Penelope is an older cat, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with her toys or adventuring the house. She loves attention, but only when she actually wants it. She will meow and paw at me until i pet her. She also always loves to lay with me at night until i fall asleep
Pippi is a loving cuddly cat that loves to snuggle up to you. She never stops purring. Pippi has just had 6 kitten's but youd never tell by looking at her.
Gio is such a friendly and loving cat. He’s calm but has outbursts of playfulness. He has the most beautiful blue eyes! He loves to go on walks and enjoys fishy treats.
A very energized fur ball machine.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is so precious and smart. She loves to go bye bye and sunbathe. And she loves playing with her toys.
Ira is a beautiful little girl, scared of her own shadow. Often find her in our potatoe basket waiting to pounce on her big brother.
Coco is such a sweet babygirl. She is almost 15 yrs old. She is a rescue. She loves to roll around in the leaves and she can actually smile. She competes with her daddy on who can snore the loudest!
Nukka And Letti
Letti and Nukka are both rescue dogs. They always chase each other and look out the window everyday for the grandboys. We have always said, who rescued who. They are spoiled rotten and deserve it!
Mitt Mitt
Mitt Mitt is a rescued cat in which I found her 8 years ago when I was walking a dog down a riverbank when she crawled out over to me. Skinny and in distress. I immediately picked her up in which she felt like a bag of sugar. Took her home and got her sorted at the vets as she was covered in fleas and had ulsers. She is the most loving cat I've ever had. She is scared of life itself and the only person she feels safe around is me. Even my partner of 4 years is still to be accepted fully by Mitt Mitt. Where ever I am, you will find Mitt Mitt and I love this cat with all my heart. She is so soft and would never hurt a fly and is very noise sensitive and gets scared really easily. Unknown visitors she will run and hide, sleeps with me every night in bed and on my days off will cuddle up to me on the sofa on them lazy Sundays This cat deserves people's votes 😻😊
apollo is a sweetheart! he loves to run around and play. he is only a year old but looks super old!
piper is 10! she is so nice and sassy at the same time, she would love if you would vote for her!!!
Suki is the most loving and playful little snow bengal…she is currently 5 months old and loves playing hide and seek with her human sisters 🥰
Vote milo please he’s my daughters best friend we took her away for her birthday an rescued the most adorable little boy he’s so amazing really loving an sweet an a lot of fun! Hes stolen all our hearts ❤️
Earl (pictured on the left) is a super playful boy with a great sense of humor but willfully cuddle. He is his own little guy to be short.
This beautiful cat was homed to a very amazing person with her sister.
He’s super hyper since he’s a baby still and loves messing with the kitty, also LOVES the dog park!! Very sweet pup always wanting to show some love!!!
SPUD is a lover and is so patient with his baby besties babies....
Looks like butter wouldn't melt! But they soon spider plant 😆
Nova is the best girl she is so sweet and smart and best friends with my 4 year old daughter. Nova also just became a first time mama to 7 beautiful husky babies
Timmy is the sweetest boy. He was found by animal control all on his own at 8 weeks old on the street in trash eating. A week later I walk into the shelter & met him it was the day he was fixed. He was so sweet & he stole my heart, true love at first sight. He’s always by my side no matter where I am at home. Timmy loves to go outside so I got him a harness with a leash & we walk in our complex.
Ben is a very very happy and loving dog. He is always wanting to have cuddles and likes to play with his toys. And he really enjoys his tummy being rubbed. He also likes his feet being massaged. And he loves his food. He is 8 years old and a rescue dog. He is such a joy to have
Ginge is a new little kitten, loves everyone. ❤️
She is the sweetest little girl unless her brothers get her going. She is always walking around chirping and she purrs like a boat if u look at her
Gerald is 1.5 years old. He would describe his purrrfect day as waking Mom up often between 3 and 7am to make sure she is alive because why? No? Breakfasts? After chowing on some morning munchies he'd prefer to go outside, by himself as he is grown, but if the harness is what Mom demands, I suppose he will have to take what he can get. Gerald hopes to climb at least seven trees a day, and will never give up the fight against birds. Evil, stinky, smelly, borbs. Gerald will get you.
