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Lunar finished 457th in the Cat’s competition which ended 5 years ago.

On the night of the lunar eclipse in June of last year, I went outside to take a picture of the Blood Moon and it was too cloudy so I headed back in the house,when I heard a baby crying. So I say,"I hear you but where are you?" Then I Look and there she is. This prescious little baby kitty just pull...



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Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker I got second plac my buddy perso my buddy person human thanks yo and so do
Tessa Williams
Tessa Williams 10 for lunar
Julie Escalante
Julie Escalante 1000 for lunar
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker ? Thank you thank you
Julie Escalante
Julie Escalante Voted 3 right now
Lorie Masson
Lorie Masson pensez a rendre les 12 votes que vous devez depuis quelque jour a lorie merci Lorie
Annick Paillet Raimb
Annick Paillet Raimb 20909 from robin please return Robin
Lorie Masson
Lorie Masson 20875/76/77 a rendre a lorie svp Lorie
Julie Masson
Julie Masson 78/79/80
Keny Masson
Keny Masson 81/82/83
Prescillia Anthony K
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Annick Paillet Raimb
Annick Paillet Raimb 19847/848/849 please return robin Robin
Cecilia Recher
Cecilia Recher +1 34 please return Jumper
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker Gave you 3 votes thanks for yours
Avendre Bolbec
Avendre Bolbec +3 38/39/40 please return Jumper thanks
Annick Paillet Raimb
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Racquel Anastasia
Racquel Anastasia Awwwwww :)
Lydie Petit
Lydie Petit Votez pour moi, Jayka Merci à vous =)
Melina Thiel Cardona
Melina Thiel Cardona +3, 46, 47, 48 Please return to Grace! Amazing Grace
Avery Lindner
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Claude Filliatre
Claude Filliatre I voted for your cat please return to Junior
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker voted for your cat again
Alain Matis
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker not sure if you received my message before, so I'm sending it again. I voted for your cat also thank you for your votes. ;-) <3
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker wonderfully great today
Lorene Carriker
Lorene Carriker having a good ol time with my human and my green tennis ball in the yard.