Dog cat Stories - 13


She loves to chase lizards and has the prettiest blue eyes
She is a lovely puppy, loves to play eat and sleep she also loves to hide things from me and watching me searching for. She makes my day better day by day🥰
Prince Drake
Always in trouble, this happy go lucky pup knows how to get us to forgive him quickly. He rolls over on his back and smiles at us to show he means no harm. That smile is priceless we love him so much!
Summer is a rescue cat who adopted us! She’s the nicest kitty you’ll ever meet..even people who generally dislike animals, always end up loving her. She’s easy going, playful, and loves to cuddle. Cheez-its and ice cream are her absolute FAVORITE snacks and lounging is her favorite hobby!
Marshmallow is a flame point kitty who loves to run around outside. He is also a little stuck up sometimes, but we still love him.
Hello world! This is Izzy! She is 9 years old and is a Siberian! I adopted her from a bad neglectful situation and turned her health around! She is a little demon sometimes and likes to put her brothers in their place! She is a bit of a diva and acts like a princess, but she is perfect to me 😍 she also loves crisps and sweet things! 🖤
Cleo’s the sweetest baby ever. She loves treats and playing fetch. She knows when I’m sad and is always comforting.
This is Loki, he is 2 years old. He’s a very timid kitty and finds a lot of things in this big wide world scary. It took him a while to trust me at first but now he is the biggest mummy’s boy ever. Loki has to be with me wherever I am and will always try to sit on me whatever I’m doing! His nerves have got a lot better but unknown things still scare him! He keeps me going on the hard days and I wouldn’t change him for the world.
This is Thor, he is 2 years old and is the most troublesome, cheeky cat I’ve ever known. He’s always in places he shouldn’t be and makes me laugh everyday. Despite his mischievous nature he is also the sweetest, most loving and most caring cat ever. I have a chronic illness and spend a lot of time at home poorly and Thor will never leave my side, he is the perfect nurse kitty. He has the most beautiful soul and my life would be so empty without him.
Squirrel! Deer! Raccoon! Bunny! If it's in his yard, he's going to tell it off. This is his land!
Tucker is my best friend and loves to follow me around. He even comes to work with me on Saturdays. He likes to play ball, swim and hike. His favorite snacks are apples, cucumbers and watermelon.
Crazy wild and full of energy. June was a foster that we adopted as soon as the owner we were fostering for gave her up. She's a daddy's girl.
Calm and collected. Until there's a cricket.
Amazing things come in small packages. Also, never underestimate her because of how small she is. Kiki packs a punch!
It's so hard to get good photos of her! She's only got part of her tail due to an incident when she was younger.
Ottis is a very active little man he loves ripping up his toys and jumping around he also loves to talk back when he knows he’s not supposed to be getting into things.
Puds is a rescue who i adopted when she was a kitten. She is my life. She tells me what music she likes by cuddling into me or biting my phone to turn the song off. She shows off infront of people and make them love her more. She has a attitude which suits her. She has been through tough times her worst contracting mrsa and she still suffers from side effects. Shes is my world and one in a million. Xx
Storm is 8 weeks old. She loves to play with other dogs and loves to cuddle ❤️
Kia is a gorgeous Aussie with an attitude. She’s sassy and she loves playing fetch. She always forgets to bring the ball back though. She’d prefer to hoard it as long as possible. She also loves to throw her stuffie in the air and catch it.
A mostly good boy, cheese connoisseur and sock thief. I love to play with my 1 year old baby sister/plot to steal her toys.
Triforce is an awesome little guy who is very cuddly, super affectionate(to the point of annoyance sometimes), and ridiculously cute. He is 10 years old, and still loves playing with Hair ties. His favorite past time is laying in a puddle of sun (he's also been known to hit the nip, or have a drink after a long day)
Best chilled cat ever
My ginger ninja.. He's my sidekick
Baby of the family, but full of character
Noire is a solid, strong and gentle cat. She loves when I brush & groom her. She is more on the reserved side and not a show off like her brother Earle. She likes to sleep in a converted yoga wheel that is now her bed. She enjoys listening and chasing insects, birds,squirrels & is an accomplished tree climber.
