His a lover not a fighter Unfortunately Jinx passed away a while back, I don't know how to take him off of here
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT 🩵 🐾 ⭐️ ✨ 💙 ✨ 🌟 ✨ 💙 ✨ ⭐️ 🐾 🩵 Meet our fur baby Kaiser, he is a very intelligent boy, and a hot commodity anywhere we go, everyone including police officers has stopped to greet our boy. He loves playing fetch with his ball and frisbee, he is obsessed with getting sprayed by the water hose, he also enjoys going for long walks, finding large sticks and going for drives with his pawrents. 🩵 💙 ✨🐾✨ 💙 🩵 👇 Please don’t forget to hit that like button 👇
Im living my best life. Yes i have the young ones at my tail (literally) but i can still give them a run for their catnip. Im a super cuddler, that is my specialty with my humans...after all, they must be so cold without any fur.
Fredrick Theodore
Freddy is an albino, guinea pig!! He is the sweetest little thing that loves car rides and carrots !!!
My name is bear, im 5 years old and im the sweetest cuddliest girl. My fsvourite thing to do is get inside pillow cases
Eugene was born January 10th. He enjoys meeting new people, chasing squirrels, and getting into mischief. He recently has learned to sit and his favourite trick “shake a paw”.
She's a 1 yar old Pit/cane Corso mix full of love and energy.. she loves to play and this bunny is her favorite toy.
Ita Bitty
Bitty is the last kitten of a colony I had.
Loving protective playful excited ambitious
Susie a real character, loves her food, loves life.. she never wanders off, loves being in her own garden, especially on top of the shed on a sunny day! Susie very gentle and loving, friendly. Never scratches you or the furniture a very special cat.
Millie Moo Bauer
Millie Moo is a red nose pitbull she is a big baby and loves to play and stay by the kids she is 10 years old not and getting quiet grumpy in her old age but still a good girl and will do what she has to when it comes to her home and family
Blue Donavan Bauer
Blue is just the cutest baby boy ever he is almost 4 mouths old and is a very smart puppy he is a big momma's boy and loves to play with his big brother Buddy Boy Bauer
Willows my first cat ever and shes the type thats so perfect you decide to get another so she became mother to an abandon kitten
Buddy Boy Bauer
Buddy Boy is a very good dog he has been my best friend for the last 3 years and he loves his little brother blue Donavan Bauer and he is very protective over his family and home but he is a very loving boy 😍
Willow loves to be the centre of attention that much she loves shopping at bunnings, and wen willow is not shopping she's keeping mums bed warm while looking cute,cuddly,and toasty with blankets tucked in. Willow also likes to explore new places taking selfies everywhere she goes.
Harley is a 5yr old Scottish Fold. He loves to play with his brother & sister's. He loves laying in the sunshine, num nums, watching the birds, & sleeping at sister's house & chasing Kalley.
Baby Goose
Baby goose is a rescue kitten. He was premature 4 weeks from his mother. I adopted him and brought him into my wife. He's a very spontaneous active. Little Kitty loves to play and run among his is baby goose. 5 years ago. He's now a full-blown. Big full size. Kitty, very lovable had 4 generations of litters after his bloodline.
Chloe is an American bulldog mixed with mastiff she is so sweet and loves to cuddle.
Jewels is a bernadoodle and loves playing with her toys with her friends, Molly and Sully
Hello my name is Ginger. I am very anxious and skittish. I love catnip!! I love to cuddle!!! I love to drool on my parents and auntie when I make biscuits. Most of all, I love to bite a big toe after a hard day of zoomies!!!
I found this little kitty on the highway scared to move.
Dixie Mae
Dixie is very loving big baby. She loves her car rides, the beach, and people, also she is addicted to duck jerky. Just look at the beautiful loving face you can help but to hit that vote button
Luna is so full of energy, and love!!! She's the sweetest little girls, and playing with her 2 kitties is her favorite thing to do!!!
