How does KingPet verify my identity?

  1. Verify the authenticity of your ID document: We will typically review images of your government-issued photo ID to ensure that the document is authentic. We use automated identity verification technology that looks for patterns to help determine if an ID document is real or fake. This process is like a bank teller checking your ID document to confirm that it’s real.

  2. Match your ID with photos of your face: We will review photos of your face that you provide to us to confirm that the photo ID belongs to you. We use automated identity verification technology that uses distinctive physiological characteristics of your face to match the photos of your face with the photo on the ID document. This process is similar to a bank teller confirming that the photo on your ID document is you based on the shape of your nose or eyes—but it’s higher-tech and a more accurate way to identify you as a unique person.

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