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Ragdoll · Fort Wayne

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Winnie is a long haired ragdoll. She’s 8 years old. One of a kind beauty with her split face and bright blue eyes followed by her luxurious coat who adores being pampered. Her go to pose is belly up & has a very playful yet gentle personality. Such a sweetie ❤️she’s already the cutest in my book🥰



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Jennifer B.
Jennifer B. She is absolutely gorgeous 😍. My Sophie Wophie is 12 & she is a ragdoll Siamese. She like to act like she is my mom lol. Your babygirl has a wonderful personality. You can tell from the pictures. 💕
Karmen H.
Karmen H. Beauty queen 💕💕💕 very beautiful and striking markings she’s an absolute doll 💕💕💕
Destiny L
Destiny L Awee thank you🥹❤️
Becki A.
Becki A. Such a beauty!! Amazing markings! 😻
Christy D.
Christy D. I totally agree 👍🏻. Beautiful
Destiny L
Destiny L Awee she says thank you❤️