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Leonberger · Victoria

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🐾🐾🐾🐾 I might be 160 pounds but that doesn’t stop me from sitting on everyone’s lap! I may look big but think try my hardest to fit anywhere attention is given. I love swimming, the dog park and chasing leaves!



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Deanna N.
Deanna N. Is he a Leonberger? He's gorgeous!!!!!!!
Joyce M.
Joyce M. Eowyn exchange 10 daily
Joyce M.
Joyce M. 11/22 +10 by carisa w ❤️
Carisa W
Carisa W 11/23 +10 by carisa 🤗
Carisa W
Carisa W Happy Thanksgiving
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Happy thanksgiving! 11/22 +10 11/23 + 10
Carisa W
Carisa W 11/24 plus ten by carisa
Kierstan H.
Kierstan H. Exchange 10 daily? Aubriella
Shaqura H.
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Lauren B.
Lauren B. It will not let me enter anything under referred by!?