Marmalade is a happy fun loving bundle of joy who enjoys grazing in the grass and spending time chilling in the garden.
Mabel is a feisty little 9 week old calico kitty! Her favorite things to do are; pounce on her brother, snuggle and give kisses to everyone
Hello! I’m Shadow I love to cuddle and sleep. I often play with my humans for about 30 minutes before I need my rest of 4 hours or more. My favorite toy is puss in boots squeaky toy. I warm the hearts of babies to the elderly just by the touch of a hand. I love everyone but the person I love the most is my mom who tends to sleep for 14 hours with me on her days offf and those are my favorite days in the whole wide world. Please vote for me I promise I will not disappoint you beautiful hearts!
Addy is a cute and cuddly tuxedo cat, who has a ton of energy, so he always keeps his mama on her toes!
Meet Kimbley! Aquarius Sun, Pisces moon boy. Named after Kimblee from Full Metal Alchemist if you’re an anime fan (lol). Kimbley is a year and half old Black Smoke Persian that loves, and loves endless attention. Has the most babiest personality of any cat I have ever owned, incredibly cuddly and so affectionate! No different than a koala at times. He has endless energy and loves to pester my older Himalayan (14) to play with him. He loves playing with his toys, anything that flickers on the wall and loves to chirp at any birds or squirrels that pop by our windows. A vote from you means that Kimbley will be a step towards what most Persians end up needing a surgery for, his nose. Kimbley may be be full of energy, but his small nostrils make it hard for him to breathe normally and regularly has discharge build up that causes infections/respiratory issues. We’re hoping that we have a chance at getting a little help to get his surgery funded so he can have a better quality of life than he has now. He is still so young and deserves nothing but the best!
Reese Tilton
Reese is a lovable rescue who loves her toys and stuffed animals
Terra loves to sleep a lot, she has green eyes. She loves belly rubs and attention. Will meow at you until you pick her up and cuddle. Also loves to be watched while she eats, she will lead to her food bowl and have you watch her eat.
Peter Paws
Very loving purr box!
Everyone Please vote for me I'm a Gentle Gaint my personality is awesome if I knock you over cause I'm so huge I stop and check on you trying to tell you I'm sry I love giving sugars to anyone who would like some I'm a very good child I think I'm human but others think I'm a dog some ppl so silly and I'm new here and I just want everyone to meet Boudreaux his birthday is 11-11-2018 he's an English Mastiff that doesn't meet a stranger. He loves to make all kinds of funny faces, play, drool with slingers everywhere and snore. He spoiled rotten all 145 lbs of him oh yea and he loves kids and to sleep right on top of you no matter how uncomfortable u are as long as he's comfortable then he's good. Lol Please vote for my sweet awesome gentle gaint. His best friend is Isabella the Donkey. I hope everyone enjoys all the pics I take. Lol Thanks
I’m a little rescue kitten. I used to live with 96 other cats and was the runt of my little. I’m nearly 10 weeks old and have found a very loving home and I’m very happy here. I love to play on my scratching pole and I love running around after my ball. In the mornings I love going in to my mummy and daddys room and curling up on their chests and falling back to sleep. I very much enjoy my food and I love meeting new people :) please vote for me because I’ve had a rough start to life and just because I’m so adorable!
Dozer is 1 years old very playful and obsessed about balls he loves attention and pleasing the crowd with tricks
Sapphire was a rescue who came from very poor conditions. She had bald spots, was very underweight and was too young to be away from her mom. When I got her she looked nothing like a pitbull... She looked like a bat 🙀 but I nursed her back to health and she's the happiest, most intelligent, most obedient puppy ever. She loves to cuddle but she's also very sassy 😂Most def my favorite dog of all time!!!
He is fun,loving,loves to do summersaults.
Mars gets along with literally every human/animal he meets. Very chill boi
Luigi is a little rambunctious ball of energy. he loves to play with his feather toys and chase me and my parent around the house. when he isn't playing he is either lounging in the sun or crawling up into our laps for a snuggle.
Henry Bubbles
Mr. Henry Bubbles has a TON of personality. I swear we both think he's a human. 😂 He falls asleep anywhere, sprawled out on his back or upside down, mid play, whatever. He is extremely vocal and will throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way, tearing through the house and aggressively climbing his cat tree and is not above biting! (Jerk! Lol) He enjoys walks outside, he likes going on car rides, and he isn't afraid of water. Matter of fact, he'll jump in the shower while I'm in there. Needless to say, a spray bottle does not deter him when he's being rude and climbing my curtains. 🙄 He loves food and there's literally nothing he won't eat. He's farm rescue so I'm not sure of his exact b-day but he's around 12 weeks and large for his age, according to the vet. He's doubling in size it seems like daily. He also is beginning to have a tendency to run outside and try to get into all of my neighbors houses (probably to mooch free food, I'm sure) but my neighbors just bring him back home and tell me how obnoxious he is. 😂 But after all his shenanigans he loves to cuddle. Oh, and check out his cute ear tufts. 😸😸😸
Teddy is a little ball of fluff that loves cuddles. He is 15 weeks old and couldn’t imagine life without him 💙💙
Skye’s best friend is her doggy brother Charlie. They love to play together for hours on end, usually ended by cuddling up and grooming each other. Skye is a beautiful girl and is definitely the boss!
