Dog cat Stories - 12


Loves to run, fetch, not your typical frenchie , loves food ,and alwaz has a smile!
Remi is our sweet CAVAPOO!...A Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle mix! She is as sweet as she looks! After a long day at work or school, she greets each of us at the door jumping into our arms....spoiled she is....loves her belly rubbed and to be sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before bedtime!
Blue is an Australian Shepard Border Collie Mix that resides in New Jersey. Blue is a firm believer that there’s no such thing as personal space and too much love is never actually enough. This pup enjoys sniffing butts and nibbling on grandmas favorite slippers (especially when they are still on her feet). You can catch Blue doing his favorite things- long walks with his humans, and throwing his own toys around the house (He hasn’t quite mastered his aim yet- sorry grandma!! ). Blue is a good boy most of the time, he does occasionally get the urge to help his grandma garden.. big fan of mulch! He is also still unsure about the guy his parents call “the mailman”. However, he is hopeful they will be friends soon. Birds are out of the question though. Anyway, Blues parents think he’s the handsomest thing going. Just a farm dog with a face you want to kiss all over. Vote for Blue !!
I’m Kai! I am leash trained and love to go outside! When I’m inside I love running back and forth between the windows to look at the birds! 🦜I have a little sister named Atlas and I’m never to far from her 💕 p.s. I love cuddles
Hello , I’m Peppa and I am 2 years old and I am a Khao Manee I like to snuggle up in my owner’s lap and I am really lovely and fierce 😼
Ruby is almost a year old. She really is a precious gem.😉 So incredibly smart and loves playing fetch. Favorite activities include anything to do with the outdoors! Loves a great adventure! She is a shy pup so show her how much attention she deserves!
Meow, my name is tibba and I’m 7 years old, I’m a little over weight and I love to nap and have treats😸
Caesar loves to play! He also loves to run up to doggies twice his size to say hi! Caesar is fearless!!
Shes only 27weeks old here and loves to snuggle up with you.sweet girl.loves to play and jump.
Jill loves catnip! Wild adventures and squirrels!!
Jill loves chasing squirrels and eating catnip ! 🤍🖤
Pepsi is a cheeky girl who loves to chase ! She also loves sitting in the sunshine ☀️
Ben is a big softy and loves sleeping in the sunshine 😻
Coco is a very unusual grey tortoiseshell cat , she loves sleeping and making herself look beautiful 😻
She is so soft and furry purrs all the time
O’Malley loves to play but most of all loves to snuggle up with you and purr away 😻
Little Miss Scarlet Rayn loves to chew on anything but her toys most of the time, chasing her big brother around and chewing on his tail, and barking at her brother because he won’t play with her. 🐾
All the money that will be raised from this contest will be donated to immigration cases😇
Copper LOVES to play fetch! She has the loudest our box ever and always wants to snuggle when it’s bedtime! VOTE!!
She is so loving and very intelligent. She loves to eat, play and watch television.
Buddy is our new addition , to our family . He loves his girl Taylor, he can’t sand when she goes to school . He the sweetest baby ever . Plz vote for Buddy ( Aka) Yoda !
Brynn is s fun loving little girl belonging to the Yorkshire terrier group. She is a Biewer Yorkie. This particular breed originated from Germany & not many are in the US. Brynn came locally from Oklahoma & is 2 years old. She loves playing “ball ball” cuddling with her favorite toys & watching the ducks visit on her front porch. She is very playful & loves going for car rides. She gets spa day at her favorite pet resort once a month & everyone loves Ms. Brynn.
Hi! Im Parsley from Lagrange, Ga. I'm a handsome black and white feline. Everyone admires my slick shiny fur and my white stocking feet. My beautiful eyes are striking. I love to play fetch, go for car rides, play outside and go hiking with my parents. I appreciate your votes!
Onyx is a shoulder kitty I’m trying get the pictures up he jumps on my shoulders from the floor! He also is a loving sweet boy!
Maple bean was a sweet little angel found in a trash can in Baton Rouge Louisana! Her favorite thing to do is open and close cabinet doors and play with Christmas ribbon! She’s just a little chunky girl now 🥰
Mayflower is the sassiest pit bull/lab mix I’ve ever came across! She was a rescue and we fell in love at first sight. She LOVES all other dogs and is the best foster mommy to all my foster puppies when I have them:) VOTE FOR HER
He likes peanut butter snacks 😂,going outside and observe nature, being loyal to his family at all times.loves his nerf toy😂
I got Sylvester from a shelter almost a year ago. And in that year I got to see his personality, how loving he is and I got to show him he can trust me. I hope Sylvester can get all the love he deserves. Vote for him!
Cutest little golden retriever/great Pyrenese ever! And. PARVO survivor!! VOTE VOTE VOTE
She is a overgrown lovable puppy!:). She loves kids!!
Meow Meow
Just the happiest laziest house cat. And every night when we go to bed he has to make sure he lays right on top of us for him to go to sleep
He’s a playful pup loves to be with mommy, and loves the car rides.
My name is Beast. I am 9 years old and I was born on February 14, 2011. I love to holding my humans hand and hogging the bed at night. I love walks and swimming. But Mostly I LOVE treats!!❤
Hyper lovable and very busy.. loves being outside but most of loves a good shoulder to rest his head on
Draco is a very happy and excited baby. He loves hugs an kisses lots of affection. He is always ready to play. He loves giving you a fist bump. He has an amazing personality.
Remi is a very hyperactive and lovable lab. Whilst her photos may look stupid, shes very intelligent and is a training brushing dog! 🐶💞
I love eating, sleeping, chasing lizards, and sleeping...did I say that already. I am a little sassy but what else am I supposed to do when my owner doesn’t feed me every hour?
Zuul has a cool demeanor about himself. He is super attached to his daddy and he is super attached to his mommy both in different ways. He walks around the house just meowing and he loves to rub his head with yours and rubs on your legs. He's fully indoor and he's happy!
Sadie loves afternoon runs, peanut butter and snuggle time💜
Jager is a very well behaved lab/pit puppy. He LOVES swimming and new toys!
Bumble is my new beautiful baby! She is just scrumptious!
Rowena is the nicest (and softest) cat ever. She loves her sister Morgan (, and she also loves snuggling with her family.
Every night she makes sure to tuck every one of us to bed. She jumps into every bed and literally gives us a kiss Good Night. She kisses my daughter, my son, my husband and I.
Billy loves playing with his toys and would love to get loads more. He also loves sleeping (a lot) and is extremely sociable.
Daisy is a female she loves everyone an everyone that meets her loves her.she loves her ball but will only play with one certain type an color it has to b btight orange an squeek. She loves other dogs shes just an all around awsome dog shes a rescue dog i have had daisy almost a yr now an she is exstremly smart i say shes like scary smart i love her do mucj an am so happy that i was the one that rescued her ..
Cookie lives aloha!
Mia loves walks and going for a ride. She loves to play tug of war and sitting in the sun surrounded by her toys.