Dog cat Stories - 15


Django is super energetic, fun, and loving. Sweetest dog ever 🥰
TomTom, known as Thomas O’Malley. Enjoys running around while everyone is asleep. Causing a Lots of problems for our sleep schedule. He likes laying in the sun as well on my face for some reason.
Jiji is a stray who was hanging around our street for a few weeks, we opened our heart to him after he came into our house one night and never left.
Cookie And Boo
Cookie and Boo are fraternal twin sisters who like to cuddle and walk with their tails intertwined. Both had a litter of kittens at the same time and each took turns watching the kittens while the other one slept or ate. ❤️
Atlas is a 4 month old Aussiedoodle who loves to play fetch and run with a bicycle. He loves water and is looking forward to kayaking.
Eat, sleep, eat, sleep
This blue eyed beauty loves to play with her best friend..who is a 4 year old boy named Wylder.
Hi, I’m Harlow. I was found on the streets of Philadelphia and taken to a shelter before my mommy came to rescue me. I love to cuddle on my mommy’s chest and make biscuits, I love to eat and will steal pizza right out of the box if you let me. I take a while to warm up to people but once I do I am your best friend. I’d like to run down in the washroom and help my mommy with the laundry, even if she doesn’t appreciate it. Please vote for me!
Maggie loves swimming in the pool and expels all her energy racing around the pool yard. She’s a 19lb energetic sweet little girl.
He loves belly rubs and is just 9 months old!We just started and is hoping to get some votes
🎵Stirling, he’s-a-twirling. Occasionally, he’s yowling, But he’s usually always cuddling.🎵
Juni is the king of this home. He’s the perfect little companion. A Cancer sun and Aries moon he is sensitive and needy. At the end of the day all he wants is to cuddle with mommy 🥰
🎵Jinkie, Jinkie-boo, where are you? We’ve got some food to eat now. You’re not fooling me, ‘cause I can see the way you shake that tree down. Jinkie, Jinkie-Boo, I love you, I know you hear me cat-talkin’. Jinkie, Jinkie-Boo, right on que, I see you do your cat-walkin’.🎵
Meep, the sound you make- Confused about SO many things- Keep litter in tray!
Theo is a sweet boy who loves cuddles and dancing around the kitchen for treats. He’s smart, playful, and a big lover. 😋
Dr Watson
Dr.Watson is like a philosopher, lovable and loves agility training.
Boots is a little boy who loves you but would rather keep a distance. This is whats going on with Boots when your playing Rummikub and listening to Watermelon Sugar. Please leave comments and vote! Also if you visit my profile you can leave comments and vote for my dog too!
Nugget sings passionately. His favorite song is Zombie by Bad Wolves. He recognizes it at the first note and starts singing when the band does.
Sir Quincy
He is the most lovable, energetic and smart littl Brussels Griffon. He makes us laugh every day 🤣
While Thor may be a fierce protector, he is also loving and goofy and rarely seen without a stuffy in his mouth.
Taco is my baby, she followed me home around 15 years ago, however don't let the little old lady fool you, she is fiercely playful and loves her catnip!
Stella Rose
Hi! My name is Stella Rose! I love stealing my mommas crocs and playing with my duckie! My duckie goes with me everywhere! I love to run around the house as loud as I can! I’m also a sleepy puppy, I love my naps!
Out of all the dogs in the world I might be the sweetest 💕
Daisy is a Devon Rex she is 10 months old and loves to climb on everything and sleep next to your face
Bella Aka Kitty
Bella is a cat with attitude. She controls everything & she knows it. She's a lovey cat but only when she wants to be. Not necessarily when someone else wants to cuddle. She is pregnant due May 6th. So if anyone would like a kitten in a few weeks let me know.
Einstein is a very loving dog! he knows a lot of cool tricks, and he’d love your vote:)
kido is every loving! he follows me everywhere, and he’d love your vote.
Rascal is a rescue dog. Every since we took him in he did not cry, it was as if he always belonged to us. He listens, he loves to cuddle and be played with. His favorite thing to do is bark and chase anything that’s in front of him. He loves to cuddle and begs for hugs. We love and adore him to pieces.
Lucifer is a needy black baby Bengal who is a looong boy who loves snuggles with his mums, watching telly with his mums, and murdering pens... near his mums. He also sleeps on his back and has a milk beard 90% of the time
Lola is a Goldendoodle is is a cuddler and she lives to voice her opionion, she is a mom's girl !!
Lilith is a feisty little Black Bengal kitten who loves talking, hanging out on kitchen counters, running out of the front door and attacking plants.
Dexter is a rescue kitty and he just loves to play. He also Loves to be lazy and watch outside while being stretched out on my great grandpas hand made chest.
Tangerine is a big girl that's for sure but that doesn't change the big heart she has
She my not be a cat or a dog but she sure does get excited when we enter a room and boy does she love her greens and going on walks
This is Monster he is 5months old Monster is a registered service dog. He also likes McDonald’s & Wendy’s double cheese burgers with his own drink. He loves to go fishing and getting ready to start going noodling (hand fishing) Loves to play with his toys and loves to cuddle with his stuffed animals!
Winston has found his forever home about a month ago. He does tricks and he talks and is my new bestfriend
A loving and sweet boy despite the name he chose!
Rosie is a one of a kind dog, not just because of how she looks but also because of how unique she is.
Stella Berry
Stella is a very smart and obedient, she also love the kids and protect our home.
50% husky, 50% chocolate lab, 100% adorable. With one blue eye and one brown, she’s the cutest pup you’ll ever see! :)
Lucy was abused by her previous owners so when we got her she of course didnt trust us but once we gained her trust she came to love people and become one of the nicest cats we know she has brought so much joy to our home and our hearts
Tali is a 10lb toy goldendoodle she is the sweetest girl, wants all the love and attention. Tali loves playing fetch and chasing after the hugs dogs ❤️
chloe is very sweet but can also be very mean. she has separation anxiety and just anxiety in general. she loves to stare while i’m eating. she loves treats and she has the biggest attitude and hates baths.✨
Sky is a 1 year old silver Labrador Retriever, she is a Scorpio♏; born on November 1st just like the famous rapper Lil Peep💕 She knows how to sit, shake, speak and balance treats on her nose and then catch them into her mouth. She loves the water, she has went on a 2 hour float trip and swam basically the entire time! She is full of puppy energy still, even though she has already had two liters now!
Ashes was abandoned all he has ever wanted in this world is to be loved he is very chill if your looking for a cat to sit around with you and snuggle up to you then ashes is your guy i also have no idea what breed he is bc he's a rescue so if you have any ideas the let me know in the coments
Benji is a one year old black lab, border collie mix. He loves to run and play with all his toys. The biggest cuddle bug.