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Other · Clarksville

250th World and 6th Tennessee ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 7 days ago.

Breezy loves to be outside and see everything that is going on! Last October, Breezy was diagnosed with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). He had to undergo emergency surgery and is now paralyzed in his back two legs. Being paralyzed doesn't stop him though! He is still quite the escape artist. Bre...



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Emily G.
Isabelle A.
Isabelle A. 10 votes gift from Smaranda
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Lauren Y.
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Karen S
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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M. Such a cute dog! I am hoping the Best for Breezy!! Thank you and God Bless
Claudine B.
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Michelle W.
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Lauren Y.
Lauren Y. How do I find your pup? I will vote for Beast!
Michelle W.
Michelle W. Pageant dog "Beast" Alabama
Michelle W.
Michelle W. Thank you ⚘ ❤
Océane B.
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Alice M.
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Michelle W.
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Michelle W.
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