Dog cat Stories - 14


She likes to cuddle she is amazing at cheering up people she is a beautiful orange cat.
Chloe is a 5 year old springer spaniel mix. She is is very sweet and loving.
This a picture of our baby susu when she was a kitten. The best photo caught while yawning.
He loves to play ball and we are working on lots of training, he is super smart. Pepper Mint is 9 weeks old.
Thackery Binx
Thackery is a happy little man with a big heart who loves adventure and his mama.
Bella may be cute but she is feisty and a little bit mean! But we love her! Her favorite thing is to bark at everything that passes our house and eating!
Sansa is our big baby! She may be the youngest but she is the biggest and sweetest! She loves going to the dog park to play with her friends and she loves when her dad plays golf outside so she can chase the balls down for him....though she likes to not give them back half the time!
Stewie is our 13 year old yorkie! He’s old and blind but that doesn’t stop him from being the king of the house. His favorite things to do is nap and eat!
Woody is a hand-read puppy who loves other dogs and any kind of attention he can get🤣🥰
He loves to ride in the car with his head out
The King of Fluff. But this king is scared of his own shadow, so to get a quick glimpse like this is monumental.
Ambrose has been a blessing in the sky. Gives kisses no matter who he seems. He hops like a deer when he played fetch. Loves his glow us toys. He also loves when he gets eggs on the weekends.
Manny likes to play foosball. He thinks the goal is to put the balls back on the field.
beautiful and sweet loves to bark
my name is cujo im 2 in a half yrs old and i live to go out and play ball.
Lucy is a fireball! She has a lot of energy! She loves attention and loves to play. As you can see, she loves to pose for the camera. Her face makes everyone smile.
Oreo is the sweetest ! He’s so smart he knows the difference between right and wrong the most it’ll take to teach him something is a week and he’s like a hunter so alert 💕
Spots just a little chunky with a small head
Hi I’m Gage! I’m almost 10. I’m goofy and always having fun! I’m also on YouTube!
Rescue dog, retired service dog, all around goodest boi
Went through 5 homes in his first year of life before finding his forever home. Likes to zoom and wrestle with his brother
Ch. Woburn'S Bold Moves
Finished Champion showdog and now service dog, showing the world that smaller dogs can do it all
Bea is new to our home and is a very hyper full of energy kitten. Loves to pounce about and play with anything with feathers on.
Cocoa was just adopted into her forever home from the Bishop Animal Shelter. She’s a purrfect angel, loving, chatty and totally chill. And she loves posting on social media. She wants her winnings to support other pets in need of good homes.
Archie is a 5 year old sausage dog who absolutely loves sleeping, playing and sunbathing on our garden sofa.
She huge but she a big ol baby who loved to play but Is too spoiled to grab her toys from spaces she thinks is too small
This guy Is literally only male in house and he’s huge compare to the ladies ... he’s so human it’s not funny lol
She is the youngest of the three and definitely the feistiest she loves to bother the other two Since she has so much more energy than them she enjoys chasing after everything that moves plastic bags and chicken treats
She is a very lovely cat who definitely is set in ways and sometimes needs her space ... she was found in storm drain and it’s been her and I ever since
Glitter is spunky and adorable. Loves to play ball.
She is a very intelligent sweet but feisty and playful dog. She loves her mom but daddy's her favorite. You can find her riding in the car or chewing on a bone at home. She love a good nap. Hands down she has the funniest personality ever.
Eclipse the Chipoo (half chihuahua/half poodle); A hyper jumping nugget and LOVES being sociable. She will be turning 2 in April. Here some pics of her as a baby and growing 😊. Love my little goofball ❤
His mama was a stray who died after giving birth to her litter. Eventually someone had discovered the mama and her babies but this kitty was the only one alive. He was too young to open his eyes and had already lost his entire family. He’s four months now and can dribble a ball around like a pro athlete. He likes to sleep right on your chest and has never met a stuffed animal he wouldn’t snuggle.
