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Cat, White, Whiskers, Black cats, Kitten, Illustration


Ragdoll · Lichfield

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1174th World and 184th United Kingdom ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended 3 years ago.

Chase is half Mainecoon half Ragdoll. He was abandoned as a kitten and we rescued him. When I first met Chase he was called Chaz. We changed it to Chase as he is crazy and chases everything. Chase loves anything he can put in his mouth. He will literally eat and drink anything. Even salt water fro...



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Cat, Nap, Kitten, Puppy
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Cat, Black, White, Whiskers, Nose, Skin, Kitten, Furry friends
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Cat, Black, White, Black cats, Kitten
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Cat, White, Whiskers, Nose, Kitten, Eyes
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Cat, Whiskers, Kitten, Black cats
Cat, White, Whiskers, Kitten, Furry friends
Cat, Nose, Whiskers, Skin, Kitten, Nap, Eyes
Cat, White, Black, Nose, Whiskers, Skin, Eyes
Cat, White, Whiskers, Black cats, Kitten, Illustration
Cat, Kitten