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Australian Shepherd · Los Angeles

47th World and 2nd California ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 8 days ago.
Prizes won: 400 votes + 1000 votes

I’m an Australian Shepherd from Kansas. I now live in Venice, CA. I’m a happy 3 months old puappy and I wove to run after our cat Sunny. I’m fwoffy, I’m cute, and I wove treats. 🐼😛



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Audrey T.
Audrey T. Panda's eyes are gorgeous ocean
Marlene L.
Marlene L. Rocky 😍
Rose P.
Rose P. Shana Et Luna hello,do you want an exchange with us? 10,20...? Please answer on our wall
Marie G.
Marie G. hello do you want exchange 10 votes a day with Titan