Nibiru finished 16th in the Cat’s contest which ended 5 years ago.
Prize won: 1000 votes

When Nibiru came to us he was barely old enough for his eyes to be open. Some neighborhood kids had found him & they brought him to the cat lady (me)! We bottle fed Nibby and expressed his bladder and bathed him everyday. He slept on a heating pad next to us on the bed. When he was 2 months old he d...



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Cindy Pulsifer
Cindy Pulsifer Good-Luck and Vote our sleeping cat Patches, R I P
Vanessa Brasseur
Vanessa Brasseur thanks for your votes to mathys thanks kiss
Bérengère Ledoux
Bérengère Ledoux 10 done for you sweet Nibby good luck! 4697 4703-04-17-18-34-35-36-56-57 xoxo
Tessa Crossposter
Tessa Crossposter Fank yoo, ai is sending all my lub to yoo:) with sugar on top ~ Rooty Pooty Fluffy Booty xoxo
Bérengère Ledoux
Bérengère Ledoux Sugar on top lucky me :) xoxo
Tessa Crossposter
Tessa Crossposter Meez da lucki 1, cuz I habz furrendz like mew =^.^=
Bérengère Ledoux
Bérengère Ledoux Congrats for being in the top 20 :) Keep in touch sweet Nibby! I'm off to bed it´s 1am here :) xoxo
Tessa Crossposter
Tessa Crossposter Fank yoo, ai will be back in 3 weeks :) Don't forget about meez:) xoxo
Bérengère Ledoux
Bérengère Ledoux In 3 weeks I won't be able to vote everyday, no Internet connexion where I will be but if any connexion I will for sure drop you some gift votes :)
Leigh Ann Richardson
Leigh Ann Richardson I love you Nibby,and so do all my fur babies.I didn't register them in this contest,but they were auto enrolled.I wish I knew how to prevent this.They are all number one to me,no matter what.
Tessa Crossposter
Tessa Crossposter Leigh Ann if you want to un-enroll your kitties from the contest, go up to the right hand corner where your name is and click the arrow down to reveal your options then go to where it says 'my contests' the current contest should be at the top. There will be an x you can click to take them out and it will ask you to confirm, when you say yes it will take them out of participation for this contest. Nibby sending all dat lubbinz right back with a *head bonk* and some *kitty kisses* <3 xoxo =^,^=
Violette Boulanger
Violette Boulanger 4806 07 08 09 10 return please Orangina Orangina thank You
Violette Boulanger
Violette Boulanger 4815 return Orangina
Lin Frisbee
Lin Frisbee Last gift from me Nibby. Wish I could have been more help .
Tessa Crossposter
Tessa Crossposter Thank you Lin & you have been great help & it is so appreciated! Have a wonderful day to you both:) =^.^=
Frédérique Martin
Frédérique Martin 05 my lats for you from Caramel :) Caramel
Frédérique Martin
Frédérique Martin 82/83/84 from Caramel =^.^= Caramel
Myriam Lavie
Myriam Lavie 4769 4770 4771 return from Caramel please Caramel
Julien Lecocq
Julien Lecocq +4 FROM CARAMEL Caramel
Xtine Richard
Xtine Richard +10 gift from Sormiou's cats
Catherine Margerot
Catherine Margerot +10 gift from Sormiou's cats
Fleur Bach
Fleur Bach +10 gift from Sormiou\'s cats
Sandra Chretien
Sandra Chretien 4753 4754
Rose Messina
Rose Messina 4749 4750 4751 4752 from Caramel, please return Caramel
Florence Dos Santos
Florence Dos Santos 3votes4731/32/33 de saturnin sur page1 dans autre nature cé le poussin de selena merci de lui rendre avant21h merci
Rose Messina
Rose Messina 4711 4712 4713 4714 4715 4716 from Caramel, please return Caramel
Frédérique Martin
Frédérique Martin Hi ^^ 87/88/89 from Caramel Caramel
Frédérique Martin
Frédérique Martin 05/06/07 from Caramel too =^.^= miaou