Frozen finished 4134th in the Cat’s contest which ended 5 years ago.

He acts much like a dog. He loves to play fetch. And he is very sophisticated, i some times pretend he has a british accent.




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Gina Kartak
Gina Kartak This cat is the most funnyest cat ever. I don't even this he's knows he a cat, he acts just like a dog. You can be standing there doing nothing andvhe jumps on your shoulders
Joel Matagne
Joel Matagne 904 05 06 please returnJorane
Martine Balleux
Martine Balleux please return
Melissa Baldwin
Melissa Baldwin Handsome kitty ? were lucky to have apart of our family
Xavier Phoenix
Xavier Phoenix He lounged around the house this morning. And went outside to play in the grass Later in the day.
Jennifer Larabell
Jennifer Larabell Beautiful cat. I love this pic!!!!