Dog cat Stories


Very active and lovable.
Hello my name is Honey! I am a Cocker spaniel/Chihuahua. I am 21 weeks old and I am loving life so far. I love to cuddle and play.
Spunky, Sassy and Fluffy puppy who is loved by everyone who meets her!
Elvis a big fluffy hair ball who loves to cuddle. He shows his appreciation by licking u ...a lot😂. He is the perfect lap dog.
Valentine adopted me a few days before Valentines Day...he showed up on my back porch during a rainstorm and decided to stay ❤️ So I named him VALENTINE ❤️ He is extremely loving and playful! He sleeps on my chest, please Vote for the handsome VALENTINE 🥰any money will go towards feeding and spoiling 5 cats...see pictures 🐱
Dixie is a very lovable dog. She loves to lick you in the face when you least expect it. She is one big happy pup!
Max is very friendly and a very loud and verbal when he talks to you. He loves high place and loves his sock monkey bed and snuggles at night with me. Most of all he loves playing with toys and cat nip.
A dog named pig who was passed around as a puppy until he finally found his forever home! As you can see with that big smile he is very happy.
Formerly known as Brad, i now call him Humpty. Humpty dumpty....he likes to go for walks freestyle and is a real good boy and doesnt need a leash but if required he does well on one. He loves duck treats and loves a routine. He knows how to read his mama and he now has a girlfriend tootsie that he is protective of and waits for her if they are called in together. He loves car rides and owns that **!#
Miles loves to play hard and take naps. He also loves to snuggle with his 6 year old people twins.
Hiii I’m brownie, I’m a pitbull terrier and I’m so fun and loving and soooo darn cute. I love my mommy and daddy and brother otw. I’m fun and love to play I love kids the park is my favorite place to go mommy and daddy take me everyday. Vote foorrrr meee
King is a Jack Russel and Chihuahua mix. He loves going on walks and discovering the world. He is only 5 months old, although we have been lucky to have him for the past three months. He has many toys and loves them all equally. He’s very curious about humans and other dogs.
Nibbies was the runt of the litter. I picked her because she was the only one that didn't hide under the couch and she was the most cute. Nibbies loves String, Q-tips and of course food.
Spunky Punky
Hi! I’m Punky, But my nickname is spunky punky, Because I’m so energetic!!! I have Big, beautiful green eyes, with a gold Beauty spot! am friendly, funny, and very quirky! My favorite thing to do is to get swaddled In a warm Blanket like a Baby! My human sisters also put shower caps on me, and give me a Bath, I I love water! Whenever My human takes a Bath I will Be sitting in her Bath waiting for her to run the water! am a rescue kitty who was the only tortoiseshell kitten in my whole litter! I was found on the streets with my 3 siblings-Draft, phantom, and Mia (who is shown in the pictures with me!) we were found with no mommy cat, she had been hit by a car... We had a rough early life...But we are loved and spoiled now! I love to play with cat toys and I also love to play dress up with my human sisters, my favorite outfits are my pink dress and my rainbow tutu... I also love to give my fur siblings, snuggles and kisses...I love my family so much ♥️
Duke is a energetic, silly and sometimes mischievous little man. He loves to play fetch and go on walks, especially when he meets new friends along the way!
He is a cuddle bug that loves to dance. He really doesn't know his own size lol.
Dude is an amazing dog, he loves water and playing with toys such as ropes,balls,bones,and water bottles.he loves playing with others he has a new sister arriving next month. If we win he will buy things for his new sister
Rebel loves his red snowflake blanket.
My name is: Elena aka Bug My breed: Chihuahua My age: 6 year Favorite human food: Chicken, French fries and Pizza crust What am l scared of- Nothing. I'm 10 feet tall and bulletproof. A trained Killer. Favorite toy: Flat Fox What l don't I like: Everyone but Mommy and Dad Favorite things: My bed Where I sleep? Depends on the time of day Do I go to a groomer: Spa Day Do l like the car? Yes, I got to see what's going on!! Do l snore? Like a Freight Train Pass the time and share about your dogs! 🐾🐶🐾
Lycan is the funniest boy and LOVES to give hugs. He has the best smile i have ever seen on a dog and uses it to steal everyone’s heart!