My little rescue. She is a old soul and an absolute love bug.
Noah Riley
Noah Riley is an 11 year old, 5 lb chihuahua, whom I rescued 6 years ago. He may be tiny but his personality is enormous! He’s never met a stranger & always seems to steal the show wherever he goes. Noah Riley loves to snuggle, give high fives, take naps, go to grandma’s house, & ride the Harley with his Mom-Mom! Show this lil guy some love yall❣️🐾
Molly loves watching cat videos, sleeping by the fire and loudly announcing her arrival into our room in the mornings
Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann, 3mths, my momma ALWAYS loves snapping pics of me🤦🙄 Thanks for voting
Kush is something else he loves to bit on everything but he also loves to give kisses n play with his mom Hershey
After being sick and alone for well over a year I was finally ready to open my heart and my home to another dog. I had found one a couple months ago however the person I was to get him from sold him before our planned pickup time! I was so disappointed! Then last Tuesday I placed a post on a rehome page and was contacted on Wednesday ! I drove over an hour to get Diesel and was nervous the whole way that he wouldn’t be there. When I got out of my car he ran to me and licked my face , I began crying happy tears and have been happy with my new boy ever since! He is a smart good dog and is learning commands and is doing very well on the leash! He’s getting me out to walk him and I’m not sleeping as much! I’ve been to some very dark places the last few months and I can honestly say Diesel saved my life!
Jlo is the most loving puppy she loves to cuddle and very smart dog listens well for such a young age
She’s the most sweetest loving and caring dog she loves to be outside and play with her son Kush
Zues is a lil derpy and always happy he loves to run and swim and crash in his moms bed
Otis is a 10 year old, 3 legged, puggle. I rescued him in April of 2020. Otis loves to play with his toys, snuggle his brother, & go to grandmas house! Show this sweet boy some love yall❣️
Blaze loves his catnip wet food his chin rubbed and his friend Ash ❤️❤️
Link is a mini daschund and sweet as can be! Very affectionate, and loves to play with his cat cousin, Luna.
We rescued him. A friend of mine found him, his brothers and sister in a box at a park. He was malnourished and had scabs all over him. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He lives the best life now! My four kids love him and he loves his new family!
Gray Bay
Hello, my mom is helping me get votes for my cat. I’m 11 years old and my cat is my best friend. She’s been with me for a long time and she’s still playful. Whenever I’m bored she knows and tries to play with me. She cuddles with me and shows me love. I feel like she understands me (really, like a human). I want her to win the contest so I can buy her a big kitty house. To me she’s the world’s cutest cat and I hope she is to you too!
Her name is Winter but she was born in the summer 🤣She is a Florida Girl ☀️ who loves to play and cuddle with her parents!
Sweetest boy on the block! Smiling!
He is a 3 year old jack Russell that is full of energy. He loves playing fetch with balls and going for walks at the park.
Callie is a sweet baby girl who loves both her twin brother Squirt, and her older brother, Blaze. She hates being left alone and cries if my fiance and i both go outside at the same time. She has a boyfriend, Oreo, who is completely smitten with her and always by her side.
Oreo was found abused and left to die in a motel room. He is about 1-2 years old, and is now spoiled and happy. He is completely in love with and devoted to one of my other cats, Callie. Its precious!
Olli is 12 weeks old and loves to cuddle! He also enjoys tearing up toilet paper.
Blu is a very loving Standard Poodle. He knows no stranger. He has been one of the best gifts we received in 2019.
Hi everyone! I am Bambi a.k.a. Dora the Explorer, because everywhere I go I like to sniff and explore like Dora the Explorer, ready for an adventure always! Also I am a happy, enthusiastic, smart, playful, funny and quick learning Chihuahua Mix.
Chase And Charming
Chase was the only child and is still holding the crown as the king of the house 🤴He is super chill and loves his younger brother but doesn't want you to know that 😻 Charming is my spoiled little brat! He wants his way and his way NOW! He is definitely a little ball of fire and he runs the house ❤️
Tyzon King
Tyzon is a feisty,smart and energetic puppy who loves to play,sleep and fart 😬. He was born on July 4th 2020. He is a real American Bully.