his blanket. He loves to play catch.
Zoey is one of those dogs loves to play if your chasing her for the toy. Loves playing with water chasing after the sprinkler. She loves to cuddle and keep you warm. Her best friends are humans rather make friends with people then dogs. She loves kisses and giving them. Her eyes look evil but that face says it all cuties thing. 💕
Thumper enjoys going to the Doggie Park to visit his friends then comes home and eats Butter Pecan Ice Cream
He loves to play, quick learner, and wins everyone’s heart. He is the true definition of cuteness overload
Louie is the best. He is well trained, listens, LOVES TO PLAY, loves to snuggle, loves to walk, and loves to eat. Louie is like a giant teddy bear. He will always protect you. Louie is the cutest golden doodle ever
chloe is a cavapoo. she is so loving, playful, and happy! oh and obviously cute!
Lucky is playful, sweet, lovable, crazy, fun, but most importantly the cutest little girl. Lucky is always so happy to see you and she plays with other dogs nicely.
Sophie is a 5 year old, husky/ boxer mix. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, wonderful with children and great with other animals as well. And she absolutely loves to be the center of attention!
Sparky loves to bite on my golden retreivers tail and be dragged!!
Doc And Ernie
Doc is the calm but needy brother. He is the one to the right with the camo collar. Ernie is the energetic and goofy brother on the left with the blue collar. He loves attention to but soon he gets bored of all the attention and just try’s to make you smile. All together they are the perfect combination of fun, and loving brothers.
Apollo is 8 months old, he is trained in detection work, and working on bitework now, he loves everything you give him!
Luna is a rescue who was Terribly abused when we adopted her but that is all in her past!! You would Never know now! She is The sweetest gentle soul who is so loving!! ❤
Waylon is a hyper active dog! He loves to run and play! He also loves to give hugs and loves his belly rubbed! He is so sweet and friendly
Ginger is a spunky, sweet and goofy girl! She is very protective of her humans and she loves to play, cuddle, and do tricks for treats!
Kehena was almost 13 before she passed a little over a month ago. She is still the light of my life 😍
Loki has just turned 3 weeks old he is a orphan kitten
Hey there! My name is Marvel I’m 5 months old My mom is a husky an my dad Pomeranian which makes ME A POMSKY.🐶so cool guys I love to eat play in the snow an I only listen when I want snacks. Pomskies are known to be stubborn so I barely listen. Im always happy an full of energy
Leo as we call call him, he’s really quite but when he wants food he will stand on his behind legs and stretch all the way up. That’s how he gets out attention. But then he sits there and waits patiently for him to be fed. He likes to sleep in the closet, inside boxes, on the chair. When the sun is out he loves to lay directly where the sun is shinning. Leo is well behaved also. Please vote for him!
Boomer is a car ride-enjoyin’, hanging-out-the-windowin’, rabbit-chasin’, frisbee-catchin’, back-sleepin’, stick-chewin’, face-kissin’, picture-posin’, towel-pullin’, mud-rollin’, routine-keepin, popcorn-eatin’, nap-takin’, toy-humpin’, heat-hatin’, mom & dad-lovin’ boy. He is SO smart and so sweet and SO spoiled (in a good way). He can say "I wuv you", "yum yum", and "momma" and will fetch my coat , shoes and leash when he's ready to go outside. He's simply awesome.
The names Franky......Franky Freckles. I’m a 9 week old Italian Boston Terrier and my family calls me Frank. They always say I’m such a little meatball.
Puss Puss
Puss Puss is a crazy little Siamese that loves to play and hang out with her best friends the German shepherds. She has a big appetite for being smaller a cat! Her name is inspired by puss and boots, since they have the same personality it seem.(feisty but cute)
My name is Winnie. I am always on the run. I love to pull the toilet paper from the roll and take it all the way downstairs and I love to rip the squeakers out of all my toys and eat them.
Jack is high energy, loves to chase balls all day!
Maeve was born on Thanksgiving 2019. She joined her forever home the day after they lost their 13 year old yellow lab. She is a bit crazy, loves to hop around, is suspicious of all noises, never misses a meal and is fiercely loyal.
Beary is a Siberian cat. He is almost 3 years old. Loves balls, treats, Piedmont park and going out. @Beary_j_
Oreo was a rescue kitten we got when he was 2 weeks ago. He is very playful, always fighting, loves to eat. Always greets when we come home but loves to cuddle
Reggie is my best friend. His personality is hilarious, and I like to call him my little shadow because he doesn’t leave my side. He loves fruits especially bananas, and he loves his peanut butter.
Bernie is not just a good boy. He’s a great boy 🤩 he’s a well behaved Saint Bernard mix that loves cuddles and treats. He just turned 1 years old and just weighed in at 95 pounds at his latest vet checkup. He’s a big mamas boy and he knows mama will let him get away with anything. So he uses it to his full advantage to get lots or toys and treats. 😭 Bernie is a naturally photogenic doggy and enjoys posing when people want to take a picture (or when mom takes 139398 pics a day). He enjoys long walks and the beach. He enjoys fun days at the dog park. And most of all he enjoys spending time with mom and dad. Bernie wants you to vote for him so mama can get him lots of clothes and toys and necessities he needs to stay happy and healthy! :)
Mr. La
I’m the new kid on the block in my house. I am currently teething, so I enjoy chewing on anything I can get my little paws on. I was born in LA, but I now reside in Boston. I’m super cute, cuddly, and full of energy!
My name is cali.... I’m a little “High maintenance” but I’m soo cute! I like getting dressed up, going for walks and cuddling with my mom.
I’m a sweet boy who loves to give hugs and kisses.... I love cuddles and snacks♥️
Bigsby likes to play and cuddle!
Nylah is part Maine Coon and loves to play with her older sister Bella. She enjoys sunbathing, snuggling in blankets and seeing how far she can jump.
She was the runt and stayed super small and feisty untill she was spayed, we got her a kitty friend who she is not thrilled with what so ever, my kids think shes a brat but I love her.
I’m Oreo, I’m 2 months old and I love giving my mana love scratches 💙
Very cute pls vote
Salem is only a year old! She is siamese and himalayan. She’s very tiny for a usual cat size. She absolutely LOVES hair ties and she carries her little carrot toy around the house all the time. She loves snuggles as well!
Bear is a 2 year old American bull dog crossed with a staffy he has such a loving and caring nature