Pakhet is Snuphis' sister. She is sable brown. She is a scratcher and tearer of anything she can get her mighty paws on. That is why I named her after an ancient Egyptian Goddess of the same name. They share many of the same traits. She loves to play. And occasionally she will chase after toy mice, or a ball and sometimes bring it back. She is very loving and a mighty loud purr often comes from her tiny throat. She know how to get anything she wants by the tone of her meows. She is very brave and less timid than her brother. She is very curious, and she loves leaping into boxes, then biting them to pieces. She loves to flop on her side and have her belly rubbed.
Lilly is such a sweet girl! She loves to sit on the couch amd watch TV, play with toys, enjoys belly rubs and long walks on the trail. She's done amazing things for our family since we've rescued her❤️
Arensnuphis, or Snuphis as I like to call him, is a platinum burmese. He is playful and very smart. He is a jumper. He likes jumping onto my back especially when my back is turned to him. He likes his daily piggy-back ride. But that is not all he does once he is on my back, he also likes to bite my hair and pull on it. To say the least it hurts! And I don't particularly like this behavior. He tends to get intensely aggressive, so I tilt my left shoulder to the bed and he jumps off. Don't get me wrong he does have a sweet loving aspect to his personality that splits off into many branches daily. He enjoys fetching. He will bring back a tiny ball if I throw it for him and bring it back. ALMOST. He will act like he is walking back towards me, then veer off and try to hide it under a table or, simply drop it in his water dish.... why? I do not know. But I have to laugh because he will bring almost anything to my closed bedroom door during the night. I have to do a nightly patrol to make sure that everything portable is put away. Invisible to his hunter's eyes. One morning I woke up, got out of bed opened the bedroom door and found an angel food cake on the floor. Or it could be a tomato...ooooh baaaaddd! Or a frozen ice pack found in a mysteriously knocked over, the lid flying off little cooler. Or a bagged loaf of bread, or a frozen piece of bass!!!
Milo found us. For hobbies he loves to steal fuzzy socks and carry them around in his mouth. He loves the smell of morning coffee, and loves the love
Hi, I’m Izzy! But my friends call me Iz. I’m a hunter by day, cuddler at night, and I like to watch TV. I’m a “cool cat” and have a brother named Rafeekie. I’m social, a picky eater of wet food, and love to race my mom up the stairs. Vote for Iz!
Cella is a big love bug! She loves to play in the snow as well on sandy beaches. Her big brown doughy eyes will melt your heart and you just have to give her the loves!
Very greedy little boy..but the most loving cat ive ever come across he makes sure your missed if your not there for one night!..likes to steal my food when my heads turned (bacon from the pan) have to keep an eye on him..The one cat you can't be without!!
Topanga is actually a German Shepherd/Husky mix. She is a dramatic 1 year old and is very spoiled. She also has piercing blue eyes. She would love if people voted for her!
My names mitsy i was an unexpected member of the family . My mum saw me and couldn't resist as i look half ginger and half black and white like my 2 brothers ..But i rule the household now. Im the queen i get mardy when I'm woken up and grumpy when my meals get interrupted by my greedy brothers. But i love them!! and when im in need of a cuddle i will bed hop until im satisfied and comfy if they like it or not. I will also bombard my brothers while there sleeping and climb in for a cuddle at my espense. I also pounce on my owners head at 3 in the morning to make her aware im there. 💕💕
A lovable goofball who loves to jump in the tub and play. When he’s not after water fun you’ll find him snuggling up the littles like a teddy bear. Looks like a tiger but is all kitten 🐱 ❤️😻
Rylee is the sweetest girl. Her big brown eyes has gotten her out of trouble many times, and it’s the first thing I fell in love with. She loves eating and playing with the snow in winter. She hates rain with a passion- but not as much as she hates getting a bath. She has a dorky smile, and her lip gets caught on her top tooth sometimes. She likes to start barking to get you out of bed so she can steal your spot in front of the fan. She has a wonderfully weird personality.
George has been from home to home. When he was a kitten i was left homeless..hes been staying with family and friends..and soon as he got his permanent home and extra feline company to play with, he opened up to be this most beautiful loving affectionate cat with such a curious personality, loves to play chasing my other cats and wont say no to snuggles from them and me