Hello! I'm super cuddly :) my favorite thing to do is curl up in my owner's lap or lay down anywhere near my human. I get suuuuper excited around other dogs and try to greet everyone :D :D :D I make sure no one is left out. I also like wearing costumes :)
Marley was supposed to be named after Bob Marley, but he reminds me more of the dog from Marley and Me! Mischief should be his middle name really. Without at least 2 hours of walkies a day, his energy is unstoppable and there isn't a walk that goes by without him looking like trash or covered in mud. He has no patience and the noise he makes if I dare leave him outside to just run into the shop to get some milk is horrendous. Sorry, neighbors! He just keeps the days eventful and exciting, no day is the same and I wouldn't trade him for anything.
I am a very high energy pup . I love all foods (fruits, veggies, kibble, meat, etc etc) and I think I'm a big boi. I like to get other big dog's attention and challenge them to chase me~ but they never catch me ;)
Ghost The Mini Aussie
Blue Merle Mini Australian shepherd ❤️ The sweetest and most playful boy in Nevada!! Obsessed with my mommy and daddy!
Krieger is 3 months old his name means warrior in German and he is going to train to be a protection k-9 in a couple months he’s a very good boy
Willard was rescued as a small kitten at a busy gas station in the middle of town. He loves to wrestle with my older cat and sleeps in our shower. He loves to steal our Turkey lunch meat and he loves to hide under the covers in the bed.
Hi! I am Nihilus, but you can call me Nia 🐾 I love long walks to the fridge and laying diagonally across my mama’s bed ʕ·ᴥ·ʔっ
My name is Gypsy Rose. I enjoy digging holes, the size of me, in my humans back yard. I love love to play with huge tennis balls.
Bright blue eyed female catahoula leopard dog . Just loves to play and cuddle. When she goes for kisses she can be a little much. She just won't stop loving you
Loki is definitely the master of mischief. A very cool thing about this little devil is that he loves to play fetch.
Earl is the sweetest cat! He snuggles up on my lap & keeps me company. I love him so much!
Meet Clyde! The best cuddle buddy in town who is also always down for a good hike or the dog park. Clyde is very curious and loves his hooman boy so very much! His favorite activities include chasing birds, belly rubs, hanging with the neighbor dog and sniffin farts.
he's the youngest of my 3 cats. sookie, my black cat, and the oldest, loves to coddle him, and babie him, and he loves to let her. jasper, my middle cat, loves to rough and tumble with him. he loves settling in between mine and my husbands legs, (he cant choose who he likes best!! ) he loves to find little places to curl up in, and he's so intrested in evreything, and evreybody.
She loves to play with her brother Merrick. She's sweet and loves to play with balls. She loves being petted.
He loves to play with her sister Tsunade. Loves to sleep next to me. Super sweet kitten. He has freckles on his tummy and love them being rubbed.
He walks on a leash to go outside to the bathroom. He understands sit, stay and give paw. He also knows do love. He works at a grooming shop. He was trained tty o greet the clients, and also to stay with the grooming digs on the table to keep them company. He is verybsmart, and very loveable. Loves meeting people and attention
She is really sweet and wants attention all the time.
My spoiled princess brings joy to my days and gives me laughter when there would be none. She got a huge personality and loves to play with her best friend it a kitty (Mercy) from down the street. I’m beginning to thing she is part cat 🤣
Rocky is a Lab/Pit mix that was rescued by us last year. He is reactive to other dogs and strangers, but once he’s comfortable, he will never leave your side. He is very smart, and overall a good boy.
Buffy is a newly rescued girl who enjoys taking naps and sitting on the balcony! She loves cookies, her best friend Rosemary the cat, and ear scratches.
QQ was named for the gaming term QQ'ing aka being a winny baby. QQ is very vocal and won't hesitate to tell you what he thinks
Bella Rena
Meet Bella Rena! She is my beautiful SPOILED 11 month old American Bully. She is the most fun loving puppy with a mind of her own. She enjoys the simple things in life like sun bathing, playing, and expects belly rubs from anyone that makes eye contact :). VOTE FOR MY BABY BELLA RENA!
Jax is the smartest, funniest pup we have ever had in our family! He loves his friends (which he has many), treats and napping in the sun or on mom & dad's bed.
She’s a chocolate lab/wimerimer mix. She’s the sweetest and cuddliest dog you ever met. She’s also LOVES retrieving and fetch♥️
Smokey is a 7 month old ragdoll, he loves snuggles and running around mad!