Dog cat Stories - 10


My favorite things to do are play ball and chew on my mom’s hands. I’m fluffy and naughty and oh so adorable!
Bubba is waiting to start a puppy class...but they say he has to be 4 months! He decided that napping is a good way to pass his time!
He's a cuddly little guy who loves to play!
Adelaide's favorite things to do are play with all of her toys, rides in the car and her absolute favorite is cuddling with mom and dad after a long day of supervising mom at her grooming shop! She loves everyone and just wants to give everyone kisses!
He loves to eat and play with his favorite toy wand.
Daisy is a two year old Halloween Baby. She is a mix breed made up of half pitbull, a quarter Labrador, and a quarter English Mastiff. She loves sticks and daily zoomies but she loves her mama more.
Nadia is a bottle feed baby from birth ,she loves to play with her toys and she will bring me her bottle even at a year old..she loves babies.
Finnegan is an almost 3 year old dachshund. He enjoys sun bathing, riding in his bicycle trailer, and being groomed. He’s the perfect pup! Always accessorized with a bow tie, Finn is his mama’s right hand man. He’s trained to be her Emotional Support Animal and has even gone to college for a few years! Truly the sweetest boy to ever be.
Nala Rose
Nala Rose is a VIVACIOUS soon to be 2 yr old Pekingese. She is the absolute BEST snuggler and kisser!! She loves to be where you are at ALL times! She is a pro wrestler with her bigger brother, 3 yr. old Simba. It’s her way or no way......let’s say!! 🦁
This is Xena! She is about 9 weeks old and super playful, she loves to hop (not run) around the yard, dig, and take lots of naps! She is such a sweetheart 💓
Bella Tate
Bella is wonderful around children, cats, dogs and other people. She is ESA certified and she's working on becoming an therapy dog, so she can share her love with people in need. Bella is very treat and toy motivated. We're so blessed to have Bella, especially that she's the first furry child we ever had.
Hesh is nearly a year old. He loves any toy that says it is indestructible as he likes to prove them wrong! He loves the sun and walks through the forests
Nova is a fun loving merle pup with a ton of energy! You can also see what shes up to on her Instagram _wigglebuttnova_ Any and all votes are greatly appreciated, and would make nova extra happy 😊
Bandit is one curious pup....filled with energy and loyalty for her “people”! This cutie deserves this win 😍
That's Vino and HIS cat, Hungry. He loves his cat! He'll just sit and gaze at him all day. It's a bit weird but SO cute!
Daphne loves everyone she is a ball Of energy at 8 months old she is a lilac tri merle English bulldog
Dolly, she is a love bug! She loves her lamb stuffy and blanket. She plays fetch and loves to snooze on the couch. her anecdote is food/treats. Car rides are so relaxing for her but sqeak a toy and she is ready to play.
She will wait by the outside door to go get her stick. Then will walk for miles holding it in her moth...until she sees another dog then drops it to say hi. Well known as ‘such a cute friendly dog’ in the neighbourhood. Loves everyone
Luke is amazing animal self taught rescue dog. Luke is happy 24/7 never aggressive just wants to make me happy. In truth I have owned Luke since he was eight weeks old he is now five and a half years he never ever leaves my side it’s just special thanks everybody
Lenny is just over 5 months old. He is a great family dog. Lenny loves to go to the forest and getting dirty! He’s so full of love and has a great personality!
Very active and lovable puppy she loves to take pictures and to give a lot of kisses
Tia rescued from a skip three years ago Xmas Eve..took one year to gain her trust but now she a confident girl and explores but always stays close to home. Photo took by autistic 15 year old grandson
Poe is named after the author Edgar Allan Poe. He loves sunbathing, talking to anyone that will listen, reigning king of the house, and loves cuddles
Royal is a 2 year old ball-da collie... he’s obsessed with walkies, the park, and the beach, oh and save the best for last... tennis balls. He loves to learn, he knows a lot of commands/tricks
He's very nice he's very weird and he hisses like a cat
He loves treats!!
Mika is a beautiful purebred fawn doberman pinscher. Who loves meeting new people, dried beef tips and her toy lamb chop. She is high energy, happy, high jumper and likes to hop around the house.
Leo is 8 years old and loves to sleep, eat, and watch birds all day. He’s caught a couple mice before, which he was very proud of himself for.
Luke is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix who knows around 25 tricks. He prefers basketballs and soccer balls over dog toys, but food is his overall favorite.
Thor is the definition of a snuggle buddy. He is not happy unless he is being shown lots of love.
Hi I’m Aelin, I’m a fun loving corgi that just loves to chew on my humans. I love the great outdoors and I love to play a lot with my fur friend jasmin. I’m only 3 months old so I don’t know much about life yet but I sure do like toys, fingers and feet.
Koal loves going bye byes she loves the wind blowing her ears, she also loves all her toys her fox in particular it sleeps with her every night
Captain Rex
Captain Rex is the coolest cat I’ve ever had. He loves attention and pets just as much as he does adventuring and exploring the wild. His favorite pet spots are behind the ears and the neck, typically at the same time. He loves to sleep next to you and always has your back.
Hi my name is Diesel Bryan and I would like to apply for the tasting position with busch beer. I have a great family and Im such a goood booooy but its time I start pulling my own around here, I feel like I have been free loading for too long and Im ready for the real world. Please vote for me this is the opportunity I have always dreamed of!
This is my Mensa girl. Shes suuuper old but doesn't act like it! She loves swimming and running, and most importantly, sleeping and eating. All she does is sleep, then eat. Sleep, then eat. She slowly getting to the rainbow Bridge, so thats why im hoping i win SOME money. I want to be able to pay for my baby's cremation and a special box for her.. Thank you all so much for voting!
This is my babygirl, Meatballs. Shes the absolute love of my life. My one and only. She's my little chunky monkey and literally saved my life. I struggle with Manic Depressive and she's always been there when ive almost offed myself. She does nothing but cuddle, eat, play and sleep. I love her soooo much.
Hi I’m Anna! I love cuddling with my family! I love meeting other dogs and playing!
Axle is a ball full of energy. He has been wagging his tale since he was six weeks old. He loves everyone. He is the perfect pup.
Oliver is an extremely playful 11yr old himalayan. He loves going on long car rides (PA ➝ FL - 20hrs) and flying up and down the east coast. He can fall asleep absolutely anywhere. He acts like my shadow and follows me everywhere; if a door is closed, he will open it) or knock on it until you open for him). When he wants treats, he will give you a high-five with his paw. He loves cuddling, being held, and playing with his old sister (whether she wants to or not).
She’s so sweet loves to play fetch who she loves to sleep with me She loves people and to run around the yard
Buddy is a African grey parrot. He loves seeds and loves to talk! Vote for him because birds need to be expressed more then just a cats food.
You should vote for Doug because he is a prairie DOG so technically he is a dog.
Nathan is so expressive. His eyes let you know how much he loves you. He is so sensitive to how you are feeling and will definitely Love on you when you feel sad. He is a patient puppy when we dress him up in silly outfits. He has a puppy brother, and two human brothers. His soulmate is his human dad. You won’t find them apart!
Mr.Titan is a spunky fun-loving Chi who just loves the outdoors. Born in the 305 and raised in the Midwest, Mr.Titan’s got a resilient soul. Mr.Titan’s favorite spot is out in the yard enjoying the sun. He loves puporonies as much as he loves sunbathing!
Hi I’m ginger! I had a ruff start in life as I was found in a dumpster. I was found by my new family and I am loving it! I love to play with them and my litter sister! I am very shy at first but once I get to know you I will warm up! I love cuddles!