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English Mastiff · Beaver Dam

21st World and 1st Kentucky ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 6 months ago.
Prizes won: £ 125 + 1000 votes
219 €

Daisy is a big, goofy baby. Needing all the attention she can get she’s by far the biggest lap dog I know. At only 15 months old she’s a whopping 130 lbs! Tug of war is her favorite past time as well as running circles in the yard for no reason at all. At her size and still growing she eats ALOT! Sh...



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Gwen I am looking to make an advance of votes for a rendering in the month of decembre Salto
Fantomette M.
Fantomette M. Hello Daisy, a daily exchange of votes with Daysie ? 😻 😻 😻
Marie W.
Marie W. Hello do you want exchange votes with Mister Titan