She loves cuddles and her pet mouse🥰
Hello my name is Korra. I am the queen of the household. I am the reason my siblings have good things in this house. I have to complain to mom and dad about our food and our bathroom. I refuse to eat or use the bathroom if it doesn’t meet the standard. Mom and dad thinks I have it easy, but being queen is not easy. I love to sleep, nothing beats a difficult day of hard work like sleeping on my “guest bed” I think that’s the brand.
My name is Katara. I only love my mom, my spare humans are ok I guess. People say I have a tortitude but I believe I’m better than them. I love to sleep next to mom. I love to sit next to mom. Sometimes I like to play with my siblings but I love to play with mom.
Rebel is the sweetest golden :) She would never pass up a good treat or a belly scratch :) She will definitely let you know when she wants attention with a cute little howl :)
River is my beautiful 4 year old pure bred American Staffordshire bullterrier. She loves her human kids and a swim in the pool. Always happy to give you affection ❤️
Lita os a cute cuddling doggy 🐶 but here lita says hi (●’◡’●)ノ and she will rub her face ON YOU
Cheeto is a crazy but loving kitten that we rescued. He was found outside by a grocery store when he was about 7 weeks old.
Buster thinks he is a dog not a cat. Buster likes to play fetch. Buster puts his toys in his water bowl to get your attention
Grimm is my 13 week old babyboy 💙 he is a sweetheart. Playful. And such a cuddlebug.
She's the most incredible dog. She was hit by a car when she was 2 so she does limp but that doesn't stop her from enjoying life! Her favourite thing is going to the dog park!
Marvin and his little girl Charlotte are best friends, hes her protector and shes a pain in his behind. She rewards him in chicken nuggets and gramcrackers.
Dolly is named after famous country artist Dolly Parton. She is much like Dolly Parton. She a sweet pup with a big personality. Her playful yaps are like little songs and she’s got a coat that sparkles in the sun. She never fails to make everyone smile.
Peanut And Big Boy
Big Boy is 6 years old, 20 inches long, excluding his tail, and weighs around 18#s. Peanut is almost a year old and a very curious kitty....
She loves kisses and hugs. She loves walks on the beach along the shoreline she loves bike rides she loves playing ball she definitely loves riding in the car she’s the center of attention wherever we go. She loves walking in the mall people come up to her and pet and talk to her she loves attention Wednesday, thanks everybody from the bottom of her heart for your votes
Bando is a well-behaved cat a lovely loving adorable one of the best whoever sees you they fell in love with him. I can’t describe Beauty
Milo loves the outdoors
Dear reader, My name is Ace , i am a mini labradoodle in choc & white non-shedding coat, born on 7th February 2024, in a country farm and now i am leaving with my family in Canberra. My eyes color are green and i am a photogenic puppy. Give me a vote if you find me cutie 😍
Cash is a very sweet and loving dog. Cash also lets me know when i have issues.
Thor is 10 yrs old
Fluffy is calm loveable friendly cat but does not like other cats she likes to lie anywere on your bed at night at top of your head or under sheet lol shes greedy cat tho never stops eating but shes just adorable but can be naughty lol she eats a lot always hungry
Chloe is a funny little miss who makes me laugh, smile and even when she keeps peeing on my sofa (behavioural issues, not a medical one) I love 💕 her to bits! Chloe is a former colony cat who has found her forever home with me, along with her bonded friend Kelly. I'm new & will vote 10x for your cat if you vote 10x for my Chloe! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻As a bonded inseparable pair, they needed to find a home together. So, they were with a foster carer for 9 months before I found them and instantly fell in love. I absolutely adore them. They give me unconditional love and its reciprocal!
This is angel a year old female tuxedo cat feisty and loving
Harry is 8 months old , Tom and his brother Toms mum was killed , so i took them, they are my little friends. So affectionate, clean well behaved. I have never had cats before. I love them so much. Harry sleeps on my bed and follows me everywhere. He has golden eyes
My 16 year old leap year baby. This beauty is very photogenic. He's traveled, like car rides, loves the groomer, and has enjoyed life all around
Towgli is a playful, loving, and sassy Persian cat who brings endless joy and mischief into the lives of those around him. What Towgli enjoys most is sitting on our shoulders at the most inconvenient times & picking on his big brother.