Dog cat Stories - 13


Dozer is a Thanksgiving miracle. We call him Nan because he has always been a loaf and our little baby. ❤️ He loves to snuggle, suntan and play outside with his basketball!🏀 Most of the time inside he plays with his favorite squeaker toy pizza and his tennis balls! 🎾 Dozer loves going for walks, butt scratches, swimming in the lake, rides with his mama and begging for table scraps! 🍖
Hi! I’m Michu!🐱As you can’t see I love sleeping all day! It’s my hobby😊 But I really love helping my humans with their work😂 Its fun! I have a Labrador brother named Trapper! Thanks for being here! All love🤍
Freddie is a 6 year old short-haired Tabby cat. Me and my partner Russ adopted Freddie when we unexpectedly lost Russ's mum to cancer last year. He has become the biggest part of our lives! Such a character with zero awareness of personal space. He LOVES cheese, cuddles and waking us up at 4am (as they do). He's spoiled rotten, gets away with everything and has made our lives much better since being with us.
Cupid is a 5 LBS teacup schanuzer. He has a profound overbite causing him to also look like a little beaver sometimes. He loves to eat hair. He has a hair fetish🤣🤣 Do not leave your head near him for to long or you’ll need a wig after meeting him🤣❤️
Levi is full of energy pays attention to everything, and is very clingy. He loves to be loved and he is very loyal, and protective. Levi craves all of your attention, and has a hilarious personality.
Fancy is 6 months old and she is a bundle of joy.
Thank You To Anyone That Votes For Our Beautiful Blue. She Definitely Appreciates It!! 🤩 She’s The Most Loving Dog And Will Be Anyone’s BestFriend ☺️, However She Does Have Her Cheeky Side, Always Sneaking Around And Finding Something To Chew And Play With!
Moxie is a rescue and has become more than just a pet in our home. This girl is my child. She vivacious, loving, spoiled, and most all my little diva. My completed when we brought her home.
Ringo recently turned 2 on NYE! He had a rough beginning where he had major surgery at 10-months old due to an obstruction, but came back fearlessly! He is an escape artist and had me running after him on a major highway last April! Super smart, sweet... great foster dad to 4-kittens! He also has many fur siblings of his own.
Mack is 6 months old love to steal moms shoes and run.. loves treats and squeaky toys
Lexi is the smartest, most loveable pup you can imagine! She loves kisses, snuggles, and treats. And hates being away from her mama!
They go by many names but mostly “Tittens” We got these 2 special kittens in the spring during the pandemic when shelters were overwhelmed💕 We had no idea of the journey we were about to embark on. These 2 (Orange cat junior...yes we have a 11 year old rescue cat guessed it Orange cat and Whiskers) are special in many ways. We went from knowing nothing about these tiniest kittens you would ever see to slowly (we are still learning) learning the uphill battle these babies are to fight to survive. For now we have learned they have glaucoma that for now is managed with drops daily twice a day and they are still pain free and have their vision but eventually that will fade. We also are suspecting neurological issues as well but this is a very new development. We love these 2 strong tiny fighters who love to be cuddled and carried like babies. Snuggled up together under your neck and getting kisses are these “tittens” favorite way to pass the day away and we are more then happy to oblige😉
Lila Blaze
She loves to run and play❤️
Layla was found at just 2 weeks old tangled up in vines in someone’s yard and couldn’t get out. Thankfully, someone heard her little cries and brought her to the shelter I work at where I ended up fostering her and bottle feeding her. She quickly stole my heart and she’s officially mine! My Layla girl loves to eat, sleep, and of course PLAY! She is the sweetest little peanut and my whole entire world!
Gravy is our wild child who loves to test his limits and rolls over for belly rubs anytime he does something wrong. He loves to snuggle and play with his sister, Biscuit, until he tires himself out. At that point, he falls over and naps in that spot when the moment strikes.
Fatty Fat Fat Pooch
she is my best friend. she is my partner. she goes with me everywhere. I believe she has more friends than I do. She is not here to obey. she is not here to be trained. she is here for love and friendship. fatty has helped me through a lot in life and I know she's helped others. she's amazing and I'm thankful for her everyday.