Snowball is a khao manee he's nearly 3 and was rescued he's very timid and loving and very mischievous
Mini Twinkle Toes
Mini is a vocal gem. She is a polydactyl cat & the sound of her paws clanking on the wooden floor is precious. Very lean & ladylike, she is extremely affectionate and loving. She oddly takes my paint brush from its canister & places it in a different location every day so I never know where it will pop up. She is the most huggable cat I know and loves stretching out while I rub her tummy.
Zoey is very sweet, loves kids. She sleeps a lot during the day. She likes to talk to people to get their attention. Greatest dog ever!!!
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Leo is 6 months old now. He was the biggest of his litter. Leo loves his treats and loves giving kisses. He is so soft and cuddly. Check out his photos. Theres some from birth to now. We just found out he has a tumor under his chin. We will use the winnings for his surgery. Thanks for voting. Its literally going to save his life.
Earle is as close to an animated cat character that a cat can be. Always has something up his paw, he is a trickster. He was found up the block in the wall of an auto body shop. Thank goodness my phone # was on the tag. I had to get him out on bail from the animal shelter that caught him. He has never left my eyes,ears & arms since. His favorite toy is a green furry worm he dangles from his mouth. His eyes & lips have a natural black eyeliner with green darting eyes. I'm so blessed he was born in my backs with his 2 sisters Mini & Noire.
She loves to go run and play outside
I’m a sassy girl that loves to talk, go for car ride, walks, and be the center of attention.
Belle Catphine
Queen of the Mousers, Catnip Connoisseur, Bird Enthusiast.
Between sitting like he's a people, spazzing out if we walk in the same direction he is, spending a LITTLE BIT too long covering his 1s and 2s and seemingly starving to death all the time (he is very well fed) - Cosmo is the sweetest, cuddliest, chunkiest and goodest boy in town and deserves all the loves and votes. <3
Alfredo Bucatini
Alfie is a long boy living the one ear up, one ear down life in NYC. He loves sticks, balls and socks but still doesn’t understand the concept of giving these things back to play with...
Sosa is an energetic and lovable three month old French-bulldog. He’s a mamas boy who loves to cuddle and loves meeting new people
Diamond is such a sweet loving-loyal dog she loves to run and play with her siblings. She really loves treats and toys. I’ve had a lot of dogs but Diamond is the first one that is so attached to my she will actually cry when I have to run errands. I’ve never had a dog love me as much as her. She is my love
Austin is almost 4 years old and is a massive Siberian Husky, but don’t let that fool you. He is the biggest teddy bear you will ever meet. He is so gentle with people, babies and other animals. All he wants to do all day everyday is okay with other dogs. He even gets on with the neighbours cat.
Venom is a one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He was born in Hungary and now lives with us in Minnesota. He loves to be cuddled and snuggled up next to you. And, his favorite thing to do is play tag.
Enzo is the best puppy but a little bit of a spaz! He runs around 24/7 and then takes a nap because he wore himself out haha. He loves attention and giving kisses to people!
Blue is 4 months, he likes to chase after other dogs, eat everyone’s food, bark at nothing, and go on walks and every chance he gets he will try to sneak away, but he is also very loving in his own adorable way
The most amazing sweetest little pup ever. He has the BEST personality. He’s so sweet, playful, spunky, and the biggest cuddle monster you will ever meet.
Hi I’m Kylo! 🐾 I’m an Aussie- Flat Coat Retriever mix 🐶 I was rescued March 7, 2021 ❤️ Follow my Instagram @kylo_theaussiemix 🐶 I like to play tug o war and give my parents a hard time 🤪 they love me though 😎
I love this pic because you can see Cosmos little pink nose and little pink toes <3