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Teresa Mendoza

Bulldog · Birmingham

1156th World and 11th Alabama ranking in the Dog's contest which ended 5 months ago.

Little Miss Teresa is a new member of the family she loves to go on doggy transports with mommy and she is a little afraid to aleep alone. Shes full of energy and absolutely loves being outside



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Melissa S.
Melissa S. Beautiful love the coloring got my vote can you check out my baby koda
Donna S.
Donna S. She’s beautiful love her coloring
Codie C.
Codie C. Exchange votes, 10 daily? Bubbles
Codie C.
Codie C. Great will start soon ☺️☺️
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 14/10/21
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 15/10/21
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 16/10/21
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 17/10/21
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 18/10/21
Codie C.
Codie C. +10 19/10/21
Marie W.
Marie W. Hello do you want exchange 10votes daily with himMister Titan
Barbara W.
Barbara W. Beautiful fur baby
Skyy Gia D.
Skyy Gia D. Stunning🥰🥰🥰
Francesca M.
Francesca M. Thank you
Jenny C.
Jenny C. Gorgeous!! 💕
Francesca M.
Francesca M. 🥰🥰
Ashlie M.
Ashlie M. Sooo cute 🥺❤️
Francesca M.
Francesca M. Thank you so much 🥰