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Mongo is so sweet, gentle and playful! He is about 3 months old and loves life. He lives in my backyard with his parents and other neighborhood cats. I first met Mongo a couple months ago; he was tiny, afraid and feisty. But he has come a long way from hissing and hiding. He adores cuddles and pets,...



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Marcia W. ...😻💖Don't forget to vote for your own kitty every day. The more points your kitty has, the more people will see and vote for your fluffy ball of joy! KP allows you to vote 1️⃣0️⃣ times each day for your own kitty. Then you have 40 votes left to vote for other kitties you like.
Marcia W.
Marcia W. I hope Mingo and tbe other kitties have a good shelter and food and water.