Dog cat Stories - 12


Kira loves to play outside and be friendly with other dogs
Moana loves to be cuddled 🥰 and take naps 💤
#lunalovegoodtherescuedog has a ton of energy and her own Instragram! She loves to destroy toys, play fetch, snacks and eating snow! She sleeps under the covers and hogs the bed! 17 pounds of pure love!
Fancy Pantsy
Hey I’m Fancy Pantsy,🐾 a now 10 week old Shih Tzu pup and I plan on having a long full life of being spoiled loved and pampered. As you see I started modeling at just a few weeks and I got a whole career ahead of me! So Stay Tuned🐕‍🦺🐾 Follow Me On Instagram for more 💕🐶 @ImperialShihTzuFancyPantsy
Sweet dog, loves to play.
Logan is the definition of a lover boy, he loves all dogs and all people. If he gets close enough his first instinct is to kiss you nonstop, that’s why he has earned the nickname “kissing monster “😘
Check out his other photos and vote for Archie 😽 Archie is a playful 2 year old tabby with gorgeous markings. We got him from a local shelter, who rescued him and his siblings during a hurricane in 2018. Please send love for Archie! We always find him sleeping in the cutest positions, and he loves to be around his humans.
Grace loves long walks and loves getting lots of cuddles.
Wee Elfington is a rescue dog from Romania. She loves to play with all of her toys. She dislikes the rain and would rather chill on the sofa watching tv and playing with squeaky rabbit than soggy walks.
Caramel is super talkative. She meows when she's hungry, when she's not, when it's hot or cold. She's just very loud. If her meowing doesn't get her what she wants she will scratch at the door/floor to whatever room you are in untill you pay attention to her.
Iris enjoys talking long naps. She enjoys taking them any and everywhere ( even if they happen to be on the stairs). When not napping she enjoys playing with her favourite toy ball.
My name is Adirondack Lee or “Adee” for short. I love being around my family, playing fetch, hiking, and most of all snuggling!
Hi my name is jasper🐱i love to play and run around with my sister (cat) also i love to eat my sweeties and sleep all day and play all night
Hey I’m Kaiser , Vote For Me Please❤️
Lucy is our 6 month old jackapoo.
spamky my best puppy he likes playing with me an loves eating to
Simba is nearly 2 years old, such a affectionate cat. He loves playing with his toys most of all he loves his scratch post
Jet loves a cuddle after he has had a great hunting time with his toys
Penny is a senior westie ❤️ She loves carrots and playing with her squeaky ball!
Ralph is a rescue dog from Wales. He's a Border Collie (75%) x German Shepard (12.5%) x Rottweiler (12.5%). We adopted him from the Dogs Trust 6 years ago now, and we believe he is around 8 years old! He LIVES for his ball and in true sheepdog style, will try and herd anything that moves! After a long afternoon at the park, he loves to snuggle with his humans all evening.
Carla Marie
Carla may not wear clothing, or anything fancy. She is smart, loving, and rambunctious.
Raia came to me as a foster but I fell in love with her and now she’s a very much loved member of our family. All monies she wins will go to help others to get home
Mitu has been the most reliable friend for me since we first met back in 2019. We spent our time together day by day and we followed each other in every city and every country we went to! I love him and he deserves all the best!
Billy Tink
Brother & sister they are just the cutest pair.
Loveable Ali is 5 yrs old & such a big cuddly bear.
Hi everyone! I’m Izzy the borador! I’ve been with my new parents since January 2021 and I love it there. They play with me and got me lots of nice toys but all I really do is sleep all day! Everyone I have met loves me so much and gives me lots of cuddles which I love to give back, along with kisses. My favourite food so far is anything that tastes like chicken, yummy!
Honey likes to play, cuddle, back scratches, food (specially snacks) she also enjoys sleeping and staring out down the window watching the birds.
Riley Fisher
This is Riley :) She’s 9 years old, part beagle, part rottie and the best part of my heart :) some of her hobbies are walking in the woods, swimming at the lake and cuddling with her momma🐶💕
Skye is a beautiful 3 month old Pomsky. With her eyes like the ocean and her playful personality, she is irresistible.
Bailey is loving and friendly, Bailey loves playing with her toys
Norman is a very independent boy. He likes to do his own thing but sometimes needs those skritches on the neck along with the forehead boops.
Gracie loves to nuzzle up under your neck and snuggle when it’s time for bed. Sucks her thumb and kneads you when she’s going to sleep.
Phebe is the most sweetest cat i have ever had shes smart definitely 1 of a kind! Phebe was left behind by her previous owner she kept coming to my door every day i would take her in at night she would go during the day she kept coming back so i decided to keep her i needed her as much as she needed me she is forever my baby.. please vote for her thank you so much in advance.
Hazel is the sweetest dog I have ever met, she is a natural beauty, obedient and smart. We love to play hide and seek, “karate dog” (kind of hustling play lol) and fetch. Cuddles and hugs are her faves, she is the star of our home ✨from the good morning happy time to nite nite, cuddling with her is the best time of the day, she is more than just a dog but our younger family member! One funny thing about Hazel is that how food can change her mood, the more the happier, but we like to feed her right, she loves blueberries, carrots and even arugula 🤪🥰 She hates to brush her teeth and hair dryer! We love Hazel so much 💕
Hello, I'm shadow, vote for me please ❤
Dexter is a 7 year old dachshund who can hear a cheese wrapper from three rooms away. He is a goofy dog who has so much love to give. His favorite hobby is popping in comfy spaces (I.e. blankets, rugs, or clothes thrown on the floor).
Finnegan aka “Finn” is the sweetest puppy you’ll ever meet. He loves everyone he meets and his favorite activity is carrying sticks around 3x his size ;P
Hunter is a rescue! He was found deep in the woods by a Hunter with his 2 siblings. Hunter was the only one still alive. He was guessed to be a couple weeks old. He’s now 9 and such a huge part of our family! I’m so happy he found us!
Twitch has such a fun and loving personality. She loves to snuggle and play. Her favorite thing to do is to attack my weighted blanket.
Bailey is the sweetest girl ever! She loves to sit next to you and her favorite time is cuddling with her sister Twitch the cat.
She is the great protector of her golden retreiver brother n chihuahua sisters....young but confident and proud
Duncan caught my eye when looking at kittens for adoption. A week later we picked him up and he is the BEST!! He loves naps, looking out windows, chasing anything that moves and the sound of a can of food opening 🤣
Teddy is a loving dog who loves to play volleyball with a beach ball. He will tap the ball with his nose right back to you when you throw it. Making sure it never hits the ground.
Handsome pupster that loves talking back and can hear the word ‘walkies’ from a mile away
Gigi is a fantastic companion for our family. She loves anything outdoors: swimming, running, and hiking.
Aryah (Uh-Rye-Uh) is the Queen of the house. Everything is on her time. She loves being a spy and provides morning and night time headbutts and meows to remind me that she loves me too.
Cecilia is super cuddly and loves watching the snow fall. She will only drink water out of a bowl in the sink, and she prefers to nap under a pile of blankets.