Shiloh is feisty and fun. He is 2 years old and was given to me as a kitten when my beloved cat of 15 years passed away. He fills my heart with joy❤️
Very vocal when she wants a walk
Jax is a very affectionate boy, he sadly was attacked as a baby from another doggy but that didn’t change his loving energetic personality. Thinks he’s a lap dog and love people and his tire toy!
Oliver is such a sweet and very lovable boy. I acquired him when he was a baby trapped between a screen door and the main door he couldn't get out.
Playful little kitten but also a scaredy-cat at times. He loves belly rubs and playing with his sparkly red ball! Likes to annoy his older brother and play.
Perfectly imperfect , his floppy ear is his statement peice. Loves to go outside in his cat tent and loves treats. His favorite person is his dad. He is 2 years old and Jewish.
Budreaux is so silly and loves to play and lay on the couch he is very shy with people that he does not live with but to us he is family and we love him very much
Ziva was a barn kitten. We brought her home and she is the most.loveable cat I have ever known.
I’m Aspen! I’m a ball of energy and love to chew on everything! I’m learning basic commands like sit and stay! I love to give hugs and kisses to my family too! My favorite toy is a rope. I also love to eat and take naps.
Bear is a Pomsky. He got his name because he looks like a brown bear cub. He has ice blue eyes.
Extremely affectionate, and greedy. He is bullying his brother to steal his supper. 😂 Onyx is an excellent leash walker in winter and summer.
We purchased Rosie in December. Shes a very acrive fun loving Red Heeler. She love to carry sticks in the yard, she terrorized the goat at the barn and pounces and wrestles with our other dog who was a rescue.
8 weeks beautiful boy Teddy. His character is really coming out now. He loves to keep me awake & chew slippers! 😂🐺😍
Rigel-Azur is an energy bomb! Hyperactive, energized but so affectionate! Fortunately, to spend this energy, he learned to walk on a leash! Winter and summer, Rigel-Azur likes to explore nature in search of a squirrel to tease or to run after the local fox who wonders why a cat runs after him 😂 Rest assured Rigel-Azur is always on a leash so the fox does not have to fear for its health!
Foxy is a pomChi.That is a Pomeranian Chihuahua. She is extremely sweet. We believe she was born well trained. Extremely gentle with everyone including kids. She always think she is everything’s mom. She loves to go on car rides. She’s always by our side.
Charlie is a miniature Doberman pincher. He is my best friend. Very protective. Silly and always a little clown. Loves the base center of attention
Lucy is a teacup Chihuahua. She is extremely playful. Very sweet. Tiny but mighty
Teddy is a Toy Poodle, she is a lover, a licker, and loves to play ruff.
Hi I’m Marley! I’m a year old Boston Terrier who LOVES to spend time doing anything with my Momma❤️. My favorite things to do are run/play, visit family and go adventure with mom!
She's the most amaxing girl out there, so playful and always puts a smil3 on your face
loves Walks
Donald is a very exiting and enjoyable puppy to be around,his adorable blue and green eyes are unique and are extremely manipulative 🥺.He is loveable and sometimes gets over exited,Donald enjoys a good walk and lives for chewing on a nice toy 🧸.If you would like to see more of don and his sister winnie got follow,IG:princess_winnie.peg
Tink is a princess and super clever, she gives the best cuddles.
Oreo is a lazy a but kind cat. He is gentle with other animals such as lizards, dogs, ect. Other than sleeping he likes catnip, his toys, and food.
Arli, the miniature cockapoo, is a tiny bundle of joy, only 13 weeks old and such a character!! 💕🐾
Romeo is a sweet loving boy he loves giving kisses playing with his brother and and going on walks and playing outside
Future’s nickname is chunky butt. He loves to eat. He thinks everything is food. He loves to be free, he hates his crate, he hates being held, he hates hates. He loves to roam free. His favorite thing to do is eat.
Sasha is a very sassy girl. She loves to play and she is a master at escaping. She talks back everytime you tell her to do something but she can be really sweet at times. The best way to describe her would be a sour patch kid.
Kodak is very loving and wants attention 24/7. He loves playing with his siblings, Future and Sasha. He loves long walks on trails and he is a very good boy.
Milo is an affectionate cat, he loves soft food packets any flavour and playing outside with his friend midnight. He loves getting a pet and he’s very vocal.