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Celine Taupont
Celine Taupont 794/797 +3 manon Manon
Valerie Buchet
Valerie Buchet 791/794 +3 manon Manon
Duduche Dupond
Duduche Dupond + 3 + 786 Casper MERCIII
Duduche Dupond
Duduche Dupond + 3 = 783 Casper merci
Sandra Chretien
Sandra Chretien 779 780
Valerie Buchet
Valerie Buchet 772/775 +3 manon return to Manon
Celine Taupont
Celine Taupont 775/778 +3 manon Manon
Anais Ferrand
Anais Ferrand 48/49/50/51 from ethan
Aurélien Large
Aurélien Large 52/53 +6 votes from ethan :)
Aurélien Large
Aurélien Large 69/70/71 from ethan :)
Celine Taupont
Celine Taupont 765/768 +3 manon Manon
Shannon Peacock
Shannon Peacock +3 returned from Hayden. any votes you can give in the next 5 days to help us we will get returned to you. Hayden
Troy Peacock
Troy Peacock +3 votes
Oliver Peacock
Oliver Peacock +3 more
Allen Brady
Allen Brady +3 more
Bobby Joseph
Bobby Joseph +3 more
Etudes De Sol Terreaterre
Etudes De Sol Terreaterre + 3 = 732 Casper merciii
Frédérique Martin
Frédérique Martin 24/25/26 from Jorane =^.^= Jorane
Anais Ferrand
Anais Ferrand 15/16/17 rendus d'ethan
Aurélien Large
Aurélien Large 21/22/23 rendus d'ethan
Theresa Stevens
Theresa Stevens 712/13/14 returned from Solomon, we are happy to return up to 30 a day, good luck hun Solomon
Ann Brooks
Ann Brooks Ten a day.....LOL It's been a long day already. thanks Malgorzata!
Ann Brooks
Ann Brooks 706/07/08 returned from solomon thanks! Solomon
Severine Canivet
Severine Canivet 698 99 700 Wendy
Holly C
Holly C 697 if you can please return 1 to Smoki thank you. june 30
Lucasnathan Levesque
Lucasnathan Levesque 675/76 de Lucas
Ghislaine Pépin Billange
Ghislaine Pépin Billange 680..81..82.....
Pascaline Cyrille Levesque
Pascaline Cyrille Levesque 694/95/96 de Lucas
Sultan Melksham
Sultan Melksham Voted x3 from Tyler xx
Victoria Bird
Victoria Bird Returned x3 votes from Tyler xx
Ann Brooks
Ann Brooks 685/86/87 returned from Solomon. Would you like to exchange 20 votes a day with us? Let me know on our page please. Thanks~team Solomon Solomon
Sandra Chretien
Sandra Chretien 683 684
Shannon Peacock
Shannon Peacock +3 returned from Hayden
Celine Taupont
Celine Taupont 671/674 +3 manon Manon thanks