Willow loves being outside on an adventure. She loves to bikejore and be out in nature. She is a Doberman husky mix.
She has the most beautiful blue eyes. She loves eating Salmons dishes
Jezze is an 8 year old schnauzer. She loves to pose for the camera and go on adventures. She loves birds and any kind of food you feed her.
Baby is a silly girl, the first time I saw her she was on my roof. She love to sleep on the back of the chair or on my legs at night.
He showed up at my house and I was calling him demon. He is a very loving cat that walks with me when I go get my mail. Likes to chase his sister outside.
Midnight Miss
She is a spicy girl but loving. Likes to sleep on my shoulder
Georgie is the best and she’s the most friendliest cat anyone can have! Please vote for her!
Nala is 3 months old and she is the most adorable dog you would know. She is so sweet kind and only getting used to a few things still. But she loves her cat brothers and sister and her humans
Mr.Chino Bo Beano is a very distinguished gentleman. He is a very sweeet Siamese ragdoll mix. He’s very food motivated and will do anything for a treat
Berlioz was born on Cinco de Mayo and was named after the little black kitten in Aristocats. He had the sweetest little chirp, and loved cuddles, belly rubs, and exploring. He was very intelligent and expressive, and he loved to smile. He passed away on 10/04/23, but I’ve posted him anyways as he always loved showing off.
Oliver Joe
Oliver loves his treats, mommy time, squirrel watching, and bird watching.
Shes a fun loving cat who loves attention and getting her daily stretches in and loves being held like a baby. She doesn't know she's a cat, she thinks she's a human.
Her story. Hi, I'm Teagan. My dog mom is an Australian Shepherd, and my dog dad, a Blue Heeler, and I am called a "Texas Heeler". I am a PSA and Mobility Service Animal. My human mom thought I was the most beautiful puppy, so she picked me up when I was 2 months. Soon, I became a PSA, and Mobility Service Animal. Dual trained, and I proudly rock my ADA ID card! Some days we play in the house, some days I get to go work outside the home! It's fun, and I enjoy working with mom so much, making sure she is taken care of. She always tells me what a good girl I am and we give each other kisses, although I'm still not sure why she laughs when cleaning her glasses..... 😉 Anyway, I hope you like me
Maverick is 6 months old and likes his butt scratched like a cat. Yes he humps it up like a Maverick is also in training as a Service Dog, replacing my past one.
Saved by firefighters who found her with her mom and siblings laying by her owner who had passed away. Adopted by one of the firefighters. Has a 3 year old little boy she runs around with they are partners in crime.
Maxi is a mischievous, playful little guy. He loves to get dressed up and get his pictures taken. He loves lobster and lobster treats and enjoys eating as much of them as he can. He loves playing in the yard and in the tree in the front yard. He is the most fun and playful cat I’ve ever had.
Sunny likes to get into the bathroom sink. I found her in there and I took this picture of her.
Tiger loves to snuggle up under your chin and runs a muck with his sister Piper. Still getting use to tunnels and toys but slowly coming out of his shell. Apparently loves Christmas trees as he climbs it like a Tiger
Gussy is a 9 year old orange cat. He's probably the friendliest cat I've ever met and loves everybody! He loves snuggling and sneezing everywhere. He has typical orange cat behavior and loves being a spaz. He hopes you will vote for him :)
She loves naps and cuddling on top of the bed when you sleep at night. Cuddling during the day is not allowed by her.
Bruno can say I love you
velvet loves to play with her toys and give snuggles. she also loves to eat! she’s an energetic little furry friend! naps are her favorite!
Sox is a beagle/bulldog he has soo much personality you would swear he was human. If he ever grew thumbs he might take over the world
Roxie is her original name but Goose became short for Silly Goose since she's so funny and cute!